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Morning Headlines 12/5/22

December 4, 2022 Headlines 1 Comment

National 988 mental health hotline back up after outage

The FCC and HHS will investigate the cause of the daylong outage of the national mental health emergency phone hotline, which is managed by emergency communications software vendor Intrado.

Telehealth department dissolving, Marshfield Clinic Health System facing financial difficulties

Citing financial reasons – some of which stem from the expense of its new EHR, Marshfield Clinic Health System (WI) lays off 18 employees as its closes down its telehealth service.

Hackers dump more customer data from Australian insurer Medibank

Hackers release onto the dark web what they say is the entirety of Medibank patient data stolen in an early November ransomware attack.

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  1. The link to the 988 Outage story leads to a serious “rabbit hole” on the state of emergency teleco services. The link to Intrado for information on the recent 988 outage shows that this is managed by the same vendors who are managing 911 –> e911 services. The history of FCC enforcement for 911 outages provides a jarring history on the migration of traditional telco emergency services to IP-based alternatives.

    There are some parallels to challenging conversations I have had with hospital IT groups who can lose sight of the fact that not all Ethernet cables or traffic types in the hospital have equal weight/consequence..

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  1. Good description of the problems with Microsoft Viva. I usually just say it's not helpful, obnoxious, and angering. Your description…

  2. The ongoing prevalance of "Grateful Patients" programs twists my head around. One one hand, it is wrought with ethical concerns…

  3. Maybe they should start by dropping guided weapns down the elevator shafts at Leidos?

  4. fwiw, Don's no charity

  5. It doesn't help that the corporations that profit the most have functionally zero restrictions on their ability to exercise "free…


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