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Morning Headlines 7/28/22

July 27, 2022 Headlines 2 Comments

Payment Integrity Leader ClaimLogiq Acquires NLP Pioneer SyTrue

Payer-focused payments company ClaimLogiq acquires healthcare natural language processing technology vendor SyTrue.

NextGen Healthcare Reports Fiscal 2023 First Quarter Results

Despite Q1 revenue growth, NextGen’s revised 2023 revenue and earnings estimates cause shares to drop 5% in after-hours trading.

VA’s $16 billion health records overhaul may be scrapped if fixes aren’t made

House lawmakers say VA administrators will have to seriously consider pulling the plug on its EHR modernization efforts if improvements aren’t made in time for further roll outs early next year.

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  1. What would it even mean to “pull the plug” on EHR modernization at the VA at this point? I suppose the VA systems could remain on their fractured VistA instances, but it seems like he only reasonable software change would be to look to Epic.

    What I’d really like to see is a wider assessment of the decision to award a no-bid contract for the VA to Cerner in the first place. Sure, on paper it sounds like you’d get network effects from bringing both the DoD and the VA onto a single vendor, but I think we all know that interop between it’s own instances isn’t exactly what Cerner is known for.

    Regardless, it will be interesting to see what happens here. A successful implementation by Oracle Cerner cements them as the ‘government’ EHR, while a pivot on such a large contract would send waves through the industry

    • The concept of interoperable VA and DoD EHRs is a concept. The Genesis project is fraught with problems, and interoperability using FHIR is a major one. The DoD system is hanging on by a thread and much spin doctoring. The idea of rolling out a massive EHR and a new organization to manage all of the DoD hospitals and clinics simultaneously is just too much work to perform at the same time. I fear that a failure of these massive EHR systems will impact all healthcare systems to foul up a broken system further.

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  1. Unfortunately, I can't disagree with anything you wrote. It is important that they get this right for so many reasons,…

  2. Going out on a limb here. Wouldn't Oracle's (apparent) interoperability strategy, have a better chance of success, than the VA's?…

  3. Dr Jayne is noticing one of the more egregious but trivial instance of bad behavior by allegedly non-profit organizations. I…

  4. To expand on this a bit. The Vista data are unique to Vista, there are 16(?) different VISN (grouped systems)…

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