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Monday Morning Update 10/8/12

October 7, 2012 News 12 Comments

From Factory Girl: “Re: Allscripts. My company is an Allscripts partner and last week they told us they were not planning to make any official announcement about the decision to move customers off the MyWay platform. Yet I see that the day after HIStalk mentioned it, they posted details on their WebSite.” Allscripts also filed an 8-K so they probably figured everyone would know even if they didn’t read HIStalk. Allscripts is taking a $10-$13 million write-down on MyWay so that business apparently won’t be sold as once rumored.

10-7-2012 9-20-35 AM

athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush says his company is considering a move to a larger location or an expansion of its Watertown, MA headquarters from 330,000 to one million square feet.

The local paper profiles Nashville-based Shareable Ink, which has grown from two customers at the beginning of 2011 to almost 100 hospitals and clinics today. CEO Stephen Hau says he expects the company to grow from 40 employees to 80 within the next six months.

The 100+ physician Colorado Springs Health Partners chooses Humedica’s MinedShare clinical intelligence platform.

10-5-2012 9-10-33 AM

The use of EHRs isn’t increasing Medicare fraud, say 78 percent of poll respondents. New poll to your right: what is the primary motivation of the House members who are urging cessation of HITECH payments?

Listening: new from reader-recommended The Vaccines, an English indie band that sometimes sounds like the Ramones, but is a good (better) listen even when they don’t. I’m also wistfully listening to YouTube recordings of The Howard Stern Show from the early 1990s when it was actually good (Howard, Robin, Fred, Jackie, and Billy, and especially the Jackie Puppet).

10-7-2012 8-16-52 AM

Streamline Health Solutions promotes Matthew S. Seefeld from chief strategist of revenue cycle to SVP of solutions strategy.

Providers rank CareFusion, Omnicell, and McKesson the top providers of anesthesia cabinets based on functionality, implementation, and training, according to KLAS. Half of users that have implemented anesthesia cabinet systems say the main benefit of OR-specific cabinets is having an organized and controlled medication inventory.

10-7-2012 8-59-50 AM

Surgical Information Systems integrates its perioperative IT solution with OpenTempo’s surgical and anesthesia workforce scheduling tool.

10-7-2012 9-55-28 AM

The T-System folks forwarded this card, which they developed in advance of this week’s ACEP Scientific Assembly in Denver.

The former HIM manager of a small Nevada hospital files a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer, claiming she was fired for questioning what she says was ED upcoding.

inga Just a reminder that Mr. H is taking some R&R this week. If you send him an e-mail and he fails to respond, hopefully that means he is busy reclining on an exotic beach sipping umbrella drinks. Actually I don’t think he is an umbrella drink/exotic beach kind of guy, but since that’s my idea of the perfect vacation, that’s what I am envisioning for him. While he is out of pocket this week, feel free to drop me a note, should you have any burning HIT news to share, want to offer encouragement, or have any umbrella drink recipes worth consideration.

10-7-2012 7-56-43 AM

Thankfully Weird News Andy never takes a break and sends over this story about one Florida county’s attempt to have patients waive their privacy rights. The Sarasota County sheriff’s office is encouraging pain physicians to have their patients sign a form authorizing the release of PHI to law enforcement, should a physician believes a criminal violation has occurred. The local paper reports that the medical community is is concerned the move violates “HIPPA law.”

Vince provided a HIS-tory this week after all, continuing his QuadraMed history with a fascinating look at Health Data Sciences, which was the hottest vendor going a couple of decades ago. My favorite trivia: founder Ralph Korpman MD was a computer genius who started medical school at 15.


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg.

More news: HIStalk Practice, HIStalk Mobile.

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  1. Vince, I love these history lessons – though they’re starting to make me feel old. I remember covering Cerner in ’97 or so and asking Cliff who his biggest competitor was – Shortly thereafter I flew to CA to meet Dr. K for the first time. It’s really a bit of a tragic story how HDS was passed around the sector and lost its first mover advantage.

  2. It was a forgone conclusion that MyWay was destined to be on the short end of the stick at Allscripts. It’s too bad for the clients and the channel partners as both have been tools of Allscripts. The clients as a means to broaden the Allscripts brand and while providing a means to assist their large Enterprise EHR clients and Eclipsys customers bring community physicians into thier respective catch basin. The channel partners have always been disposable to Allscripts and those that were smart should had seen the writing on the wall with departure of Kelley Schudy the VP who build the channel program leaving in August 2012. I’m sure he didn’t want to face all of the channel partners who he had sold on how Allscripts valued them and needed them when they were recruited to now be cast aside like broken toys.

    The ray of sunshine in all of this is that the MyWay clients will now get what most insiders think is the best EHR Allscripts in its bag of EHR’s with the Professional EHR. The Enterprise version is still a beast riddled with technical glitches and functional issues due to its complexity to be implemented and supported.

    Now that Allscripts is writing down the MyWay investment of $10M – $12M it will be interesting to see how all of the MyWay resellers reinvent themselves. Will Allscripts now give them the ability to sell the Professional EHR. Properly not as that would directly compete with their own salesforce.

    Unfortunately I think alot of them will go by the wayside and the real story sidenote is that Glen Tullman and the other senior leadership members of Allscirpts will not loose an ounce of sleep over the train wreck they’ve set in motion for these partners and clients.

  3. Would like to see how “free” the professional upgrade truly is. More than likely, it is the same package deal offered to Misys customers: “free” license but $30-40,000 in training costs to implement the new system. Essentially the same as buying a new EMR.

  4. HIPAA was never intended to hide illegal activity from law enforcement. Honestly, does anyone really remember what HIPAA was about? It was targeted legislation to address the need for “health insurance portability and administrative simplification”. Now all we think about is privacy and security when it is mentioned. Ah, the unintended consequences of regulation – administrative simplification, really?

  5. Ditching MyWay is a huge lessons learned for me. I wonder what is to be learned from this? For me there are a couple of things right away. I do not think this would have happened if there wasn’t an Allscripts/Eclipsys merger. The jettison of MyWay is a direct result of the merger and instability in leadership and products is something organizations should consider before contracting with companies so close to a recent major merger. I do think that this was a good move for Allscripts long term but they have been so battered in the press and industry lately that the timing is questionable. They struggle with the same thing the rest of us do, lack of HIT specific staff. With a lack of talent, it is hard for companies to keep up with regulatory requirements. Cerner and EPIC are in the same boat but their advantage is stability in their organizations and platforms.

  6. Re: Zafirex

    $30-$40,000 is not the same as buying a new EMR. Sure, that may be the same as reworking your workflow and processes for a new EMR, but licenses alone would be more than that.

  7. Aprima is readying the arsenal for the MyWay exodus. Word is they’ll be offering free “like for like” licenses to MyWay clients that want to stay on the platform. Since it’s actually a product upgrade (not conversion) all data is intact. With Aprima staying current on MU 2 and ICD10 (which MyWay was not) and offering many other product enhancements it will be interesting to see just how many MyWay clients jump to Aprima and how many slog through the Pro conversion.

  8. Re: Anonymous.

    Depends on which EMR is purchased. We switched from Misys/Allscripts to eclinicalworks for about $40-45,000 in 2011. Cost quoted in 2010 for Misys to Allscripts Pro was $40,000 for a training for a base implementation, and did not include the extra money needed for portal requirements with Meaningful Use. Over the next 20 years, we calculated we would save $120,000 per physician with eclinicalworks.

    I see that Allscripts now states MyWay will receive free weekend training (likely via webinar) and free license. Would like to know if practices will incur a substantial hardware upgrade charge.

  9. Re: MyWay

    The market has shifted from large clinics and enterprise environments for the most part to smaller practices – not bad considering that over half the market is stil 1 -3 physician practices. Allscripts only moved in the MyWay direction because Professional wasn’t price competitive–now they have eliminated the only product they had with an aggressive price point. Should be interesting going forward.

  10. It’s amazing what some of these larger companies get away with and how they treat physicians and still manage to stay in business. Many practices that went/go with this “big box” vendors do so for a sense of “security” in knowing the vendor will not only be in business for years to come but also not sunset any given version of a product. History has taught us that a large vendor decision does not always pay off, they tend to have legacy platforms that typically do not play well with other systems nor were they ever that good at documenting care in a manner that the clinician would actually want to use them. Maybe its time some of these companies commit to a strategy that is good for customers vs. one that is good for the stockholders.

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