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November 4, 2021 News 7 Comments

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Business management software vendor EverCommerce will acquire EHR/PM vendor DrChrono.

The company previously acquired MDTech, ISalus Healthcare, Updox, My PT Hub, EMHware, Collaborate MD, and AlertMD.


November 10 (Wednesday) 1 ET. “Too Important to Fail: How to Bring Better AI to Healthcare.” Sponsor: Intelligent Medical Objects. Presenters: Dale Sanders, chief strategy officer, IMO; Marc d. Paradis, VP of data strategy, Northwell Health. It’s relatively easy to obtain healthcare data and build an AI demo, but getting AI to perform reliably and with meaningful impact is much harder. However, strategies exist for delivering AI products to commercial markets. This fireside chat will review the status of AI in healthcare; discuss the vital importance of data quality, methodological rigor, and product focus; and explore what this means to the startup and investor world.

November 11 (Thursday) 1 ET. “Increasing OR Profitability: It May Be Easier than you Think.” Sponsor: Copient Health. Presenters: Michael Burke, co-founder and CEO, Copient Health; David Berger, MD, MHCM, CEO, University Hospital of Brooklyn at State University of New York Downstate Health Sciences University. The OR is a hospital’s biggest source of revenue and its costliest resource, yet it often sits idle because of unfilled block time even as providers with cases ready to book lack access. AI-powered emerging technologies can help fill unused OR time and provide decision support to structure workflows and optimize block allocation. This webinar explores the biggest challenges to profitability faced in the OR and the fastest, most impactful changes a hospital can make to address them.

Previous webinars are on our YouTube channel. Contact Lorre to present your own.

Acquisitions, Funding, Business, and Stock


Allscripts announces Q3 results: revenue up 1%, adjusted EPS $0.27 versus $0.11.


Notable, whose technology scans data from EHRs and other applications to trigger task automation workflows, raises $100 million in a Series B funding round. The three founders came from loan processing software vendor Blend.

Cohort Intelligence, whose technology allows doctors to find patients who are candidates for being billed for Medicare’s Chronic Care Management services, changes its name to Engooden. 

Aver raises a $58 million investment and renames itself to Enlace Health. The company’s website is dense with buzzword bingo-speak that leaves me clueless about what they’re selling, so I’ll let them describe: “Enlace Health delivers the only end-to-end solution that solves the infrastructure challenges driving today’s unsustainable healthcare system. Connecting payers, providers, and patients, Enlace empowers any type of healthcare delivery model, from facilitating retrospective programs to enabling risk for prospective programs. Combining executive-level healthcare DNA with an extensible technology platform, Enlace is the bridge from chaotic healthcare to the healthcare world when Triple Aim optimization is truly realized.”


Change Healthcare reports Q2 results: revenue up 9%, EPS –$0.11 versus –$0.13, beating earnings expectations but falling short on revenue. The company’s planned acquisition by OptumInsight is being reviewed by the Department of Justice and won’t be completed earlier than February 22, 2022.


Papa, which offers health plans a “family on demand” service to match older adults with non-medical helpers, raises $150 million in Series D funding, valuing the company at $1.4 billion. The company cites studies that found that its use reduces member loneliness by 68%, which then reduces hospital use. The father of 33-year-old co-founder Andrew Parker founded MDLive, where the younger Parker served in sales and VP roles for five years before Papa was launched in 2017. The company’s Uber-like model involves having “Papa Pals” accept task assignments from the company’s app in being paid as independent contractors.


  • Gundersen Health System will implement Kyruus One and ProviderMatch for Consumers for finding providers and eventually booking appointments.
  • Parkland Health & Hospital System chooses Current Health for remote patient monitoring for hypertension.



Well Health hires Sean Kelly, MD (Imprivata) as chief medical officer.


Healthcare Triangle names Manish Hindupur (XCM Solutions) as VP of cloud service delivery for life sciences and healthcare providers.


Nuance promotes Vito Augusta to regional VP.


The Providence Digital Innovation Group hires Andy Chu (Bold) as SVP of product and technology incubation.

Announcements and Implementations


In England, Verizon Business and telehealth platform vendor Visionable announce Care Everywhere, while will be sold in the APAC and EMEA regions.

Hospital for Special Surgery (NY) becomes the first US hospital to offer Clear’s Health Pass to expedite the entry of vaccinated patients for visits. Visitors who don’t use the technology will continue with in-person screening and check-in.


Mazda will add in-car cameras that will detect when drivers are having a stroke or heart attack and then guide their vehicle to a safe spot with flashing lights on, starting with next year’s models that are sold in Japan. By 2025, Co-Pilot Concept will also diagnose impending driver health problems and provide advance warning. The carmaker is working with medical experts to allow its cameras to recognize driver positions that indicate problems.

Government and Politics

The federal government will require facilities that are paid by Medicare or Medicaid to fully vaccinate all of their employees against COVID-19  by January 4, 2022. Enforcement will be via CMS surveyors.

CMS increases the minimum penalty for hospitals that fail to comply with the Hospital Price Transparency final rule to $10 per bed per day starting January 1, 2022. The final CMS rule also prohibits hospitals from hiding their machine-readable price files from search engines.

A VA-conducted anonymous survey of employees of Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center finds that 83% say their morale is worse since Cerner went live last fall, 81% report increased burnout, 62% aren’t confident about using Cerner to perform their jobs, and 63% question whether they should continue working for the VA. A Congressional committee questioned whether the VA has moved on prematurely from its first implementation to focus on the upcoming one in Columbus. VA Deputy Secretary Donald Remy says he will visit Mann-Grandstaff, the VA will create a new position for someone with large-scale EHR implementation to oversee daily decisions, and the VA may create a deputy CIO position to oversee the Cerner implementation directly.



Bloomberg Businessweek says that 23andMe has stuck to its business plan from 15 years ago – first to convince consumers to send in their DNA samples to gain trivial insight about ancestral origins, then to use their sequencing data to profitably develop drugs — in creating a new IPO’d business that is “sitting somewhere between a Big Pharma lab, a Big Tech company, and a trusted neighborhood doctor.” The article says that co-founder and CEO Ann Wojcicki, who was formerly married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, was influenced by Google’s strategy to “collect all the data, derive whatever insights you can, and find an adjacent line of business with the potential to yield much bigger profits.” The article notes that consumers who have sent samples might feel baited-and-switched by having the company use the data they paid to contribute used to generate drug profits. Wojcicki says she hasn’t decided how the company will manage its just-announced acquisition of virtual visit company Lemonaid Health, but Lemonaid’s doctors will use genetic information for prescribing drugs once the company has determined the usefulness of genetic risk factors in primary care. She responded to a question about patient privacy by saying that patient data is being widely sold by the medical establishment without the patient’s knowledge anyway, although experts note that 23andMe’s process bypasses a third-party data broker and doesn’t involve paying consumers for using their data to generate profits.


The Onion weighs in on a woman who was charged a $700 ED facility fee by Emory Decatur Hospital even though she left without being seen after seven hours of waiting with a head injury. Emory Healthcare told her that patients are charged before being seen, not for actually being seen.

Sponsor Updates

  • Medicomp Systems releases a new Tell Me Where It Hurts Podcast featuring Phoenix Children’s Hospital EVP and Chief Innovation Officer David Higginson.
  • Cerner and transplant software vendor Transplant Connect integrate their systems to automate donor referrals.
  • CHIME honors Nordic Consulting Board Chair and former CEO Bruce Cerullo with its Foundation Industry Leader Award.
  • Empowered Patient Radio features First Databank Nicole Wulf, “Debunking the Myth of Iodine Allergy Related to Contrast Agents Used in Imaging Procedures with Dr. Nicole Wulf FDB.”
  • Fortified Health Security hires Jessica Marshall (ChanceLight Behavioral Health) as VP of human resources.
  • Goliath Technologies has achieved record revenue and customer growth during the first half of 2021.
  • Health Data Movers publishes a new client story, “EHR Integration Makes Providers’ Jobs Easier.”
  • Vanguard Law Mag features Lyniate Chief Legal Officer Merritt McGowan, “Taking a personal approach to health care law.”
  • Vyne Medical publishes a podcast titled “How Patient Experience is Leading Hospitals Towards Digital Transformation.”

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  1. I wonder if Epic has “Care Everywhere” trademarked in the UK, and if Verizon will get in trouble for using it for their new venture…

  2. Re: Onion article satirizing a LWBS that still resulted in a bill.

    Imagined Emory Decatur Hospital response.

    “Look, we had good intentions. We meant to see the patient, and that’s a lot of emotional responsibility! And we carried that weight for 7 full hours!”

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