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Report: Glaser to Leave Partners, Head Siemens Health Services Division

June 25, 2010 News 6 Comments

An internal Partners HealthCare communication indicates that CIO John Glaser will be leaving that organization in mid-August to become CEO of Siemens Health Services Division. He will presumably replace former Siemens CEO Janet Dillione, who resigned on April 1 to join Nuance as EVP and manager of its healthcare business.

According to the communication, Deputy CIO Mary Finlay will also leave Partners to become a professor at Simmons College.

I’m attempting to confirm with John Glaser directly and will update this post if I’m successful.

Update 6/25/10

John confirms the above.

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Currently there are "6 comments" on this Article:

  1. Well that could shake up Boston a bit. Hopefully he’ll still find time for the occasional article.

  2. I’m willing to bet he’ll quit within 18 monhts — either on his own or as a result of Siemens dumping (I mean ‘strategically investing in’) the business.

  3. I haven’t the prognosticatory chops of BettingMan, but I do think it is a good thing to have cross-pollination among the health-care-delivery, academic, policy-making, and industry communities. John has been a well-respected member of the first three so it will benefit the field of healthcare informatics/HIT for him to be involved in the fourth, even if it isn’t a long-term gig.

    It is also interesting that he’s taking a CEO position, where he’ll (presumably) have real responsibility for success of the business, rather than a more, shall we say, “honorary” position to which some “big names” are often relegated in industry. In my experience, the senior executives at most large HIT vendors come from the sales world, so having someone like JG in charge could make things interesting.

  4. John answered Jeremytechs question at the employee meeting. He stated that he likes to write, and intends to keep on contributing.

  5. Best of luck to John. He has always had great foresight and was willing to share. It is surprising his #2 is also leaving. Also, with the departure of Asif Ahmad from Duke, it is an interesting time where pioneers in CPOE deployment and integration (referring more to Partners with the latter) are leaving for the vendor ranks. I wonder if this is a sign of more to come? The pressures to deploy complex solutions more rapidly are mounting, the funding is often contentious, and there are number of competing challenges threatening to swamp many organizations (ex: Health Reform, ACOs, Economy, Decaying Plant, Property, and Equipment).

  6. I think this is very telling when leaders like John and Asif, decide to move to corporate sector. It is obvious (from the way their departures were communicated within their organizations) that these smart leaders were not challenged enough by their organizations or felt that investments in IT were limited. These IVY league type Institutions keep investing in bricks/mortar and not on changing the culture through technology. There is backward thinking at the top of operations.

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