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Leidos, Cerner, Accenture Win $9 Billion DoD EHR Project

July 29, 2015 News 25 Comments

The Department of Defense announces that its EHR project, with an overall estimated cost of $9 billion, will be executed by the team of Leidos, Cerner, and Accenture. Leidos has been awarded a two-year, $4.3 billion renewable contract. 



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Currently there are "25 comments" on this Article:

  1. Okay, I am voting for Trump. Let him turn the country on its head…can’t be worse than we have it now. Epic would have been so much better. The clinicians would have been happier. Epic has shown it can scale for huge installs. Bad choice, DOD.

    However….This is a blessing for Epic. They will clean up on the remaining AMCs in the US and will do much better than they would have if they had been caught in this giant DOD spider web. 10 years from now we may yet have nationalized healthcare with Epic. Cerner will survive just fine sucking the fat off the milk along side Leidos which has done just that on government contracts for years and years.

  2. Where will all the new consultants come from? We have a hard enough time sometimes getting (and keeping) full-time staff plus consultants at our site. Huh.

  3. Is it possible this can be overturned? If so, what’s the likelihood? I understand there’s a standard 6 month period during which losing parties can contest the decision.

  4. I think Dim Sum predicted this on your webinar awhile back. He said Accenture was the key because of their bailout on the healthcare.gov rollout.

  5. Cerner needed this one as they have lost several large accounts to Epic in the past year including most recently UMass Medical Memorial which was one of Siemens’ top revenue-generating accounts.

    Epic is also in better place to absorb more of the community market (NFP <200 hospitals beds) too as they own more of the largest hospital systems market too even if Cerner CommunityWorks is a complete & competitive solution offering.

  6. 4B contract at the cost of 6B–you can have it!

    For the past 6 months everyone (on this blog) has been saying Epic is a shoe-in—a bunch of KNOWERS.

  7. Cerner will do as good a job as Epic would have done…which won;t be great. The federal government can’t pull off something like this. GordianKnot…I sure hope we don’t get nationalized healthcare. This is not what the federal government was designed to do.

  8. Geez! All the Epic syncopaths coming out of the woodwork in shock.
    Stop drinking the kool aid and really put your brain I hear to look under the covers of what Cerner delivers now in full clinical integration with a richer functionality.
    Both good systems if they are installed well.
    And there are still a number of AMCs and large IDNs staying and expanding with Cerner. Just try to have an open mind.

  9. Cerner over Epic, Really?!! That decision really clarifies and defines oxymoronical term ‘Military Intelligence’!

    Numerous VA facilities, US embassies and military facilities currently have Epic installed. Having worked with EHR’s since 1983, in Military, VA, and with Cerner and Epic, watch after the Cerner system’s demo to the governmental healthcare staff who have Epic, as they try to ‘pry Epic out of the cold dead hands’! Game On!
    Add on Top, the crappy 3M 360 system! Go Get’em Cowboy!

  10. Good news fro Cerner and DOD. Bad news to all Cerner clients outside of the US. Before this announcement all Global development requirements by Cerner clients were put on the back burner for MU 1,2,3…and ICD for the US market. Now with all the massive developments required for DOD, the Cerner global clients will have to forget asking even.

  11. I am elated that Cerner won this contract, I think that the government realized that Judy has too much market share right now and that they couldn’t afford to add to Epic’s market share which has to be close to 50% or even more at this point. It will be interesting in the coming weeks to see how this starts to unfold!

  12. We know it’s all about politics. The DoD is clearly a conservative organization and more than likely so are the members of the selection committee. Neal is a hard core republican and has given money to republican campaigns. Judy is a liberal democrat and they used it against her. They both had lobbyists working for them but in the end, Cerner played the game that Judy was not willing to.

    My prediction.. .few years from now, there will be investigations to bribes and who knows what else. The project will be way over budget and heads will roll. Cerner stock will reach an all time high, only to fall 50% after they can’t make the DoD deliverables on time.

  13. As one of the organization using Epic, I’m glad to see them not dragged into this. We need them to focus on their existing organization without being distracted by this behemoth.

    As a taxpayer, I hope it goes better than the NHS ordeal, and we’re not back to square one in 5 years.

  14. concur with the last post. I haven’t worked at a Cerner organization, so I can’t comment on their functionality. I’ve always heard that the 2 systems were pretty close in that regard especially in acute care, but that’s all what I’ve heard.

    Epic organizations should be happy though. Less pull on their IT resources & allows Epic to focus on the development their existing customers want/need.

  15. Congratulations to the winners, Now the very big question is who will DOD select to do and assist in the implementation of this MEGAsystem over the years to come. As the saying goes, it is 0ne thing to buy tne elephant but now you have to chew, swallow and digest it.

  16. I think Cerner will do fine. In many ways they are more of a fit for the DOD. The military docs will fall in line. I don’t think there will be a big scandal. I would be shocked if Epic fought this but we still have Allscripts in the mix and no telling what they might fight for. Epic sites should rejoice. Having the DOD as a client is having a two ton gorilla as a client.

    Yes, I pine for a nationalized health system. Not in the cards but it is interesting that most Western nations are going that way.

  17. The DoD did their due diligence and as much as everyone here likes to talk about the software, this win is really about the services. DoD has a long and for most part very positive history with Leidos and to a lesser extent Accenture. It will be the SI services provided that make or break this deal long term. The DoD went with what they know and who has executed well for them in past.

  18. @Mr HIStalk: 23 comments! nice. Wondering if you’d care to share the top ten most commented topics in this HIStory of HIStalk.

  19. This is about politics? Give me a break. Anyone who has ever done work with any of the federal agencies knows that those employees and leaders go out of their way to make sure politics stays out of their building.

    Besides, the top execs at DoD were all appointed by Obama and most were confirmed by a Democratic Senate. Any political bias would have certainly gone in Judy’s direction. But I’m pretty certain there was none.

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