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Monday Morning Update 1/6/14

January 4, 2014 News No Comments

From The PACS Designer: “Re: Google Apps starter. With the continued growth of mobile devices, Google has exploited this trend with a mobile app landing platform for the iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet, and Android Phone. Now and in the future it will be easier to get apps to play on no matter which mobile device you may have in your possession as Google expands this landing platform with even more mobile solutions.” Google is everywhere these days, but I’m finding their apps less capable and more annoying. They tie everything into your Gmail account even when you don’t want them to, and the initially intriguing minimalist design of all Gmail-related apps is now just as annoying and clunky as a 1980s Invision screen (example: Gmail doesn’t support using the Delete key to delete an email, instead going the proprietary/obscure route by using the E key instead.)

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Poll respondents find Medicare’s fraud-sniffing efforts to be unimpressive. New poll to your right: what will be the biggest challenge for hospital CIOs in 2014? The length of the list suggests the challenges inherent in that job.

Upcoming Webinars (Times are Eastern) 

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January 7 (Tuesday), 1:00 p.m. Clinical Analytics for Population Health Management. Sponsored by HIStalk. Presenter: Cora Sharma, principal analyst, Chilmark Research. As providers move from fee-for-service to value-based payment models, they must not only comply with ever-proliferating quality metrics, but also transition from a cost-plus business model to one of cost containment. 

January 9 (Thursday), 2:00 p.m. Beyond the Summits. Sponsored by HIStalk. Presenters: Ed Marx, SVP/CIO, Texas Health Resources, and Elizabeth Ransom, MD, FACS, EVP/clinical leader North Zone, Texas Health Resources. Everyday healthcare executives share leadership and teamwork principles they learned from climbing some of the world’s highest peaks over the last four years. 

January 16 (Thursday), 1:00 p.m. Advanced Efforts to Identify and Eliminate Waste from Healthcare. Sponsored by Health Catalyst. Presenter: David Burton, MD, executive chairman, Health Catalyst. Based on a breakthrough analyses using several large healthcare data sets as representative samples, Dr. Burton and team will present insights designed to help executives struggling to identify, quantify, and extract waste from their systems.

HIStalk-sponsored webinars are non-commercial presentations of broad interest. I appreciate our pro bono presenters, who get a sizeable audience and recognition without the frustrations involved with presenting at a conference. Contact me if you’d like to present.

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Welcome to new HIStalk Gold Sponsor The Loop Company. The Williston-VT-based research advisory firm helps companies launch new offerings, enter new markets, win more business, and create customer loyalty. They design programs to help companies understand how the market perceives them and can help improve sales, marketing, product development, and operations. It’s a new venture from old HIStalk friend and industry long-timer Gino Johnson, who created the excellent CapSite healthcare IT research and advisory firm that HIMSS acquired and rolled into HIMSS Analytics in October 2012. Thanks to The Loop Company for supporting HIStalk.

HISsies nominations continue, so please submit yours now. It will only take a couple of minutes and you can skip categories you aren’t interested in.  I’m enjoying reading the early nominations for worst vendor, Lifetime Achievement Award, and the always-popular “industry figure with whom you’d most like to have a few beers.” Long-time readers may remember years ago when Jonathan Bush won that category (as he often does) and agreed to let me auction off an evening with him as a charity fundraiser.

Listening: Blue Coupe, made up of hard-rocking 1970s legends Dennis Dunaway (the shamefully underappreciated bass player and principle songwriter for Alice Cooper when it was a real band) and the Bouchard brothers Joe and Albert (key members of Blue Oyster Cult), thus the band’s name as a nod to the respective histories of its members. The band started out playing Alice Cooper covers, but earned Grammy attention for new material in 2011/2012.

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In Australia, the ambulance service of New South Wales requires a government bailout after its aborted EMR and billing system project left it with $7.5 million in invoices it couldn’t send out.

North Carolina, which just passed a law requiring hospitals treating Medicaid patients to participate in the state HIE, sends out nearly 50,000 new Medicaid cards to the wrong people.

1-4-2014 10-57-35 AM

Intelligent InSites names investor and executive board chair Doug Burgum as interim president and CEO, replacing Margaret Laub, who has left the company. Burgum founded accounting software vendor Great Plains and sold to Microsoft in 2000 for $1.1 billion.

Weird News Andy likes the story that he titles “Print a Liver – 2014,” to which he adds a “Silence of the Lambs” pop reference in wondering if they can also print a nice Chianti (although I seem to remember that the book instead said “big Amarone” before Hollywood dumbed down it down for less oenophilic  moviegoers.) A California biotech firm says it will successfully use 3D printing to create a human liver (or more precisely, a working model of a human liver suitable for drug company research) by the end of this year.

“Taking from Peter to Pay Paul” is WNA’s assessment of a survey of doctors in England, in which a third of them want to charge each ED patient $16 to to discourage usage for minor complaints. The patient counterpoint would be that appointments are hard to get and practices are closed nights and weekends. We have similar challenges here, obviously: the ED is always open and free if you can’t or won’t pay, while urgent care isn’t always open and they expect money upfront.

1-4-2014 1-17-29 PM

Strange: a medical student examining a standardized patient (an actor playing the role of a patient) pretending to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm detects the actual condition, alerting the instructing physician to urge the man to see a cardiologist. He does and is found to require stent replacement surgery. According to the patient’s wife, “Jim’s life was saved by a UVA medical student, no doubt about it.”

Vince covers the $14.5 billion acquisition of HBOC by McKesson in this week’s HIS-tory. I think he’s planning to wrap up his HIS-tory series after the next couple of installments. I will miss them since I have enjoyed every one.


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg, Lt. Dan, Dr. Travis, Lorre

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