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April 27, 2010 News 13 Comments

From Harpo: "Re: Halamka’s CEO. Accused of hanky panky with a staff member, but he apologizes and will stay on. Being the most visible and transparent hospital CEO is great, but I didn’t see this on his blog yet." Beth Israel Deaconess CEO Paul Levy admits to "lapses of judgment in a personal relationship" that were first reported to the hospital’s board by anonymous letter. My reaction: so what? He’s human. People sure love to throw those stones.


From Epic Watcher: "Re: Santa Barbara Cottage. Heard from two folks they’re going Epic, although I’m not sure whether inpatient or ambulatory." Maybe someone will report back. I know they’re Eclipsys on the inpatient side and I doubt that’s changing, but you never know. 

From Don Diego: "Re: ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals. Dead." According to the company, they’re shutting it down "due to unfortunate conditions in the market."

From Ex-Cerner Guy: "Re: quick login. Several of my clients experimented with HID Proximity Cards for speed, security, ease of use, and then cost. Speed was instantaneous, security was 100% (they added a fingerprint pad), and ease of use was great. Everyone remembered to bring their ID card and right thumb with them. As soon as the user was more than 10 feet from the workstation, they were logged off. Re-login would bring them to the screen they left. The item that was rated #4 in importance quickly became #1, as the support time and costs became insane due to each non-hospitalist needing a level of customization the facilities were not prepared for. I loved the solution, as did the CIOs and CMOs. CFOs killed it, and probably correctly. Time-and-motion study for typing vs. swiping and pressing did not support the cost model in 2006."


From RedDog: "Re: Northeast Georgia Health System. New CIO and hear the consulting company is leaving as well. A totally fouled up RIS/PACS install in December is the catalyst. Epic is being talked about in the admin suite." Unverified.

From Partial Eclipse: “Re: West Penn-Allegheny. Delaying its go-live of Eclipsys Sunrise because of excessive costs and the shrinkage in CMS payments.” Unverified.

Listening: In This Moment, alt-metal with an angry-sounding female lead who looks like an angelic supermodel.

Texas Health Resources and Children’s Medical Center Dallas will exchange patient information via their common Epic systems. THR also plans to do the same with UT Southwestern and Parkland. 


Macquarie University Hospital in Sydney, Australia and the Australian School of Advanced Medicine will implement iMDsoft’s MetaVision (OR, PACU, and ICU) when the new hospital opens in June.

A new Medicity brief called Key Components of a Successful HIE Strategy covers best practices in deploying a "future-proof" HIE.

McKesson says it will adopt its Paragon HIS for the British market, hoping to offer an alternative to its long-in-the-tooth TotalCare and Star systems for hospitals opting out of NHS-offered systems due to implementation delays.

Speaking of McKesson, it announces availability of 12 new templates for chiropractors for its Practice Partner, Medisoft, and Lytec MD physician systems. Back-crackers get a rebate and the templates for free.


I put a "Find us on Facebook" widget to your right that offers the new "Like" button. Click it and Inga and I will have a tiny bit of our insecurity relieved at least temporarily. You are all so cute in your FB pictures that it makes us proud to have you as readers.

Mike DeSimone joins MedVentive as VP of business development.

The Platinum sponsor-only jobs page is in full swing with 34 jobs posted, so you might want to check those out. Inga will be her usually cheery self in hooking up sponsors to use it as a free benefit of supporting HIStalk.

Neither Inga nor I were home Sunday afternoon to take a screen shot when the HIStalk visit counter rolled over to 3,000,000, darn it. A visitor from Epic was the 3 millionth visitor since June 2003.

GE Healthcare and Ascom Wireless announce plans to tie GE’s patient monitors into Ascom’s VoIP, pager, and DECT handset communication systems.

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HERtalk by Inga

From BowerSocks: “Re: giving back. Just wanted to say I didn’t know about the Cerner Diabetes Initiative. We are always looking for great places to donate and I think both the Diabetes Initiative and the First Hand foundation sound awesome.”

Picis implements 53 new US healthcare facilities using its LYNX E/Point revenue management solution for the ED.

Catholic Healthcare East (PA) selects Zynx Health’s evidence-based order sets and plans of care solutions for 18 of its hospitals.


SCI Solutions releases an EMR-enabled version (v6) of its Order Facilitator order management tool. The new version includes the ability to capture H7 order transactions sent from a physician’s EMR to a hospital’s Order Facilitator database.

Oroville Hospital (CA) claims to be the first hospital to implement VistA without the help of outside consultants. The hospital is halfway through the implementation process and is relying on its internal IT group for all customization.

The executive director of the Rochester RHIO says the organization is “no longer an experimental pilot service.” The four year old RHIO now includes participation from 15 hospitals, 866 physicians, and 225,000 patients.

San Juan Regional Medical Center (NM) contracts with Perceptive Software to use the ImageNow document management and workflow system. San Juan will integrate the ImageNow application into its existing Meditech system.

van grisven

The GetWellNetwork folks tell us they are hosting their  Third Annual User Conference later this week in National Harbor, Maryland. Keynote speakers include The Studer Group’s Brian Robinson and Gerard van Grinsven of  Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission appoints four new commissioners to serve through 2012.

The Alaska EHR Alliance selects e-MDs and Greenway Medical as the “best choices” for the state’s healthcare providers. ACS Healthcare Solutions was the managing consultant for the selection process, which lasted eight months and started from a pool of over 250 EHR vendors.

Thomson Reuters will integrate its Micromedex clinical decision support and CareNotes patient education content within the M2 HCIS.

Beacon Partners is named to the Boston Business Journal’s 2010 Pacesetter list, which recognizes the 50 fastest growing private companies in Massachusetts.

thomas jefferson

The first of three Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals (PA) goes live on Wellsoft’s EDIS.

Mercy Hospital of Portland (ME) selects Allscripts EHR for its 58 employed providers. The physicians already use Allscripts PM product.

I came across this blog today, written by the CIO of a hospital that’s in the midst of selecting an EMR. So far they have eliminated Cerner and now they are giving Meditech Magic a good look. The post brought to mind something Mr. H and I have discussed a number of times: finding a hospital and/or physician practice that’s willing to share their EMR selection and implementation journey over a period of time. If you’d care to volunteer your insights on behalf of your organization (fame could be yours!), or if you’d like to share any recommendations, please let us know.

Newly posted on HIStalk Practice: the latest question in our HIT Executive series. Check out what several EMR vendors and consultants had to say about the HITECH Act’s short and long-term effects on innovation. Spoiler alert: the answers range from yes to no to maybe.

Thanks to folks at Vitalize Consulting Solutions (VCS) who shared the the news that HIMSS and Modern Healthcare named recipients of their 2010 CEO IT Achievement Awards. The two winners are Peter Fine, president and CEO of Banner Health (AZ), and, David Bernd, CEO of Sentara Healthcare (VA) — and a VCS board member.


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Currently there are "13 comments" on this Article:

  1. This may be a little off topic here, but as much as we talk about digitizing health records there’s a few others that could maybe stand a little help in their areas too, like the folks in lawmaking and financial worlds.

    I watched a little bit of the Goldman Sachs Senate testimony today and they had huge binders of information and spent a ton of time trying to get on the same page flipping through those binders of paper reports, namely the CEO of Goldman, thus I thought it was appropriate to take screen shot and upload to Twitter saying this looks like a good place for an IPad. Maybe there’s something others can learn from healthcare technologies here:)

    Imagine if that was patient chart:) Picture at the link below.


  2. re: Children’s Hospital & Research Center; search for an EMR. Are they nuts? Why would anyone consider Meditech Magic. It’s a dead end. It is irresponsible of Meditech to continue to sell it. It is naive for a CIO to even consider it.

  3. Happy 3,000,000! Thanks again for all the great resources. Today’s link to “The Journey to an EMR” blog fits perfectly with a series I just started on the pros and cons of EMR adoption and HITECH. Off to read this hospital’s insider take on the process.

  4. RE: West Penn Allegheny delaying their Eclipsys Sunrise go-live. This is actually a roll out to an additional facility, they are currently live on Sunrise and have been since 2007. Specifically, they have adjusted their timeline to better align with other corporate initiatives and to allow them to take advantage of the efficiencies that affords relative to the impact to the physician and clinician community.

  5. Paul Levy, MD is an amzing guy. Writes a blog and philanders about the the hospital. His lapses of judgment only relate to his personal affairs, or might there be overflow in to his work. Does he hold his employees accountable to his standards? He should resign as the holier than thou hospital CEO chameleon.

  6. on quick logins…RFIDs can be cloned and worse, and fingerprints are easily cracked (see: Mythbusters).

  7. Mr. HIStalk is to be congratulated on his blog, but I do not accept your reaction to your lead report fromt he Herald:My reaction: so what? He’s human. People sure love to throw those stones.”
    This attitude is prevalent amidst the HIT crowd when patients’ care is contingent upon safe systems. I have been reading enough on this blog to completely understand that the “so what” attitude is offensive.

    [From Mr. HIStalk] Would you feel safer as a BIDMC patient if the CEO was replaced solely because he had an inappropriate personal relationship?

  8. It’s not the inappropriate personal relationship that matters here, it’s the healthcare providers distraction away from watching my monitoring (even for a second) are this ripples through the institution that concerns me.

  9. If Levy was rejuvenated by good sex as they are suggesting be done in Brazil, more power to him. However, he appears to have violated internal compliance policies of BIDMC and those of the JC. Who exactly is the other woman and what noblesse oblige did she curry? Was she a spy for the c-suite rooting out the “disruptive” employees and physicians?

    I personally would rather see the CEO working on patient safety than blabbing on a blog about how great a CEO he is and how special BIDMC is. He is not to be trusted.

  10. I agree. So what? It seems that there are many more important health and healthcare issues that should be discussed at BIDMC and at every other provider

  11. RE: CEO Hanky Panky…

    For me it comes down to the ethics and personal integrity that should be a requirement for someone running healthcare organization. If they are willing to compromise their integrity and lie about / purposely conceal a relationship…what else will they lie about? Fire his sorry ass…there are likely a lot of good people that would love to run an organization like that for his paycheck…Rules are not just for the “Hired Help”.

  12. RE: Senate hearings & Goldman Sachs & Ipads.

    You must not be a lawyer. The more time you have to spend flipping thru paper, the less time you have to ask /answer those warm and friendly questions. A Senate hearing is the LAST place you want to bring a notebook or Ipad. Ressurecting those emails has already cost them a billion.

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