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September 3, 2013 News 3 Comments

Top News

9-3-2013 4-32-16 PM

A new Robert Wood Johnson Foundation project called “Flip the Clinic” looks for ways to redefine the patient-provider encounter, including examples such as OpenNotes, Blue Button, and the Project ECHO telemedicine program. The program, bring run with a social innovation consulting company and a design firm, will launch a toolkit in early 2014.

Acquisitions, Funding, Business, and Stock

9-3-2013 3-30-06 PM

Quantia, the developer of physician social networking and learning platform QuantiaMD, raises $10 million in Series B financing, led by Safeguard Scientifics and Fuse Capital.

A Crain’s Chicago Business column ponders “Why is Chicago so bad in health care IT?” saying that at Merge Healthcare and Allscripts, “sales are shrinking and losses are rising at both companies; each has endured upheaval in the executive suite.” It concludes that both companies need to turn around before the HITECH well runs dry and laments that local healthcare IT startups “don’t have have better role models.”


9-3-2013 3-32-31 PM

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center (NY), Catholic Health, INTEGRIS Health, (OK) and about 40 additional provider organizations select Nuance Clintegrity 360’s computer-assisted coding platform.

Long-term care provider Nexion Health selects the Daylight IQ clinical outcomes management system.


9-3-2013 3-57-06 PM

Kristi Syling (Vanguard Health Systems) joins PerfectServe as compliance officer.

Announcements and Implementations

9-3-2013 11-22-40 AM

Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center (NC) will deploy Epic October 5, the first of the health system’s 14 medical centers to go live. Novant’s 1,205 providers are already using Epic across 316 clinics as part of the organization’s $600 million EHR initiative.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health implements the Health Identity Programme, a standardized interoperable platform built on IBM’s Infosphere Master Data Management to identify patients and providers across the country’s health sector.

9-3-2013 9-23-35 AM

inga_small HIMSS names eClinicalWorks customer White River Family Practice (VT), winner of the 2013 Ambulatory HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence for its success in improving quality of care and patient safety while achieving a demonstrated ROI. In its award application, the practice hits on a point too often overlooked by providers unwilling to dedicate the time and money required for EMR success:

“Return on investment is critically dependent on how quickly the practice returns to typical patient-visit volume. To that end, investing time and resources to learn the chosen EHR system up front will expedite the office’s return to pre-EHR patient volumes, obviating the need to spend late nights trying to catch up.”

9-3-2013 3-34-53 PM

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (WY) will pay about $50,000 a year to participate in the state’s MyWy Health information exchange, which is currently funded with a $4.9 million HHS grant and $260,000 from non-governmental sources.

Allscripts announces GA of Professional EHR 13.0.

9-3-2013 7-47-12 PM

Microsoft shows off sports-related applications that use its products, including the National Football League’s eClinicalWorks EMR and the X2 sideline concussion diagnosis system.

Truven Health Analytics announces that Micromedex NeoFax and Pediatrics now support HL7 integration with EHRs for clinical decision support and CPOE.

Merge Healthcare’s iConnect Enterprise Archive is named the leading vendor-neutral archive solution in the US and the world, accounting for 32.6 percent of all studies stored in a VNA in the US and 22.7 percent worldwide.

Government and Politics

9-3-2013 3-45-11 PM

The HIT Policy Committee will meet Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. in Washington, DC (with live streaming) to review the FDASIA Workgroup’s recommendations and to hear from the Meaningful Use Workgroup on progress toward Stage 3.

England’s Department of Health announces $375 million in funding for information technology for hospitals, surgeries, and EDs, raising the total money placed in the Technology Fund at more than $1.5 billion.


9-3-2013 10-02-45 AM

Nine out of 10 hospitals report they experienced RAC activity in the first half of the year, according to an AHA survey of 12,000 hospitals. Requests from Medicare for medical records are up 47 percent since the fourth quarter of 2012 and complex audit denials by Medicare RACs rose 58 percent in the second quarter of 2013.

9-3-2013 3-40-55 PM

A Missouri orthodontics practice notifies 10,000 patients that their information was stored on unencrypted computers that were stolen from the practice in July.

The CIO of the Marine Corps says, without referencing the source, that 25 percent of surgery liability lawsuits are related to software.

9-3-2013 10-34-23 AM 

inga_small Sign of the times? Mayo Clinic Health System announces the closing of its Blooming Prairie, MN (population 2,000) facility after the resignation of the practice’s sole provider. Mayo says the closing is temporary and encourages patients to travel 15-20 miles to other locations.

Bradford Regional Medical Center (PA) opens the country’s first inpatient treatment program for Internet addiction, which will cost $14,000 for a 10-day stay that insurance won’t pay for.

9-3-2013 12-11-40 PM

inga_small I’ve noticed several eye-catching headlines this week highlighting the continued inequities in compensation between male and female physicians. Research published in JAMA finds that the gender pay gap among healthcare workers has grown over the last decade, with male physicians earning about $56,000 (or 25 percent) more than their female peers. Researchers note that a physician’s specialty or practice type may account for some of the difference, but say more research is required to understand if specialty and practice choices are due not only to the preferences of female physicians but also unequal opportunities to enter high-paying specialties. The Gloria Steinem in me would love to hear readers’ theories for the compensation gap.

MMRGlobal not only terminates its patent infringement settlement with WebMD and refiles its original lawsuit, it also adds an additional complaint related to its newly issue patent entitled “Method for Providing a User with a Service for Accessing and Collecting Prescriptions.”

9-3-2013 4-22-51 PM

A startup called Handshake lets Internet users broker the sale of their personal data to interest companies, disintermediating market research firms and companies like Google and Facebook that grab it for their own bottom lines and instead allowing the user to negotiate their own deals. The site estimates that individuals could earn up to nearly $8,000 per year. Imagine the possibilities with health-related data.

A report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce urges the Indian government to restrict the importation of medical technology and instead encourage local innovation that will allow making services more affordable for all.

Sponsor Updates

  • Etransmedia highlights a video describing how its Direct Care Coordinator software helped doctors at the Albany Med Faculty Physician Group communicate with other physicians.
  • NextGen Healthcare releases an updated version of its Patient Portal, which incorporates Spanish and two dialects of Chinese.
  • Beacon Partners hosts a September 13 webinar on using data analytics to improve population health management.
  • CommVault reports earning a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating its support services survey.
  • Xerox has processed and disbursed more than $1.7 billion in federal payments to providers for MU incentives through its State Level Registry tool.
  • Jon Hamdorf, healthcare solution manager for Perceptive Technologies, participates in a panel discussion on the challenges of health information exchange at this month’s Health IT Summit in NYC.
  • A Billian’s HealthDATA report lists 112 US hospitals that demonstrate positive net patient margins and 30-day readmission and mortality rates above the national average for heart attack, heart failure, and pneumonia, according to CMS.
  • Divurgent co-authors a white paper with Bon Secours Kentucky Health System that provides both a client’s and vendor’s perspective on implementing an EMR.
  • Wellcentive SVP Mason Beard and CMIO Paul Taylor, MD host a September 17 webinar on implementing an effective population health management and data analytics program.
  • Ryan Uteg and Lyndon Neumann of Impact Advisors discuss EHR roadmap evaluation at a September 18 CHIME College Live Session.


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg, Lt. Dan, Dr. Travis.

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Currently there are "3 comments" on this Article:

  1. Dear Gloria, the gender-inequality study of physicians was missing crucial supporting data and should be dismissed until more is known. As the mother of a highly paid female physician, I can tell you that opportunities are there. Many women have come full circle, however, and wish to have a good career AND a work/life balance, especially in the child-rearing years. They make choices that are right for them, as do their male counterparts. Not everyone is willing to spend hours on end in an operating room at midnight or be on call frequently. That is true outside of medicine as well. When you can report that apples-to-apples comparisons prove overall inequality at female physicians’ expense, then I’ll be marching with you!

  2. re: Gender gap in pay. Could the $50K per year difference be that women, more than men, spend fewer hours at work to spend more hours at home? For a provider, this could mean 2-3 hours of lost production a week, which could easily equal $50K per year. Is there really a disparity? PS: I’m female.

  3. Re Merge and Allscripts similarities.

    They’re the same. Grow via acquisition. All leveraged. No innovation. Many high paid chiefs and crumbs everywhere else.

    What did you expect?

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