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July 14, 2021 Headlines 7 Comments

TEFCA Will be Live in 2022

ONC hopes to have a new nationwide network open for participation in Q1 2022.

Woman’s Hospital seeks to partner with large system to boost technology access

The 165-bed Louisiana hospital is considering affiliating with another hospital to be able to implement Epic for less cost than buying it directly, which it estimates would require $200 million over seven years.

Request for Public Feedback on Draft Developer-Reported Measures

The companies contracted by ONC to develop draft EHR Reporting Program developer measures seek feedback by September 14, 2021.

Kno2 raises $15 million to accelerate its disruption of healthcare’s interoperability status quo

The network aggregrator will use the proceeds of its Series A funding round to expand its connectivity and workflows while increasing its partner base that integrate via its APIs.

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  1. Congrats to Kno2, a market mover who is solving end-to-end healthcare connectivity inefficiencies with an easy to implement, simple to scale, and remarkably economical approach. The pedigree of investment partners HEP and Providence Ventures should tell you all you need to know about the trajectory of this company and its vision. As icing on the cake, the reach of the connectivity platform, which includes Docusign and Xerox/Konica Minolta (which we recently implemented), speaks volumes to the relevance of Kno2 deployment. It has added much more value to our organization than just addressing our perceived key paint point (fax) referrals. Kudos to all involved!

    • “Kno2 enables access to providers via cloud faxing”

      You know, when you are advertising you should probably pay for the advertising…

      And, they haven’t solved E2E interop — in any way shape or form. But, maybe I am wrong and you can explain exactly how this company has done what no other company has done.

      My BS meter is pegged fully to the right

      • The over-the-top tone of the original comment screamed “salesperson” rather than PACS administrator and it was, apparently the work of a Kno2 sales VP pretending to be a customer. I started to delete his comment, but it seems more useful to leave it there with this explanation. Wanna see his bio and photo?

        • Nicely done! How did you figure this out? In a weird way, it underlines the fact that HISTalk is read widely across the industry so he thought he could gain some mileage by doing this :).

        • Well I guess there was a reason for my meter to be pegged, thanks for doing the research. This is such an important thing these days that I am disappointed when we have people making unfounded and incorrect claims under false pretenses.

          Appreciate your looking out for us.

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  1. Unfortunately, I can't disagree with anything you wrote. It is important that they get this right for so many reasons,…

  2. Going out on a limb here. Wouldn't Oracle's (apparent) interoperability strategy, have a better chance of success, than the VA's?…

  3. Dr Jayne is noticing one of the more egregious but trivial instance of bad behavior by allegedly non-profit organizations. I…

  4. To expand on this a bit. The Vista data are unique to Vista, there are 16(?) different VISN (grouped systems)…

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