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Weekender 5/14/21

May 14, 2021 Weekender No Comments


Weekly News Recap

  • Patient payments platform vendor Cedar announces that it will acquire competitor OODA Health for $425 million.
  • ONC will spend $80 million of American Rescue Plan funds to train public health professionals to modernize the public health data infrastructure.
  • “Hospital at home” and decentralized clinical trials platform vendor Huma raises $130 million.
  • Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente make a rumored $100 million investment in Medically Home.
  • Regulators in England block Imprivata’s planned acquisition of digital identity vendor Isosec.
  • Amwell’s Q1 results send shares down sharply as investors fear a growth slowdown.
  • CPSI acquires TruCode.
  • Aetion, which offers a real-world evidence platform for drug companies and payers, raises $110 million.
  • “Hospital-at-home” company Huma raises $130 million.
  • Walmart Health acquires telehealth provider MeMD.
  • Health Catalyst’s Q1 results beat expectations.

Best Reader Comments

So what should Cerner do, though? They have some market issues because the largest potential or current customers have attached medical groups and those medical groups drive customers to Epic. The customers that don’t fit that description are substantially more price sensitive. With their current product and a replacement market, they need to have significantly lower costs to win deals. Their strategy now seems to be slowly cut costs and lose customers until they are a government contracting company. They should have kept going on the RCM, support, data sales, analytics on the theory that the EHR is sold closer to at cost and they make it up on services. Make a couple acquisitions (Athena) and they could have a strong alternative to play against Epic’s weaknesses. That would have required looking further ahead than the next couple quarters. (IANAL)

That’s been our experience as well at Parkland and broadly with Dallas County, TX public health department. Specifically related to COVID-19, we were strategically able to utilize ML derived insights to improve many aspects of COVID-19 related workflows including patient triage, testing site optimization, identification of COVID-19 hot spots, and vaccination prioritization and understanding of herd immunity to just name a few. And we continue to build on it to help with other public health issues such as access & equity, other communicable diseases etc. AI/ML is a useful tool and is constantly getting better and when aligned with strategic goals and with the right moral compass can be really useful. (Vikas Chowdhry)

Watercooler Talk Tidbits


Readers funded the Donors Choose teacher grant request of Ms. J in North Carolina, who asked for a library of books for her middle school agricultural education students. She reports, “My students have learned so much about Theodore Roosevelt, Milton Hershey, and Temple Grandin this semester. It has tied in with our current curriculum related to natural resources (Roosevelt), food science (Hershey), and animal science (Grandin). Students were able to listen and watch recordings of me reading the book (to assist students with reading challenges) in order to gain more understanding about the individuals and the industries they impacted. We were able to have meaningful discussions about each book. This was an eye-opening experience for some of these students.”

I don’t actively solicit Donors Choose donations since you can donate to them directly without my involvement, but if you want to donate and have matching funds applied from my Anonymous Vendor Executive, do this:

  • Purchase a gift card in the amount you’d like to donate.
  • Send the gift card by the email option to mr_histalk@histalk.com (that’s my DonorsChoose account).
  • I’ll be notified of your donation and you can print your own receipt for tax purposes.


Former Collective Medical executive Kat McDavitt, along with the Sharp Index, has started Mothers in Medicine, a fund that provides frontline healthcare workers who are struggling to pay for childcare with grants of $1,000 per child. She welcomes donations, volunteer help, and stories from clinician mothers.


A former Indiana sinus surgeon who hid out in the Italian Alps for three years to dodge healthcare fraud charges but was eventually arrested and sentenced to seven years in federal prison turns up in Florida after his release after five years, where he is trading in cryptocurrency and selling yoga classes so customers can get “hot chicks” and “look great naked.” His license was permanently revoked in 2005 and 300 of his patients shared in a $55 million medical malpractice settlement. He vanished from a yacht in the Greek Islands in 2004, abandoning his family and leaving them $6 million in debt to hide out in a tent in the mountains, where he was later turned in by his Italian girlfriend after he was featured on “America’s Most Wanted.” His practice had been profitable – he commuted from Chicago to the working class suburbs of Indiana via chauffer-driven limousine, sent a different chauffeur back to Chicago at lunchtime to bring him his favorite sushi, lived in a five-story townhouse worth $3 million, and owned the 80-foot yacht from which he intentionally vanished.


Employees of Swedish Medical Center (CO) throw a prom for 18-year-old Miracle Manzanares, who missed her own event while being hospitalized for 10 weeks with serious burns. She will be discharged soon.

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