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Monday Morning Update 12/31/12

December 29, 2012 News 5 Comments

From Thankful: “Re: 10 years of HIStalk. I’m not sure I’d be as competent as I am now, as an HIT professional, without the 10 years of contributions from you and your team. I’m not one for trying to make people remember me; I’d rather do what makes sense at the moment. But in all honesty the HIStalk contributors are all getting nice words for your tombstones!” Thanks. It’s hard to believe I wrote the first HIStalk in 2003 and haven’t stopped. I doubt my tombstone gazers and obituary readers will care about HIStalk, so its eventual absence there probably means I need to find a more lasting and non-anonymous legacy.

From The PACS Designer: “Re: TPD’s List of iPhone Apps. Working on an update, so let me know of apps that readers might like.” The fitness apps I’m using at the moment are Half Marathon with Jeff Galloway (I’m training for spring 13.1, with my longest single run being this past weekend’s rather chilly 11 miles), and from the same developer, XFit Push Ups.

12-29-2012 6-32-48 PM

Two-thirds of poll respondents say Allscripts can’t successfully compete with Epic and Cerner. New poll to your right: are you confident that your doctors and hospitals can keep your medical information secure and private?

I’ve created a new Spotify playlist with what I’m listening to at the moment: The Shins, Sam Phillips, Everything But The Girl, Bob Mould, The Jayhawks, and quite a few more artists old and new. I firmly believe that you’re headed down the slippery slope to codgerly irrelevance if you just keep mindlessly listening to the same old songs or the musical equivalent of a minivan (unchallenging jazz, computer-assisted dance music, or soundtracks), so I’m always trying new stuff.

12-29-2012 7-29-39 PM

Greenway CEO Tee Green gives advice to entrepreneurs contemplating eventually taking their company public:

  • Think long term.
  • Structure your board and run its meetings like a public company would.
  • Bring in a CFO and general counsel with IPO experience and start quarterly reporting as practice.
  • Build relations with investment bankers and choose outside counsel they have worked with previously.
  • Choose reliable auditing and accounting partners.

12-29-2012 7-32-09 PM 

Petroleum industry BI vendor Drilling Info Inc. names former QuadraMed CFO Dave Piazza as its CFO.

12-29-2012 7-37-00 PM

Allscripts files its SEC 8-K form for the departure of Diane Adams, EVP of culture and talent. She gets 12 months’ severance, her target bonus, a year of health benefits, accelerated vesting, and a retention bonus. She does even better if the company changes hands in 2013 – she’ll get two years’ salary and bonus.

12-29-2012 8-18-14 PM

Gibson General Hospital (IN) notifies 29,000 patients of the theft of an employee’s unencrypted laptop from their home, presumably an IT support person since the hospital stated that the employee’s job “requires around-the-clock access to the hospital’s electronic medical records system.”

12-29-2012 7-44-28 PM

Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services is notifying over 1,000 Medicaid recipients that their information was exposed when an employee of Carewise Health, a subcontractor for the state’s Medicaid computer system HP Enterprise Services, fell for a telephone scam and gave an unknown hacker access to the employee’s laptop.

Congressman Brian Higgins (D-NY) uses the House floor to urge increased adoption of electronic medical records. Translation: keep the EMR-related dollars flowing to his district, with the specific bacon he brought home helpfully listed in the press release to impress the folks back home.

Brian Ahier posted this presentation from HHS CIO Frank Baitman that lists the department’s challenges for 2013.

Vince sends this HIS-tory of Quality Systems / NextGen, getting into the spirit of the company’s dental origins by throwing down a challenge to find all the tooth-related references he included (I counted five).

Happy New Year to everyone. History suggests that I’m going to be super busy from now until after the HIMSS conference, so if you need anything from me, now’s the time.


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg.

More news: HIStalk Practice, HIStalk Connect.

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Currently there are "5 comments" on this Article:

  1. I am thankful that you write this blog. Happy New Year!

    I am appalled and getting tired of all of the privacy violations that you post here. The challenges posted by Ahier are misdirected. The Congressman spouting off for EHRs ought to read the IOM report on the unknown risks and known safety problems of EHRs. Specifically, he should read Dr. Richard Cook’s section.

    I will not hold my breath in 2013 for improvements in outcomes or reductions in costs wrought by EMRs. The only reductions in costs will be from CMS and insurance carriers telling the health care professionals to bend over and take the 25% cut in payments. All the while, spending on HIT will grow exponentially.


  2. It’s a sweet deal for Diane Adams, EVP of Allscript. The story behind the story is that the only reason she had the job at Allscripts was that both her and Glen Tullman serve on the JDRF Board (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). When Glen was looking to reshape Allscripts after the Misys merger he offered the EVP job to Diane as she was getting close to being let go at Cisco. Both have children afflicted with JD. With Glen being shown the door it was a given that she was going to leave as Diane wasn’t loved by her staff or the overall employee base. I’m guessing the culture of them and us didn’t fly with the general employee base. I’d love to know what Glen’s golden parachute provided him. Rumor among the employee base is that he is going to work with the “administration” on healthcare reform and possibly a political appointment or run for office like his old basketball buddy (BO). As the saying goes it not always what you know but who you know.

  3. New website format is much better. I don’t get multi-minute hangs when I get into the site. Thanks.

    [From Mr. H] Thanks, David. I found that some of the problem was the Facebook and Twitter buttons, which were dragging down load speed in a way that I couldn’t fix because the buttons were in the actual post and couldn’t be throttled separately. There will be times when there are so many readers on that it will probably slow things a little, but I think the new layout will help.

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