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Morning Headlines 8/3/16

August 2, 2016 Headlines 4 Comments

How I Was Wrong About ObamaCare

Former White House advisor Bob Kocher, MD calls attention to growing hospital consolidation within healthcare as an unfavorable effect of ACA, citing research suggesting that “savings and quality improvement are generated much more often by independent primary-care doctors than by large hospital-centric health systems.”

Cerner Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results

Cerner reports Q2 results: revenue climbed eight percent to $1.13 billion, adjusted EPS $0.58 vs. $0.52, meeting revenue and surpassing earnings forecasts.

Aetna latest insurer to question Obamacare’s future

Aetna announces that it will cancel its ACA insurance exchange expansion plans and will reassess its involvement in the 15 states where it currently offers plans on exchanges. Humana made a similar announcement last month shortly after the Justice Department filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking a proposed Aetna-Humana merger.

GSK and Verily to establish Galvani Bioelectronics – a new company dedicated to the development of bioelectronic medicines

Verily, Google’s life sciences business, partners with drug maker GSK to form jointly-owned Galvani Bioelectronics which will create miniaturized, implantable medical devices that will “modify electrical signals that pass along nerves in the body” to treat arthritis, diabetes, and asthma. The companies will invest $700 million in the venture over the next seven years.

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Currently there are "4 comments" on this Article:

  1. Bob Kocher has a crystal clear agenda as board chair for Aledade. Small practices that his business depends on is being hit hard by consolidation.

    I have no sympathy for Bob or Farzad. Maybe this will cause regulators to think twice before pushing reform that isn’t backed by any evidence…

  2. Desperado,
    You wrote exactly what I was thinking. Weird.
    This is a straight up example of people in positions of political power NOT knowing what a Conflict of Interest really means.
    Bob is on the board of Aledade which is in the business of “saving” small practices from the very regulations he pushed for…
    This will NOT cause regulators to think twice as these supposed leaders were and are in positions of power that can make a call
    and have their agenda revised onto APM and MACRA, unlike any regular street level front line provider. This is how it seems to work in CMS/ONC. Massive complex regulator action, then those that made the programs, leave the federal sector and become venture or vulture capital IT folks bilking the poor hardworking provider with their great business that tries to make sense of the regulations. It should be ILLEGAL for ANY past ONC or CMS folks from being involved in any business related to their tenure that made up these horrible programs. But the blowback is coming. And be prepared. We are not going to take it anymore.

  3. I agree, but will also propose another solution. DE-REGULATE! Let’s allow the Doctor’s in this country to use their own judgement. If the Doctor wants to keep his records on paper and needs to do something special to submit a bill to the government make it the patients choice whether they see that provider. Forcing change on Doctors doesn’t make any sense. The force we should push on them is one that forces price transparency and competition.

    We also need to consider that Doctor’s (once they reach their final specialization) have no real career path. A fresh out of school doc makes the same as one with 10 years experience. This makes no sense. We need to allow fresh out of school Doctor’s to charge less and experienced Doctor’s to earn more. We also need a large emphasis on supply side health care. In other words, we need more schools producing Doctor’s and more avenues to become Doctor’s. For example, a 15-year nurse should have a reasonable timeline path to become a Doctor. Doctor’s practicing for 10+ years should have a reasonable path to go into training other Doctor’s or approaching different specialties.

    The US would have been far better off dropping 50 billion on more medical schools than all of the money we spent subsidizing sub-part EHRs. I agree with the AMA its time we move on past the snake oil salesman.

  4. Those solutions do not seem reasonable.

    Physicians already think they’re underpaid,I don’t know how taking more money away when they’re trying to pay off student loans will work.

    Also,I love nurses, but 10 years of experience does not make them a doctor, although I agree there are opportunities in primary care.

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