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Mostashari Launches ACO Creation Company for Independent Physicians

June 18, 2014 News 7 Comments



Former National Coordinator Farzad Mostashari, MD, MSc announced this morning the launch of Aledade, a new company that will help independent physicians form Accountable Care Organizations. The Bethesda, MD startup is backed by $4.5 million in seed funding from Venrock.

Mostashari said in a statement, “Empowering doctors on the front lines of medicine with cutting edge technology that helps them understand and improve the health of all of their patients has been the mission that’s animated my career. That’s Aledade’s mission – and we’ve assembled the best possible team to guide our doctor partners to success in the ACO space.”

The company, which is not tied to any hospital or health plan, says it has initiated partnerships in four areas it has targeted – Delaware, Arkansas, Maryland, and New York City – and will use that experience to create a replicable model that will allow it to expand rapidly over the next year.

Mostashari will serve as Aledade’s CEO. His co-founders are EVP Mat Kendall, formerly ONC’s Director of the Office of Provider Adoption Support, and CTO Edwin Miller, formerly VP of product management for CareCloud.

Aledade will offer primary care doctors services to form an ACO that include on-site clinical support, EHR optimization, implementation of an integrated data and technology platform, quality reporting, provider benchmarking, real-time ADT notification, identification of high-opportunity patients, and patient outreach.

Mostashari adds in a company blog post, “I have also found my cause. It’s to help independent primary care doctors re-design their practices, and re-imagine their future. It’s to put primary care back in control of health care, with 21st century data analytics and technology tools. It’s to support them with people who will stand beside them, with no interests other than theirs in mind. It’s to promote new partnerships built on mutual respect, and business arrangements that will truly reward them for the value that they uniquely can bring- in better care coordination, management of chronic diseases, and preventing disease and suffering. It’s to achieve lower cost through better care and better health. ”

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Currently there are "7 comments" on this Article:

  1. Farzad is well respected but what is missing is anyone on the team with a real business sense.

    Biggest concern is their VP Mat Kendall.. He was responsible for the imploding MU program of provider adoption (he left just as the stage 2 was supposed to start) and tried to do this while still at ONC but his failing was his tendancy to bully staffers ..

    This is a classic inside the beltway play though. Mat comes from an entitled background (his family is very well connected Dad on board of school Obama’s kids go to, former Clinton attorney, Enron attorney) and they are funded by a good VC so once they bring in someone with actual business experience and move him to more of a tactical position they should be fine

    Sadly this is how business is done inside the beltway. A few years serving your country and then cash in on the connections.

  2. Seems like a shrinking market and that they are approaching a group that is only a small component of what needs to be a broader program across the continuum to be successful.

    Maybe some short-term value, but that is a risky proposition as a VC.

  3. I’m surprised by this too. Rumor is that multiple pioneers will leave that aco program. I know less about MSSP but curious as to whether the demand is there a couple years into MSSP

  4. He seems like the pied piper for primary care physicians. He should have been so animated about the safety, usability, and interoperability of the HIT he cheered for at the ONC. Of course, he will use the doctors to enrich the venture $$$$ folks and himself as they do his windows, as they say.

  5. First, how do you pronounce it?

    Second, what’s their plan? The same useless chitter chatter that Matt Kendall spewed on an unsustainable industry while it sank under the weight of Farzad’s bureaucracy?

    I didn’t see a sustainable plan, but like the Beltway Business guy commented, maybe like Castlight, it doesn’t need one. It just needs to go public to make the VC, Farzad and Matt rich. And, like Todd Park, they’ll go back to a big name post with a few dozens of millions of dollars fleeced from Wall Street and continue to pontificate.


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