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June 11, 2013 News 12 Comments

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6-11-2013 11-33-45 PM

The HIMSS EHR Association announces the EHR Developer Code of Conduct, which is available for companies that develop complete EHRs. Principles include (a) communicating product information accurately; (b) designing products with patient safety in mind; (c) participating in a Patient Safety Organization for reporting and reviewing patient safety problems; (d) sharing product-related best practices with customers; (e) notifying customers of software bugs that could impact patient safety; (f) excluding contract language that prohibits customers from speaking up about safety concerns; (g) supporting interoperability through use of standards; (h) giving customers their data if they switch vendors; and (i) documenting how the product handles coding and quality measurement. It’s nicely done, and while I’d rather see these items in my contract instead of in a voluntary set of principles issued by a trade association, I like the idea of laying them out publicly.

Reader Comments

inga_small From Nick Carraway: “Re: TeraRecon changes. Longtime president Robert Taylor is gone. CFO Lakshmi Lakshminarayan is serving as interim CEO.” We requested confirmation from TeraRecon and haven’t heard back. Lakshminarayan is listed as interim CEO on the company’s Website.

6-11-2013 7-47-46 AM

inga_small From Georgia Peach: “Marketing gimmick. I got a HFMA ANI postcard from an exhibitor in the mail that made me laugh out loud, especially because I’m a parent.” Now that’s a genius marketing promotion. Any parent who has felt the pressure to return from a trip with goodies for the kids will appreciate this giveaway, which includes two iPad minis so the winner can keep one for himself and give the other to a spouse or “favorite child.”

6-11-2013 11-36-58 PM

inga_small From Becky Badger: “In case it’s not on your radar, the Digital Health Conference is here in Madison this week and Judy Faulkner is a speaker this year. That’s notable because she rarely strays from the standard circuit.” Judy will participate in a panel discussion Wednesday morning on interoperability and information exchange. The other panelists are both Epic customers (Kaiser and St. Mary’s Hospital), so don’t be surprised if third-party EHRs fail to get much airtime in the interoperability discussion. Epic is also sponsoring the event.

From SNOMED Junkie: “Re: resignations. Both the CEO and chief technical architect of IHTSDO resigned today. That’s the non-profit that manages SNOMED content and distribution.” The announcements suggest that the Denmark-based organization made the change as part of a review of its long-term direction.

From Chas Incharge: “Re: McKesson Provider Technologies. They have lost market share but haven’t downsized marketing. Now it appears they want the marketing and sales team that oversaw the huge market share loss to do marketing for all technology business units. I’m a long-timer worried about my stock value. Harumph!” Unverified.

From Big Datty: “Re: Atlantic article. BKA in the EHR repeatedly, but the patient had both legs. Doesn’t anyone examine the patient any more?”The Drawbacks of Data-Driven Medicine” mentions an intern presenting a patient on rounds as having a below-the-knee amputation that had been noted on three previous discharge summaries. When the rounding team actually looked at the patient instead of the computer screen, both legs were intact. The incorrect information had been caused by speech recognition, which misunderstand DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) as BKA (below the knee amputation) and nobody noticed.

Acquisitions, Funding, Business, and Stock

Great Point Partners makes a $10 million growth recapitalization investment in iVantage Health Analytics, a provider of healthcare informatics and business analytics solutions.

6-11-2013 8-08-02 AM

Parallon Business Solutions, a provider of business and operational services for the healthcare industry, will acquire The Outsource Group, a healthcare RCM company.

6-11-2013 7-18-19 PM

Ivo Nelson (IBM/Healthlink, Encore Health Resources) launches Next Wave Health, which will provide management advice, operational support, and capital to healthcare IT startups. Working with him will be Mike Davis, formerly of HIMSS Analytics and The Advisory Board Company.


Centra Health (VA) selects HealthMEDX Vision and the Exchange platform to manage post-acute patient care and facilitate patient data exchange.

6-11-2013 11-39-47 PM

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (TN) will deploy McKesson’s enterprise medical imaging products.

Horizon Health Center (NJ) expands its relationship with eClinicalWorks to include its  Care Coordination Medical Record.

Piedmont Eye Center (VA) selects SRS EHR.

The Veterans Benefit Administration awards Harris Corp. a four-year, $37 million contract to provide technical services for the agency’s enterprise data warehouse.

Partners HealthCare (MA) will implement the Health Catalyst Late-Binding Data Warehouse across its two academic medical centers and community and specialty hospitals. Partners and Health Catalyst will also co-develop new clinical applications for the warehouse platform.

6-11-2013 11-40-40 PM

Hospital for Special Surgery (NY) contracts with SCI Solutions for its rules-based referral management system.

CAQH selects Passport Health to develop a national COB solution to improve the sharing of patient coverage data between healthcare providers and payers.


6-11-2013 7-16-48 PM

iSALUS Healthcare promotes Kimberly Poland to VP of client engagement.

6-11-2013 12-34-46 PM

Delta Health Technologies hires Lorraine Lodigiani (MedAct Software) as VP of marketing.

6-11-2013 12-54-32 PM

Zachary Landman, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital) joins DoctorBase as CMO.

6-11-2013 1-06-04 PM

Intellect Resources names Susan Williams (High Point University) VP of recruiting services.

6-11-2013 1-42-48 PM  6-11-2013 1-41-27 PM

Shareable Ink will on Wednesday name former Allscripts Chief Customer Officer Laurie McGraw as CEO, taking over for company co-founder Stephen Hau, who will transition to CTO.

Announcements and Implementations

VitalWare and Panacea Healthcare Solutions will co-market their CDM and pricing systems.

King’s Ridge Christian School (GA) becomes the first student health clinic to implement simplifyMD’s EHR software.

6-11-2013 10-22-21 PM

Yale New Haven Saint Raphael Campus and 63 practices and clinics went live on Epic on June 1, which followed the February 1 go-live of Yale New Haven Health System and the Yale School of Medicine, Epic’s third-largest go-live ever. CIO Daniel Barchi credits the Epic teams of the hospital and medical school and the clinician preparation at YNHHS Saint Raphael Campus for the smooth transition. The two remaining go-lives are Bridgeport Hospital and Yale Health, with the $293 million project targeted to finish ahead of schedule and under budget.

Urgent care provider CareSpot implements the PatientPoint Care Coordination Platform, including PatientPoint electronic check-in tablets, in 40 locations.

6-11-2013 11-11-19 PM

LifeNexus announces iChip, an insurance card chip that retrieves a patient’s personal health record.

6-11-2013 11-45-30 PM

San Joaquin General Hospital (CA) implements the Logical Ink mobile data capture solution from Bottomline Technologies to automate patient registration and identify trends in population health.

Het Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam (Netherlands) goes live with iMDsoft’s MetaVision in its OR, holding unit, and PACU.

AirStrip’s applications earn DIACAP certification from the US Air Force, indicating that their use of authentication and encryption meets Department of Defense security requirements.

Lake of the Woods Hospital (Ontario) goes live on Meditech.

GE Healthcare will invest $2 billion over the next five years to develop software for hospital operations, clinical effectiveness, and care optimization.

Salem Community Hospital (OH) implements the PatientSecure biometric patient ID system.

HIMSS will release a healthcare IT value model on July 15 that will incorporate user satisfaction, care delivery, user education, prevention, and financial return.

Government and Politics

The Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission, investigating a suspicious surge in insurance company stock prices, find that hundreds of HHS employees had early knowledge of an impending Medicare change and could have tipped off investors.

Innovation and Research

6-11-2013 11-46-43 PM

The Boston newspaper covers startups working on healthcare application for Google Glass, including an app for hospital rapid response teams and another for patients and families.


6-11-2013 3-02-19 PM

Verizon launches the Blackerry Q10, which it claims is tailored for the healthcare market. It will use the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Regulated Service to help providers remain HIPAA compliant.


6-11-2013 11-50-36 PM

Six of the eight women allegedly sexually assaulted by former Epic project manager Brian Stowe are identified as his Epic co-workers, according to the criminal complaint. He’s accused of drugging them and filming the assaults. He was charged with 62 counts of felony and posted $500,000 in bail within 90 minutes of his May 31 arrest, but was re-arrested Monday on federal charges of sexual exploitation of a child. He has lost his job with Epic.

An Alameda County (CA) drug bust uncovers drugs along with personal information on about 4,500 Sutter Health patients. Officials are unclear about how the information got there, but say the data may contain patient demographics, including financial details and Social Security numbers.

Cerner paid $193,759 last year to a company controlled by its vice chairman Clifford Illig for use of its aircraft, also paying $184,579 to a second company owned by an Illig-controlled trust for fuel. Meanwhile, CEO Neal Patterson’s employment agreement promises him up to $110,000 for personal flights on aircraft that Cerner owns or leases and cash for any unused portion.

Weird News Andy says, “Soy vey!” A case study in NEJM describes a 19-year-old who drank a quart of soy sauce on a dare, leading to a hypernatremia-induced coma that lasted three days.

Sponsor Updates

6-11-2013 10-59-18 AM

  • ICA donates $6,000 to Pryor Ministry Center in the name of Lisa Lyon, clinical informatics coordinator at Cherokee Nation and recipient of ICA’s HIMSS13 booth giveaway. ICA partners HealthCare Anytime and CSC also contributed to the donation.
  • Ping Identity announces PingFederate7, an upgrade to its identity bridge software and cloud identity management platform that provides standards-based user provisioning, authentication, and authorization with support for cross-domain identity management and OpenID Connect identity standards.
  • Midas+ names 24 hospital customers as winners of its Midas+ Platinum Award based on a data analysis of utilization efficiency and outcomes.
  • PatientKeeper offers a June 27 Webinar on voluntary physician adoption of CPOE featuring the IS director and chief hospitalist of Community Memorial Health System (CA.)
  • VitalWare introduces VitalSigns, a claims auditing and ICD-10 financial risk assessment tool.
  • Ingenious Med reports that clients using its PQRS registry had a 100 percent reimbursement rate in 2012.
  • Medicity publishes a white paper on engaging patients within an ACO.
  • TELUS Health Solutions releases a white paper on the value of using and approaches for implementing home health monitoring solutions.
  • Frank Grella, director of patient financial services for T-System customer Conway Medical Center (SC), will discuss how his organization increased collections using a specialized ED billing solution during next week’s HMFA13 conference in Orlando.
  • Direct Consulting Associates interviews Michael Elley, CIO/VP of support services for Cox Medical Center (MO), who shares his thoughts on HIT leadership and management challenges.
  • iMDsoft and Anesthesia Business Consultants (ABC) partner to offer iMDsoft’s mobile solution for electronic documentation with ABC’s F1RSTUse EHR platform.
  • The Philadelphia newspaper interviews InstaMed Founder, President, and CEO Bill Marvin, who shares details of his company’s business model and history.
  • Park Place International joins the Citrix Solution Advisor program, allowing the company to offer Meditech-approved Citrix solutions to hospitals for three-tier connectivity.
  • SIS offers suggestions on choosing the right mobile device for OR use.


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg, Lt. Dan, Dr. Travis.

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Currently there are "12 comments" on this Article:

  1. News is occurring quickly in the Brian Stowe case. He’s since been arrested on federal charges and is back in jail. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that Epic is talking about interoperability in conference full of Epic customers, no other EMRs, and in their backyard?

  3. Re: HelloPanda – have you worked with Epic or are you just repeating the party line? I’ve worked with it and.the others. Bridges is as good as.any toolkit for interfaces. Epic works towards a standard interface. Some don’t like that. The lack of syntactic and semantic standards is the real issue. If you don’t believe it, read the KLAS comments.about interfaces. With either Cerner, Epic or Allscripts inpatient if the vendor.name isn’t.there

  4. You will not know who they are talking about. They are all pretty close. Interfaces are hard work and sometimes require changes in source and target apps.

  5. It is so admirable that after 20 years and many deaths, the HIT vendors via EHRA mention a code of conduct that embodies the concept that SAFETY counts.

    Regulation as required by the F D And C Act is on their doorstep.

  6. It does seem ironic that Epic is willing to talk about interoperability only in a forum that they control. Could it possibly indicate a lack of seriousness about sharing data across systems?

  7. Re: Cerner paid $193,759 last year to a company controlled by its vice chairman Clifford Illig for use of its aircraft, also paying $184,579 to a second company owned by an Illig-controlled trust for fuel. Meanwhile, CEO Neal Patterson’s employment agreement promises him up to $110,000 for personal flights on aircraft that Cerner owns or leases and cash for any unused portion.

    Either the vice chairman hasn’t taken the ethics class, or the conflict of interest rules don’t apply to him.

  8. 3 things:

    I am very glad to see that the Feds are hankering to assess the EHR and attendant CPOE and CDS for safety and efficacy and to enable after market surveillance of defects causing near misses, injuries and deaths. Why in the world did it take so long for the vendor association to cooperate for safety?

    Just wondering if the corner suite leaders of Cerner are not paid enough so that they needed to operate a private jet service paid for by Cerner share holders? Where there is smoke, there is fire.

    I bet that patient with the BKA faux in the Atlantiuc monthly was the cheapest BKA patient that the hospital ever cared for, and just wonderin if it skewed the cost data in BigData?

    Thanks for all you do Mr. HIStalk

  9. Agree with HelloPanda & David: It’s just too funny that Epic is sponsoring an interoperability conference with only its own customers, a smattering of industry insiders, and all the hangers-on looking to make a buck off Epic. None of the speakers or sponsors are other EHR vendors. It’s just too poetically Epic. Who is the intended audience anyway? ONC, HIMSS, etc “we promise we’re awesome at interoperability, listen to all these people tell you so.” Smells like propaganda mixed with marketing to win industry insider favor. The headline after the meeting: Preacher Meets Choir, Choir Rejoices.

    On the other hand, it’s disgusting what that Epic employee did to his fellow employees. Sounds like a lawsuit coming soon to Madison for an unsafe work environment. Hope that guy never sees the outside of a prison again.

    Last but definitely not least, how is EHRA going to enforce vendors giving patients their records when they switch vendors? A thumb drive of your record doesn’t really mean anything. Are we talking standard data formats and/or Blue Button to make patient records portable between vendors?

  10. How could anyone be surprised about this: ‘Cerner paid $193,759 last year to a company controlled by its vice chairman Clifford Illig for use of its aircraft, also paying $184,579 to a second company owned by an Illig-controlled trust for fuel. Meanwhile, CEO Neal Patterson’s employment agreement promises him up to $110,000 for personal flights on aircraft that Cerner owns or leases and cash for any unused portion.’

    It has nothing to do with the universal definition of ethics; as we all know Cerner is based upon the Patterson Code of Ethics which unfortunately drives Cerner.

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