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November 2, 2021 News 8 Comments

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Medical practice software vendor Kareo merges with PatientPop, which offers practice growth technology. The combined companies will operate under the name Tebra.

Reader Comments

From Pipette: “Re: Jonathan Bush. He scorns the HIMSS conference ‘boat show’ in an article, but I seem to recall that Athenahealth docked its own figurative craft out there on the show floor with all those other vendors.” JB has always expressed amusing scorn for the show that his then-company supported as a sponsor and exhibitor. His latest piece from his new seat at Zus Health compares the HIMSS conference to HLTH, observing that while HIMSS feels outdated, mainstream companies are required to attend because 95% of doctor visits are still powered by code written by HIMSS members (he misspells Neal Patterson’s name as “Neil,” but so do a lot of people who probably confuse it with Neil Pappalardo). He says HLTH is like a prom of on-the-rise attendees that is more focused on care than technology, with few geeks in attendance and a lot of premature pomp from companies that will probably fail and “provide critical compost for the winners’ crops.” Here’s his introductory paragraph:

​I think I’ve been to HIMSS roughly a thousand times. It was almost comical to walk into that giant convention center and see the booths two and three stories tall, like giant ships at a boats how. Esteemed patrons would climb up gilded, spiraling stairwells for bottled water and espresso shots, while down on the floor, consultants and competitor employees were shooed away by stiff-smiled booth attendants. These booths, massive and imposing, increasingly looked like something a defense contractor might make, until they literally were made by defense contractors. It was a world where technology was starkly separate from care, where vendors would hawk their wares, distanced from the reality of the very institutions they were selling to. Sure, there were some doctors at HIMSS — the “CMIOs” and whatnot — but they were akin to Afghan translators embedded with our troops — good people, feeling a little bit out of place and a little bit worried that they may be viewed negatively by their people.

HIStalk Announcements and Requests

Question: does it bug you when someone writes “y’all” in an email or social media update? I’ve always liked hearing it said by actual Southerners — kind of like “holler, “howdy,” or “reckon” – but not as much in writing. Blame the English language for not offering a separate plural form of “you”  — other than the outdated “ye” as a plural or “thou” as the singular with “you” as its plural — and thus spawning the workarounds “yinz,” “youse,” and the grating server salutation “you guys.”


November 10 (Wednesday) 1 ET. “Too Important to Fail: How to Bring Better AI to Healthcare.” Sponsor: Intelligent Medical Objects. Presenters: Dale Sanders, chief strategy officer, IMO; Marc d. Paradis, VP of data strategy, Northwell Health. It’s relatively easy to obtain healthcare data and build an AI demo, but getting AI to perform reliably and with meaningful impact is much harder. However, strategies exist for delivering AI products to commercial markets. This fireside chat will review the status of AI in healthcare; discuss the vital importance of data quality, methodological rigor, and product focus; and explore what this means to the startup and investor world.

November 11 (Thursday) 1 ET. “Increasing OR Profitability: It May Be Easier than you Think.” Sponsor: Copient Health. Presenters: Michael Burke, co-founder and CEO, Copient Health; David Berger, MD, MHCM, CEO, University Hospital of Brooklyn at State University of New York Downstate Health Sciences University. The OR is a hospital’s biggest source of revenue and its costliest resource, yet it often sits idle because of unfilled block time even as providers with cases ready to book lack access. AI-powered emerging technologies can help fill unused OR time and provide decision support to structure workflows and optimize block allocation. This webinar explores the biggest challenges to profitability faced in the OR and the fastest, most impactful changes a hospital can make to address them.

Previous webinars are on our YouTube channel. Contact Lorre to present your own.

Acquisitions, Funding, Business, and Stock


Digital social services referral company Aunt Bertha rebrands to Findhelp.


  • Christus Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels (TX) selects Care Continuity’s care logistics software to facilitate patient transitions from its ED to primary care physicians and specialists.
  • Pipeline Health System selects Premier’s supply chain technology and services.


image image

WebPT hires Ashley Glover, MBA (RealPage) as CEO. She replaces the retiring Nancy Ham, who will move to board chair.


Hinge Health names Lalith Vadlamannati, PhD (Amazon) as CTO.


HIPAAtrek promotes Amy Coulter to CEO. She co-founded Ability Network, which was sold to Inovalon in 2018 for $1.2 billion.

image image

Southwestern Health Resources (TX) names Mac Marlow, MBA (Lehigh Valley Health Network) CIO and Shashi Vangala, MS (Baylor Scott & White Health) chief data and value creation officer.

image image

Medication management technology vendor Arine hires Todd Christiansen, RPh, MBA (Leidos Health) as chief growth officer, Thomas Cooke (Leidos) (not pictured) as VP of business development, and Amy Mosher-Garvey, MSSW, MBA (Leidos) as VP of client success.

image image

Avia names Anjani Shah, MBA (McKinsey & Co.) SVP of transformation and Dhiraj Patkar, MS (HRGi Holdings) SVP of product for Avia Connect.


Agathos, which sends hospital physicians action-level insights on their practice patterns, hires John Pollard (Nordic) as head of marketing,

Announcements and Implementations


Soma Medical Center has deployed EHR and health information search engine technologies from EClinicalWorks across its 25 facilities in Florida.


A new KLAS report reviews risk adjustment solutions.

Privacy and Security


In Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador struggles to recover from a weekend ransomware attack on its health IT systems that has forced its facilities to revert to downtime procedures and cancel appointments.


Seattle Children’s Hospital electronically replaces allergy reaction descriptions in Epic that contain the the formerly common term “red man syndrome” – which it says is racist language — with “vancomycin flushing syndrome.” The hospital also implemented autocorrect functionality to prevent use of the term. The phenomenon in which IV vancomycin causes a red rash was first documented in 1959 as “Red Man’s Syndrome,” which was the subject of a 1985 proposal to instead call it “Red-neck Syndrome” to recognize that it occurs equally in men and women.

Sponsor Updates

  • The Health Innovation Matters Podcast features AdvancedMD Chief Marketing Officer Jim Elliott.
  • A newly published peer-reviewed study concludes that Bamboo Health’s NarxCare solution is effective as an “initial universal prescription opioid-risk screener.”
  • Philips Capsule Medical Device Information Platform has exceeded the milestone of integrating with more than 1,000 unique medical device models.
  • Cerner publishes a white paper, “Unlocking the power of data with the Cerner Learning Health Network.”
  • Dina will exhibit at the FirstLight Home Care conference November 4-5 in Salt Lake City.
  • Engage, a Tegria company, maintains its position as one of the top firms in a new KLAS Research Performance Insights report, “Meditech Implementations Services 2021: Which Firms are Driving Successful Implementations?”
  • Emerge publishes a case study, “Emerge Improved Revenue and Quality for Multi-Specialty Group Using Natural Language Processing.”

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Currently there are "8 comments" on this Article:

  1. I might just be letting my political bias show and I know cousins aren’t each others’ keepers and someone out of office for over a decade isn’t THAT responsible for the manner of the war’s end, but it feels kinda gross to have a Bush cousin making light of the danger Afghan translators took on for helping Americans.

    I may just be too sensitive, though. Pointing out mistakes from the peanut gallery is always easy.

  2. I’m in trouble if anyone I work with is bothered by “y’all!” As a native Texan, I’m afraid it’s absolutely automatic for me. It doesn’t even register as casual in my mind, because as you say, there isn’t really a replacement for it.

      • We have one: you.

        I cannot recall any real-life occasion when an explicit grammatical number would have added needed clarity as to what audience was intended by the second person.

        And if one is not convinced on this point and feels a need to innovate, bring back thou.

        • In the age of remote work, it’s hard to tell who you’re addressing on emails and conference calls, and I find it extremely useful to be able to differentiate between “you” and “y’all”.

          (E.g. It can invite others to answer a question, or indicate that something needs to happen even though you aren’t sure who is directly responsible, etc, NOT JUST the person you happen to be replying to.)

    • You’d get no flack from me for using “y’all”. It’s charming and very… Southern.

      I travel quite a bit and notice all sorts of regionalisms and behaviours. It’s just a bit of local culture and harmless.

      I’d be much more concerned if we all started acting, sounding, behaving, and believing exactly alike. Then the world would lose a lot of interest and appeal.

  3. Not sure why the Jonathan Bush post created that much ‘wake’ this week (pardon the boat terminology). HIMSS isn’t any different from any large industry conference gathering including RSNA. Both are still dwarfed by the Consumer Electronics Show too.

    HLTH is very well-funded, run by experienced conference organizers, and benefited from a market right now (digital health) that is dealing with record inflows of funding. It isn’t some guerilla or boot-strapped effort run by industry outsiders. Probably rivals J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in SF right now for industry buzz and appeal to healthcare insiders.

    Just adding dental benefits to Medicare though would have a much more substantial and immediate impact than anything that comes out of the HLTH conference the next few years.

    “Nearly half of whom did not visit a dentist in 2018, well before the pandemic paused dental appointments for many. The rates were even higher for Black (68%), Hispanic (61%) and low-income (73%) seniors.”


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