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July 21, 2020 Headlines 2 Comments

An Open Letter from the American Medical Informatics Association and the American College of Medical Informatics Regarding Public Health Reporting Deficiencies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

AMIA publishes an open letter that expresses dismay that HHS moved hospital COVID-19 reporting from CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network to HHS Protect, saying that a pandemic isn’t the best time to go live on a new, untested system.

Allscripts cut to Sell at Goldman

Goldman Sachs issues an almost unheard-of “sell” rating to shares of Allscripts, which it says has an unfavorable health IT market position and questionable growth prospects.

Rush University Medical Center Set to Share New “Agile Adapt” Model Powered By CipherHealth for Pandemic Response in Underserved Communities

Rush University Medical Center develops Agile Adapt for its COVID-19 response, using CipherHealth’s patient engagement and communication platform to flex ICU capacity, coordinate with community services, support critical staff, monitor patients across all settings, and anticipate care needs.

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  1. Allscripts is a classic study on how several successful independent companies , (Medic, Eclipsys ) were utterly ruined beyond recovery through a gauntlet of incompetent leadership. The current leadership is just picking what remains of the carcass clean. They bring only incompetence, arrogance and a sleaziness which makes one need to take a shower after meetings with them. They have done nothing to fix the problems. What will the excuse be this time?

    • The damage that has been done in the last 7 years went off the rails in the last couple quarters. The development, advertising, and following failure of Avenel is a prime example. The leadership that are responsible for that solution are still there, and still impacting the solution. Promises were made but in the end the solution was so damaged it had to be scrapped. One of the “customers” is reported to be a relative of one of those leaders. No need to go deeper except to say that it was a colossal waste of resources, good will, and associates — many of whom quit rather that experience that level of incompetent leadership.

      In other areas, working teams have a calliope of leaders, sometimes two or three leadership changes in a single year. Additionally, the teams are siloed and leadership discourages cooperation and collaboration.

      The sad part is that there are lots of great individual contributors, but their work is diminished through incompetent leadership. How many executives have experience in medicine? How many of the board members have experience in medicine?

      It would be appropriate for the rank and file to choose their leaders — they would pick much better than the current batch

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