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Monday Morning Update 4/1/13

March 30, 2013 Headlines 8 Comments

From DailyShowFan: “Re: Daily Show. Did anyone see the 3/27 segment where Jon Stewart, a steady advocate for veterans’ rights, takes on the interoperability challenge with AHLTA (DoD) and VistA (VA)? Sad reality, but it’s good to see him bringing this specific healthcare IT issue to wider attention.”

3-30-2013 4-57-38 PM

From KB: “Re: St. Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury, CT. Finally pulled the trigger to put down their awful, botched [vendor name omitted] LIS after being live only eight months. They just signed a $1million+ contract for Sunquest.” Unverified.

3-30-2013 2-43-19 PM

From The PACS Designer “Re: Qubole. A next-generation cloud service focusing on building a new cloud data platform is Qubole. Their solutions use Hadoop, Hive, and Pig software to solve Big Data issues for cloud services.”

3-30-2013 2-22-11 PM

Half of readers have contacted their primary care provider via e-mail or secure messaging. New poll to your right: do you expect to stop working for your current employer in the next 12 months?

3-30-2013 3-43-31 PM

Meditech specialist Park Place International leases space in Worcester, MA for what will apparently become the company’s US headquarters, logically positioned near Meditech.

3-30-2013 4-23-01 PM

ONC seeks public input as it updates the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan, allowing reading and adding comments for 10 topics related to consumer e-Health

In the UK, Royal Derby Hospital implements an electronic MAR after an inquest determines that a contributing factor to the fall-related death of an 89-year-old patient was three missed doses of enoxaparin.

A Mayo Clinic study finds that tablet computers can be used to analyze EEG results outside the hospital or clinic.

A New York Times article questions whether hospitals should be held financially responsible for managing readmissions by, as it says, “managing the personal lives of patients once they are released” instead of focusing on other ways to improve care. Experts drily note hospitals with high mortality rates would appear to be more successful in managing health since dead patients can’t be readmitted. A health policy expert says readmission metrics are convenient, but not accurate.

3-30-2013 4-55-00 PM

Keokuk Area Hospital (IA) goes live on CPSI.

Medseek’s Client Congress will be held in Austin, TX April 15-17.

3-30-2013 4-33-12 PM

A former Apple employee recounts in a story called “2 Letters from Steve” the touching story of e-mailing Steve Jobs in 2010 to ask if he could take an iPad, which had not yet been released and thus was highly secured, to show a terminally ill friend who was not expected to live out the week. He received the above response three minutes later.

Vince continues with the HIS-tory of Meditech this week.


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg, Lt. Dan, Dr. Travis.

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Currently there are "8 comments" on this Article:

  1. NYT article: For some reason I thought the readmission criteria were more specific than just any readmission within a time period – would an admission with appendicitis following a hospital stay with pneumonia count against the hospital? The article does bring some questions, but it doesn’t make clear how the following steps are NOT considered “improving care”:

    “So hospitals call patients within 48 hours of discharge to find out how they are feeling. They arrange patients’ follow-up appointments with doctors even before a patient leaves. And they have redoubled their efforts to make sure patients understand what medicines to take at home. ”

    Yet one of the medical centers decided the following:

    “At Boston Medical Center, which serves a high number of low-income patients, efforts to reduce readmissions, including making follow-up appointments and writing out a simple plan of what to do after leaving the hospital, have been successful for Medicaid patients.

    But the medical center chose not to immediately expand the program to all patients, including the Medicare patients who would count toward future penalties.”

    Wha? Maybe CMS should make these common sense steps required instead of just counting re-admissions…

  2. Why would you block the name of the vendor that was booted and not the name of the $1M dollar winner?

    [From Mr H] Because I can’t verify that the vendor named really was the incumbent and really did lose their customer through incompetence and I’m certain that vendor won’t verify. I have reasonable faith that the reader reported accurately, but not to the point that I’m willing to be threatened with a lawsuit. That may have been a wise decision – another reader is telling me that the hospital is not a customer of the vendor I declined to name.

  3. Re: ONC empowering individuals to improve health via HIT

    What a flawed economically unviable concept!

    The millions of people who need help with their health the most do not have internet access and/or have no idea how to use a device to access the information even if they went to the library to use its computers. Then, the hospitals charge full freight and financially abuse them with collecting copays that they do not have (while the hospital CEOs take home $millions) when they are ill.

    It is urged that HHS spend the money on nursing care and medications for the indigent and illiiterate, pay the doctors a reasonable fee to take care of them, and come up with a viable plan to curb the abuse of prescription narcotics and noncompliance in this group.

    It is programs such as “be your own doctor” that they are trumpeting that add to the evidence and citizen opinion that the HHS and ONC is out of touch with reality, and thus, can not be trusted.

  4. More about St Mary’s, contracted with LHP of Plano, Texas


    “The LHP Operations suit seeks more than $4.1 million in past-due payments for software and services provided to Saint Mary’s by third-party vendors. LHP claims it paid for the software under a Master Services Agreement, or MSA, it signed with the hospital and that Saint Mary’s is contractually obligated to repay the costs.”

  5. re: Daily Show on VistA

    It was unfortunate that Jon conflated two issues to make his point — the backlog of eligibility claims has nothing to do with the VistA/AHLTA craziness. That craziness has been going on, for what, 2-3 decades? Both of them deserve more attention than they get…

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