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Healthcare AI News 5/17/23

May 17, 2023 Healthcare AI News No Comments



OpenAI rolls out 70 third-party plug-ins for ChatGPT that allow Plus users to access Internet content, retrieve information from specific sites such as Expedia, analyze online PDF documents, and create integrations with Zapier. The Link Reader plug-in, which I tested above, allows ChatGPT to analyze live web pages.

The World Health Organization expresses enthusiasm for using AI in healthcare, but recommends cautious adoption to avoid errors and patient harm due to AI training bias, incorrect or incomplete responses that appear authoritative, and its possible use to generate convincing health disinformation.

Google enhances its Bard generative AI tool with a new version of its PaLM 2 large language model, adds connectivity to a user’s Google apps and services, and provides support for plug-ins.

Google also introduces Duet AI for Google Workspace, which adds AI creation to Gmail and Docs similar to Microsoft’s Copilot for Office 365.

Google’s Med-PaLM 2 is being tested to analyze diagnostic images and answer questions about its summary.



Andreessen Horowitz’s A16Z invests $50 million in seeding funding for Hippocratic AI, which offers a safety-focused large language model for healthcare. The company says that its model outperforms GPT-4 and uses clinician-validated model training that avoids bias and sources that aren’t evidence based.

BeeKeeperAI announces GA of EscrowAI, which allows HIPAA-compliant research on full PHI without exposing patient data or the algorithm’s intellectual property. The company says it acts as a “middleman and matchmaker between data stewards and algorithm developers” to reduce the effort and cost of data projects by 50%. The company was created at UCSF’s Center for Digital Health Innovation by that organization’s founder, UCSF Health Chief Digital Transformation Officer Michael Blum, MD, who serves as BeeKeeperAI’s CEO.


BayCare Health System and HealthPrecision will co-develop AI tools for nursing decision support and clinical documentation, where the system will translate nurse dictation into EHR documentation and suggest additional steps. The co-founders are Eyal Ephrat, MD and Sonia Ben-Yehuda, who together created MedCPU and PeriGen.



Kaiser Permanente will award grants of up to $750,000 to three to five US health systems to study the use of AI and ML to improve diagnoses and outcomes.


FDA Commissioner Rob Califf, MD says that large language models appear to be ushering in a fourth industrial revolution that includes healthcare, but they need to be regulated now to avoid society being “swept up quickly by something that we hardly understand,” also adding that methods need to be developed to measure and adjust the operating characteristics of algorithms based on real-life experience.

Physician and author Elisabeth Rosenthal, MD, MA says in an opinion piece that startups are offering apps and devices that address mental health therapy as an alternative to short-supply professionals, but most of them aren’t supported by outcomes research, haven’t been reviewed by FDA, and contain small print that reminds users that they are not intended to provide actual clinical services. Experts say the apps use a workbook-like approach for specific problems, which doesn’t address complexity or offer the empathy between patient and doctor that many therapy types require.


The UK government issues guidance about when sellers of software as a medical device must report adverse incidents to the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency.


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