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Morning Headlines 9/28/21

September 27, 2021 Headlines 7 Comments

Walmart Selects Epic To Help Customers Simplify Their Health Care

Walmart will implement Epic across all of its health and wellness business lines, beginning early next year with four new Health centers in Florida.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Buddies Tried to Get the VA to Sell Access to Veterans’ Medical Records

Congressional investigators determine that President Trump’s trio of Mar-a-Lago business associates attempted to monetize VA patient data.

Former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Launches a New Healthcare Consulting Firm

Former HHS Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan launches a firm offering healthcare stakeholders advisory services, policy and legislative consulting, and investor guidance.

Med-Metrix Secures Capital Investments From A&M Capital Partners, Hackensack Meridian Health and Existing Management in Support of Growth Initiatives Including a Merger with Miller & Milone

RCM and business intelligence company Med-Metrix secures an undisclosed amount of funding and merges with RCM-focused law firm Miller & Milone.

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  1. I don’t know if this headline makes me want to laugh or cry. Will WalMart improve access, bring down cost of care and simplify delivery or be co-opted into the medical industrial complex? I think they’ve got a great shot at being a disruptor. Your thoughts?

    • I think Walmart is a lot more interesting as a market entrant than previous tech giants. Walmart has plenty of IT acumen, and they have a lot more experience with retail and logistics than the others. The optimist in me sees the unique potential for Walmart to help combat social determinants of health or provide better access to primary care. The skeptic in me sees the potential for Walmart to also go all-in on rent seeking behavior that drags down the medical industrial complex. Wherever they go I have a hunch that Walmart will stick around much longer than the others who have tried.

      • Elizabeth, I agree with your optimistic take. I was at Walmart Health for a dental cleaning recently, and the hygienist and I got to talking about how much she likes her job. She mentioned that she enjoys having the latest technology to work with. (The dental clinic had ultra-modern X-ray machines my previous dentist did not.) She also told me that working there has made her realize that the profession has failed its patients in terms of making services too expensive. She’s found it very rewarding to take care of people who previously hadn’t been able to afford routine dental care.

  2. Funny enough, most people I see against Wal-Mart entering healthcare are not in the industry at all. I’m happy for Wal-Mart and hope their clinics do well. If they can keep costs down and maintain open access, they are doing what many others have tried and failed to do for a very long time.

  3. My concern about the Walmartization of heathcare is they will do what they did with thier retail. Open up stores, drive all adjoining businesses out of business and then raise the prices when the consumer has no other choices and follow up with provding teriible customer service because they underpay thier staff and understaff each location. Drive through many small towns in the south and you will see the impact of Walmart.

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