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Healthcare AI News 4/12/23

April 12, 2023 Healthcare AI News 2 Comments


Google will add conversational AI to its search engine, although it says that AI chatbots pose little threat its search business.

Duke Health and SAS will jointly explore using AI to develop analytics solutions for improving health equity and optimizing outcomes.

A Denmark-based startup that has developed a AI-powered nurse assistant raises a $5 million funding round. Its technology provides an overview of unit events, issues care alerts, monitors sleep, issues fall warnings, and monitors in-room cameras that track patient activities.

AI and NLP company John Snow Labs releases NLP Test, an open source Python library that runs 50 out-of-the-box tests that cover accuracy, fairness, bias, representation, and robustness. Customers of its Healthcare NLP include drug companies, CVS Health, Optum, Cincinnati Children’s, and the FDA.

Truveta launches an AI model that turns EHR records into research data for studying patient care and outcomes. The company says that today’s health research is based on claims data, while its new product uses data that is focused on clinical outcomes without commercial bias. It notes that GPT-4 is not trained on actual medical records, so it sometimes “hallucinates” or makes up information.



Students at Stanford University create a tool that combines AI with augmented reality to display conversational responses on AR glasses to help people who have social anxiety or challenges during presentations or job interviews.

A Hong Kong-based drug discovery company uses generative AI to discover a new cancer drug. The AI-focused company wrote a peer-reviewed journal article in 2016 in which it said that generative AI could be used to develop new drugs. It submitted nine AI-developed drugs for pre-clinical studies in 2022.



Medical authors suggest potential use cases for what they call generalist medical AI:

  • Creating draft radiology reports that describe normal and abnormal findings that take the patient’s history into account.
  • Serve as a surgical team assistant that can review and annotate video streams of procedures, warn verbally when procedure steps are skipped, and find and read out relevant literature.
  • Provide bedside clinical decision support tools that parse EHR sources, summarize a patient’s current state, predict how that state will change, and recommend treatments.
  • Create drafts of electronic notes and discharge reports for clinician review.
  • Provide patients with detailed advice and explanations as a chatbot.
  • Generate protein amino acid sequences and structures from text prompts.


Boston Children’s Hospital posts a job for an AI prompt engineer to work on its Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator. 

Resources and Tools

  • MemoryGPT – allows AI chat users to save chats indefinitely, giving the system a memory.
  • Speechmatics Ursa – claims to be the world’s most accurate speech-to-text system with support for 48 languages.
  • AI Toolbox for Innovators – test, pivot, or generate ideas with free tools.


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