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Morning Headlines 8/5/20

August 4, 2020 Headlines 2 Comments

Centauri Health Solutions Adds New Analytics Capabilities with Acquisition of AppRev

Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement services vendor Centauri Health Solutions acquires Applied Revenue Analytics, which offers business intelligence solutions.

Epic Systems to require 9,100 employees to return to work at its Verona campus on Sept. 21

Epic pushes back plans to have all of its employees return to on-campus work by August, shifting to a deadline of September 21.

CPSI Announces Second Quarter 2020 Results

CPSI announces Q2 results, missing on its revenue of nearly $60 million but beating analyst expectations for earnings.

Rush and R1 Launch Innovation Lab to Drive Industry-Leading Quality and Patient Experience

Rush University System for Health (IL) and R1 RCM launch an Innovation Lab that will develop and commercialize analytics and solutions for value-based care.

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  1. The summary for the Epic return is not quite accurate, or at least reflects the decision from early July.

    In early July, Epic delayed its plan to start bringing employees back that same month.

    Staff may have been imagining another extension for August, since the situation in Dane County has not improved.

    Tensions spilled over into public view just as it became clear there will not be a second extension, and the first wave’s deadline remains Monday.

  2. Epic’s response to employee concerns has been either, “Deal with it,” or “Sounds like you don’t need to be a manager anymore.” Employees with preexisting conditions must attend an in-person meeting with HR to argue why they should be able to work from home. No concessions are being made for parents, even though it looks more and more likely that in-person schooling will not exist.

    Most egregious, for a company that beat into me from day 1 that I must make clear recommendations supported by data, they have no data. They released multiple products during the pandemic while working from home. Support ticket closure rates are up 10% in some applications. They have no metric for productivity, but are willing to die on the hill of “magical, spontaneous hallway conversations.” They’ve failed to create a culture that can exist outside of their physical workspaces; I was part of the very first inter-office chat pilot at Epic – Skype in 2017 – and had to fight tooth-and-nail for its roll-out. Even during non-pandemic times, I primarily called into my on-campus meetings because getting there would’ve taken 15 minutes.

    This is an abject failure of leadership from Judy, Carl, and the rest of the executive team.

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