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October 25, 2012 News 2 Comments

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Cerner reports an 18 percent increase in Q3 revenues from a year ago, with EPS of $0.56 versus 2011’s $0.45. Net earnings grew 25 percent and the company’s $769.9 million in third quarter bookings represent an 18 percent jump over last year.

Reader Comments

10-24-2012 3-43-36 PM

 inga_small From Weird News Andy: “Re: MGMA write-ups. This is too good a post not to have a comment.” WNA is referring to one of the four updates posted to HIStalk Practice this week covering the MGMA meeting in San Antonio. If you are interested getting the scoop on the conference, check out the writeups from  Monday, Tuesday morning, Tuesday evening, and Wednesday. I covered an assortment of topics including educational sessions, exhibit hall happenings, and parties. Other publications may offer a more in-depth look at some of the specific sessions, but I bet none published a photo of mariachis with Ronald McDonald.

10-25-2012 3-53-17 PM

From Junior Birdman: “Re: MGMA. The athena rep told me that two-thirds of the demos they were doing were for current Allscripts and GE customers.” Unverified.

From Empire Statesman: “Re: Allscripts. A totally unverified rumor is that they filed the HHC protest just in case a New York-based private equity company turns out to be their buyer and can then exert local influence on HHC to change its mind. The slim hope they will prevail may also delay the market’s reaction long enough to get them sold before the decision is announced.” Unverified. Another reader’s unverified rumor is that Allscripts had a big meeting with a PE firm on Thursday.

From CIO Reader: “Re: CIOs reading HIStalk. You’ve taken a good first step in running the excellent work of Ed Marx and Bill Rieger. Perhaps include other writing from insightful and innovate CIOs and/or CMIOs?” I’m happy to do that. If you’re both interested and interesting, there’s a place for you here.


From King Biscuit: “Re: RazorInsights. I’m telling you, these guys are going to leapfrog everyone … so cool!  Best engineered software, by far.  Blows Epic and Cerner away.” Unverified, but KB is a non-anonymous expert whose name you’d instantly recognize and who has no horse in this particular race, so I respect that opinion. Some company communication I intercepted says they are #2 in KLAS (behind Epic) and #1 in the community hospitals category, with 64 hospitals in the pipeline.


From HITesq: “Re: Allscripts. You can confirm the unhappy Allscripts issue. Allscripts sued Aprima in the Northern District of Illinois.  Complaint attached. Alleges trademark infringement and unfair competition.” Allscripts demands that Aprima stop using the MyWay name in its advertising and stop insinuating that Allscripts is sunsetting the product. I’ll side with Allscripts. I’m not a lawyer like HITesq, but I assume Aprima can continue to target its advertising to MyWay customers as long as it doesn’t imply that Allscripts is forcing those customers to change and perhaps adds the common disclaimer that MyWay is an Allscripts trademark and product. Kudos, by the way, to HITesq for always finding these interesting legal nuggets from sources the rest us don’t have access to.

From AnotherOneBitesTheDust: “Re: GE. Will be sunsetting it Oracle-based Centricity product – the old Logician – after upgrading it for MU 2 next year.” Unverified. 

HIStalk Announcements and Requests

I get several e-mails each week imploring me to take advantage of the many ways I could make more money from HIStalk (recent ones: drastically raise the admittedly low sponsorship costs, rent the mailing list, make it a pay site, sell consulting services to vendors). I’ll be honest in saying that I have no plans for any of those since I do it for fun, not money, and the more it would become a real business, the less I’d like it. All I need is the satisfaction, and that’s where you come in: (a) sign up for the e-mail updates since Inga loves seeing that number increase; (b) connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Dann’s 2,821-member HIStalk Fan Club; (c) cruise the ads of our loyal sponsors, check out their listings in the Resource Center, and shoot out your consulting RFIs to several companies at once via the RFI Blaster; (d) send us news, rumors, guest posts, or ideas of how we can help the industry and patients; and (e) tell your colleagues you read here since the only way we get new readers is via word of mouth and Google. Thank you for spending time with us.

Acquisitions, Funding, Business, and Stock

McKesson will acquire PSS World Medicine Inc. for about $2.1 billion. PSS is primarily a medical products distributor, but is also an athenahealth reseller. Analysts estimate that PSS’s athenahealth sales represent less than five percent of athena’s new customers per year.

AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, a provider of billing, practice management, and coding services for specialty physicians and hospitals, acquires Medrium, a Delaware-based billing and PM company.

10-25-2012 2-05-22 PM

HIT raised $194 million in VC funds from 37 deals during the third quarter, according to Mercom Capital Group.

Compuware reports fiscal year 2013 Q2 financials: revenues down 15.4 percent, net income down 53.3 percent, and EPS of $0.05 versus $0.10. Analysts were expecting $0.06/share. Compuware’s Covisint division reported a 17 percent increase in revenues from a year ago.


In Australia, Queensland Health expands its use of iMDsoft’s MetaVision ICU system by purchasing a statewide enterprise license.

10-25-2012 3-57-31 PM

University Physicians Group (NY) will implement the PatientPoint Care Coordination platform and its electronic Check-In/Check out process.

Johns Hopkins Medicine expands its relationship with MModal by rolling out its Natural Language Understanding to all facilities.

10-25-2012 4-01-27 PM

Hi-Desert Medical Center (CA) selects iDoc from CareTech Solutions for document imaging and management with Meditech’s EHR and health information management systems.

Partners Healthcare (MA) renews its contract with Omnicell for pharmacy automation.

10-25-2012 4-02-52 PM

MedVirginia signs a multi-year contract extension with Alere Wellogic, the creator of the HIE’s technology infrastructure.

The Defense Health Services Systems awards an $11 million prime contract to SAIC for support of the TRICARE Online system and expansion of Blue Button capability.

Holston Medical Group (TN/VA) selects Performance Clinical Systems and the Symphony platform for care coordination.

10-25-2012 4-04-57 PM

Queens Long Island Medical Group (NY) chooses MU Assistant from SA Ignite to automate MU reporting and enable one-click electronic attestation to CMS.

Rochester General Health System (NY) purchases Carestream Vue for Cardiology PACS.

Prime Healthcare Services (CA) selects FairWarning Patient Privacy Monitoring for privacy auditing with its Meditech system.


10-25-2012 4-11-43 PM

Phreesia appoints Ralph Gonzales, MD (UC San Francisco) as chief medical advisor.

10-25-2012 4-13-06 PM

Convergent Revenue Cycle Management names Mark Schanck (HBCS) SVP of sales and marketing.

10-25-2012 4-14-06 PM

David Bates, MD, the SVP for quality and safety at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, joins the EarlySense medical advisory board.

Announcements and Implementations

Family Healthcare (ND/MN) goes live with RTLS from Intelligent InSites to track patients, staff, and equipment.

10-25-2012 2-55-53 PM

Van Buren County Hospital, an affiliate of Iowa Hospital and Clinics,  goes live on Epic.

Government and Politics

OIG says in the video above that among its planned 2013 work is to “identify fraud and abuse vulnerabilities in electronic health records (EHR) systems.” I assume the HHS/OIG survey I ran earlier this week was the first step in that effort.

The VA announces plans to get its VistA system Meaningful Use certified, but says that probably won’t be completed until 2014.

CMS publishes a document containing minor corrections to the Stage 2 MU Final Rule.

Innovation and Research

10-25-2012 4-32-53 PM

KLAS finds that 70 percent of providers are using mobile devices to access clinical applications. Physicians using McKesson and Epic applications are more likely to view data on a mobile device than providers running other EMRs. Providers and healthcare organizations say their biggest concerns with mobile devices are preserving the security of patient data and managing and tracking devices.


Most healthcare data breaches occur in facilities with less than 100 employees, according to a Verizon study. The majority of attacks on healthcare systems are financially motivated and target personal and payment data.

The Australian federal government terminates a $23 million contract with IBM to build the National Authentication Service for Health, citing missed deadlines and delays.

Sponsor Updates

  • Informatica introduces PowerCenter Big Data Edition, which allows organizations to leverage data for advanced analytics.
  • Eugene Gastroenterology Consultants (OR) selects ProVation MD for GI from Wolters Kluwer Health.
  • Surgical Information Systems renews its HFMA Peer Reviewed designation for its rules-based charging product.
  • Tigermed Consulting Co selects Merge eClinical’s CTMS solution to streamline clinical trial management.
  • ROI is not the primary measurement used by organizations to gauge the success of their EMR systems, according to a Beacon Partners survey. The report also finds that quality management and IT departments are the ones most often responsible for EMR performance measures. Beacon also hosts a Webinar featuring a discussion of navigating unknown risk in a practice.

EPtalk by Dr. Jayne


Inga and I are back from MGMA. She is drowning in e-mails I am drowning in the sea of humanity that is a double shift in the ER. I recently started watching Doc Martin on Netflix and sometimes wish I could channel his bedside manner to those folks that think that every ER visit comes with a meal tray and a complimentary can of Sierra Mist.

Like Inga, I was underwhelmed by the lack of buzz both in the meetings and in the exhibit hall. I’m chalking it up to the fact that practices are simply beaten down. Those that have already gone to EHR have spent their available cash and are focused on optimizing what they have. It might have been a good sales opportunity for consulting groups to peddle their skills.

I only saw a handful with booths, but I did run into several consultant colleagues who were there as attendees. There were a lot of complaints about sessions being too full and one Central Business Office Director told me she was skimping on the exhibit hall to make sure she had a seat in sessions.


As you can see, Inga and I were not the only celebrities in town.


San Antonio Banderas responded to my comment about the bottles and trash I saw on the Riverwalk during my morning jog. “I have attended many conventions in San Antonio in my last career, and always referred to the Riverwalk as the Sewerwalk. And Inga said she was walking barefoot back to the hotel? Ick! Have you experienced having a snack or drink at one of the nasty riverside restaurants or bars and have the pigeons land on your table, only to shed feathers and dander all over you when you shooed them away? Ick, ick!” Luckily I haven’t had the pigeon experience, and I’m happy to relay that most of Inga’s shoeless wandering was in hotel lobbies and the occasional restaurant. As her personal physician, I do try to look after her health and welfare, offering the above cowboy-style galoshes as a potential solution.


I wanted to get a better photo of these guys and their sassy purple paisley pants, but I could never find their booth. I assume they were exhibitors rather than two friends who share a stylist. The “Cushiest Carpet” award goes to Pulse. Although they wouldn’t give Inga a pair of green sneakers, they did try to buy our love with coffee at a time when we sorely needed a pick-me-up.

We spent some time cruising the hall together. I admit that I still have to stifle a giggle every time I see my signature on the HIStalk placards. I had the chance to get to know some of our sponsors better and to hear more about the plans for the upcoming HIStalkapalooza. Let me just say it’s going to be something to remember, and based on the theme, I have the perfect wardrobe for the event.


I’m looking forward to next year’s MGMA in San Diego and hope to be joined by Bianca Biller for even better perspective. I seriously doubt, however, that I will find any pastry in the shape of California in 2013. God Bless Texas!


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg.

More news: HIStalk Practice, HIStalk Mobile.

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Currently there are "2 comments" on this Article:

  1. RE: KLAS and 70 per cent using mobile devices and biggest concerns being security, managing, tracking devices. Maybe KLAS could join up with the American Academy of Family Physicians and run a little study on the number of colony-forming units they find on these devices and get an eye opener on what a Petri dish mobile devices often are…. What do you, Inga, and Dr Jayne use to clean your cellphones/devices without damaging the screen?
    (Good to have the team back safe and sound from their exposure to the Sewerwalk…now let’s scrub those devices and shoes!)

  2. So the NLM released the value set data for the 2014 (aka “MU2”) clinical quality measures today at https://vsac.nlm.nih.gov/. These are the actual sets of codes from standardized terminologies that are to be used in calculating CQMs for MU. Yay! Only 2 months after the final MU2 rule was released.

    OK, we understand these things take time.

    But what boggles the mind is that they didn’t provide a way to download the whole data set in one fell swoop. You can download the data in one of two ways:

    1. Select each value set individually, and then download as an Excel spreadsheet. There are 2,107 value sets. Do the math (divide 2,107 by one and the result is the number of steps it would take).

    2. Display the maximum number of value sets at one time (60) and download as an XML file. This reduces the number of steps required by a factor of 60 (yay!) to only 36.

    I say no one from NLM gets to make any snyde comments about non-user-centric EHR design until this is fixed.

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