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Morning Headlines 11/10/17

November 9, 2017 Headlines 5 Comments

Judge rules protestor couldn’t compete for Vista replacement

A VA source tells FCW that the upcoming Cerner contract will be signed sometime in November, and will cost the VA a total of $10 billion.

If Gov. Greitens is so committed to fighting opioid abuse, where’s his program?

In Missouri, a local paper questions the integrity of local public officials who will not confirm or deny whether the state has launched its cobbled-together PDMP.

HHS Names Patient Matching Algorithm Challenge Winners

ONC announces Vynca as the winner of its Patient Matching Algorithm Challenge, selecting the winning submission from over 140 competing teams.

AnMed Health Medical Center laying off workers in Anderson

AnMed Health (SC) lays off 94 employees and eliminates another 65 open positions to reduce costs following lower patient volumes, reduced revenue, and costs associated with its Epic implementation.

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Currently there are "5 comments" on this Article:

  1. Mr H – a strong request to start a national dialogue and poll on the AMA CPT licensing issue that Dr. Jayne raised. RICO act would be too merciful for what they are trying to do to healthcare.

  2. Just to be clear, the VA takes care of about 1 million patients. At the cost of 10 billion, we are talking about $10,000 PER PATIENT for just an EHR implementation. Does that seem like a reasonable amount of money? Its about $30 fee for EVERY living US person just to pay for the VA’s EHR. Come on. That is ridiculous.

  3. Crickets for the $10B VA install. Kaiser’s self reported install costs are half that and they are much larger. That’s what you get when it’s name your own price tag. Sure there are some well timed political contributions to thank for that.

  4. This is an atrocity – Capt. John Windom is the person to check on. He led the DoD and now is single handedly giving the VA to Cerner as the lead negotiator.

    Time for someone to dig in and figure out what is really going on.

    Also not Roger Baker (prior VA CIO) is not a consultant to Cerner.

    Veterans should be enraged. Taxpayers should be enraged.

    The swamp creatures are out for this non-procurement.

  5. All you Epic worshipers need to, at least, get your stats correct.

    1. The VA system sees over 9M enrollees currently (expected to grow to 20M)

    2. Kaiser sees about the same number of patients and spent $4M (by 2013 reported by CIO Fasano). Those were 2006-2012 costs.

    3. Partners spent $1B (as did Duke) and has only 1M patients

    Are these costs obscene?
    Yes, but it’s been going on that way for quite some time across the industry with Epic and Cerner and no one seems to mind other than the poor souls that get laid off when margins decline as a result.

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