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March 31, 2022 News 6 Comments

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Private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners acquires Intelligent Medical Objects for a reported $1.5 billion.

Reader Comments

From Kaizen: “Re: HIMSS22. I meant to wander by the booths of Intetics (from the Ukraine) and First Line Software (Russia). Wondering if anyone checked them out and how their traffic was.” Offshore developer Intetics has (or maybe “had”) offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other cities in Europe and the US. Software engineering firm First Line Software  has a US headquarters and lists offices in other countries that don’t include Russia. Anybody drop by their HIMSS22 booths? UPDATE: First Line provided an update – the US-based company formerly had a presence in Russia, but in protest of that country’s invasion of Ukraine, has pulled its people out and severed all ties with Russia. For that, I’m adding a little plug for its services with real-world evidence data, health data management and governance, AI/ML, systems development and integration, and clinical quality and safety systems.

From Green Lantern: “Re: clinical trials. Wondering if there are good systems that help patients find them?” I think most systems are aimed at physicians who are helping connect their patients to trials, so other than ClinicalTrials.gov, I don’t know of any that are intended for consumer use. Reader input is welcome.

HIStalk Announcements and Requests

Keep an eye on Epic’s website Friday for their annual creative April Fool’s shenanigans. I had a dream that the fake news included a retirement announcement from Judy that, in a bit of excellent Epic wit, turned out to be sadly real.

I’ll let others share their Dave Garets anecdotes since I have just this one. It was at the opening session at a long-ago HIMSS conference, and the stage curtains opened to a band playing some searing, nasty, surprisingly loud blues that made me want to drink a breakfast beer and take up smoking. Finally, I thought, HIMSS has hired some actual musical pros instead of bringing in the usual white bread “Up with People” Disney day-jobbers who shoot for “inspiration,” but instead hit “collective embarrassment.” The band wrapped up way too soon and its members turned out to be Dave, Jonathan Teich, and some other health IT folks I’ve forgotten, all of whom had spent time as professional musicians.

I’m trying not to snicker at the expert insight that is being widely offered unsolicited by attendees of “HIMMS.”


April 6 (Wednesday) 1 ET. “19 Massive Best Practices We’ve Learned from 4 Million Telehealth Visits.” Sponsor: Mend. Presenter: Matt McBride, MBA, founder, president, and CEO, Mend. Virtual visits have graduated from a quickly implemented technical novelty to a key healthcare strategy. The challenge now is to define how telehealth can work seamlessly with in-person visits. This webinar will address patient satisfaction, reducing no-show rates to single digits, and using technology to make telehealth easy to use and accessible for all patients. The presenter will share best practices that have been gleaned from millions of telehealth visits and how they have been incorporated into a leading telemedicine and AI-powered patient engagement platform.

On demand: “Cybersecurity Threats Facing Healthcare Today.” Sponsor: Net Health. Presenters: Jason James, MS, CIO, Net Health; Monique Hart, MBA, CISO, Piedmont Healthcare; Jeffrey Rosenthal, , MBA CIO, Reliant Rehabilitation; David Jollow, MBA, CISO, Healogics. The panel of CIO and CISO leaders will discuss the cyberthreats that healthcare faces today. They will review security priorities for the increasingly complex healthcare IT environment that includes cloud-based applications, an increased number of endpoints that include connected devices and patient wearables, and patient portals.

Previous webinars are on our YouTube channel. Contact Lorre to present your own

Acquisitions, Funding, Business, and Stock


Precision medicine and drug discovery analytics vendor Zephyr AI raises $18.5 million in seed funding.


  • Blessing Health System chooses Biofourmis for its hospital-at-home program that includes biosensors, a patient companion app, and analysis of wearable streaming data and patient-reported outcomes using the AI-powered Biovitals Analytics Engine.
  • Carevive Systems will use technology from Datavant to de-identify its oncology patient experience data and connect it for sale to life sciences companies.



Dina promotes Tim Coulter to president, where he will also continue in his role as COO.


Keith Tode, MBA (IPM.ai) joins Net Health as VP of clinical research.


Sansum Clinic promotes Sean Johnson, MHA, RN to CIO.

Announcements and Implementations

New Zealand Health IT renames itself to the Digital Health Association.


Intermountain Healthcare will use a $100,000 grant from Intel to purchase 70 additional cameras for its Patient Safety Monitoring remote observation program. Intermountain says the program reduces room traffic and thus COVID exposure, frees up CNA time, and allows immunocompromised caregivers to continue caring for patients.

Telehealth vendor Hims & Hers Health will refer its patients who have complex clinical needs to primary and urgent care provider Carbon Health.


Medchart — which provides patient-authorized records release to legal, insurance, and research customers – announces Marble, an API that makes that information available to developers.

Athenahealth announces improved gender-affirming care capabilities for AthenaOne.

Surgical Information Systems moves to a new corporate headquarters in the Avalon community of Alpharetta, GA.

Government and Politics

Practice Fusion will pay $200,000 to settle federal charges that it failed to comply with the terms of its $145 million EHR opioid kickback settlement in January 2020. The US Attorney alleged that Practice Fusion failed to maintain and fund an Oversight Organization as the settlement required, which the company denied.


A former Yale University ED finance director pleads guilty to stealing $41 million from the medical school by repeatedly authorizing purchases of Suface Pros and IPads, which she broke into individual orders to fall within her $10,000 purchasing authority, then having the items shipped to a business that sold the devices and paid her a cut. Yale didn’t notice until an anonymous tipster questioned her high purchasing volume and why she was placing the equipment into her own car. Her purchasing limit means that she had to generate 4,000 purchases at $10,000 each over eight years – around two purchase orders per weekday — that the School of Medicine failed to notice. Federal investigators say Jamie Petrone-Codrington spent the money on cars, real estate, and travel, also raising the IRS’s interest for not filing tax returns that should have generated $6 million in federal taxes. She will forfeit $560,000 in her business’s bank account, two Mercedes, a Land Rover, two Cadillac Escalades, and a Dodge Charger, along with several real estate holdings. She faces up to 23 years in prison.



Jonathan Bush explains that despite the impediments to interoperability – the challenge of building cross-app experiences, anti-competitive behavior, and broader networks that raise trust issues – he is optimistic:

To steal from Inigo Montoya: I know something that perhaps you do not know. COVID has ushered in a massive explosion in the number and funding of digitally forward, virtual-first healthcare providers. These companies have incredible outcomes, almost no fixed cost base (compared to old med), and an always-on, super convenient access layer. They are also almost all “focus factories” in that they take on one narrow problem, but solve it on a national level. As focus factories, they selfishly WANT a shared record. The amazing irritable bowel syndrome team at Oshi Health has absolutely no designs on taking over your diabetes care someday, but would really like a real-time holistic picture of their patients! They don’t just want federated data because it is clinically and ethically superior, but because they make more money when it exists. The incentives were not so for the Facebook application developer community of the Open Graph era and not so for the medical record guardians of Old Med.

Sponsor Updates

  • CTG publishes a white paper titled “Continued Acceleration—Digital Transformation in 2022.”
  • Cerner recaps Children’s National Hospital’s go-live on its clinically driven revenue cycle as an ITWorks client.
  • Symplr CEO B.J. Schaknowski is named to the board of Susan G. Komen.
  • Everbridge teams with technology leaders to offer a critical communications platform to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.
  • First Databank becomes the NCPDP Foundation’s inaugural Patient Safety Founder Gift Donor with a donation of $100,000.
  • Well Health names Malissa Miot (Carium) Northeast enterprise director of sales.
  • InterSystems is recognized with the Business Intelligence Solution Provider of the Year award in the Data Breakthrough Awards program.
  • The InteropNow! Podcast features Lyniate Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Blackmer in a new episode, “Removing the Confusion of Interoperability Solutions with Lyniate.”
  • Meditech congratulates its customers that were included in The Chartis Group’s lists of top 100 rural and community, and critical access hospitals
  • NTT Data is accepting applications for the NTT Data Hackathon as part of TechGig Code Gladiators 2022.

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  1. Green Lantern,
    There is very little out there that is patient facing for finding clinical trials outside the .gov site. Years ago, a number of start-ups made valiant attempts at such but none gained much traction as any clinical trial has a whole host of inclusion/exclusion criteria that requires a longitudinal clinical record which few patients have in their possession.

    This may change over the next 3-5yrs as there is a massive movement towards distributed, site -neutral clinical trials.

  2. Recently Facebook has been giving space to specific clinical trials one of them is Lilly’s trailblazer3study.com

  3. Re: Epic April Fool’s Day Site.
    Mr. HISTalk – you may have jinxed it. It is quite lame this time compared to some of the really funny stuff they have done in the past.

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