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October 11, 2011 News 7 Comments

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10-11-2011 7-33-59 PM

At this week’s Cerner Health Conference, Cerner CEO Neal Patterson tells 10,000 attendees that Meaningful Use is creating a “duopoly” in healthcare IT and that healthcare will fundamentally change over the next  decade. Patterson also unveiled plans for cloud technology that will coordinate clinical data from multiple systems and use Cerner search and analytics tools to evaluate and manage health.

Reader Comments

ingaFrom HomeBody “Re: Homecare technology. Homecare technology is definitely an up and coming topic of interest among healthcare today, especially on the hospital side. I see it only becoming a more and more important piece of this proposed continuum of care model.” Thanks for all the comments in favor of increased coverage on homecare, assisted living, and long term care IT. Mr. H and I will strategize a bit more. Meanwhile, if you happen to be an expert willing to share your expertise, let us know.

ingaFrom FastChange “Cerner Health Conference. Ughhh. Painful!  No breakfast, too crowded because facility is too small, making us  get scanned for every session- causing huge lines of course. No consistency in their Solutions Gallery- lots of vaporware from various groups competing with each other and they are still 1-2 years behind other vendors in things like mobile and ACO type software. Ten thousand people here but that includes Cerner staff, which appear to be every other person I meet. Haven’t met a happy Cerner client yet. But the keynote speaker, blogger and doctor Wendy Sue Swenson (Seattle Mama Doc) was great.” Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? I should add that despite FastChange’s less than glowing report, I noted many very positive comments posted on Twitter (#CHC11).

HIStalk Announcements and Requests

ingaMr. H is on one of his well-deserved Internet-less get-aways, so it’s all me today.  Whenever Mr. H leaves me in charge, I feel Alexander Haigish, in that I’m-in-control-even-though-I’m-really-not kind of way. Mr. H will return to power soon.

10-11-2011 1-36-52 PM

Thank you to all my Facebook friends who sent over birthday greetings. If you would like the opportunity to make me feel special next year, it’s not too soon to Friend me (and Mr. H and Dr. Jayne) or like HIStalk on Facebook. We are also happy to connect with you on Linked In, should you would prefer to keep our relationship on a more professional level.

Acquisitions, Funding, Business, and Stock

VC funding in HIT more than tripled in the third quarter, compared to a year ago. Fifty different organizations invested $207 million for 17 deals, which included ZocDoc ($75 million) and Awarepoint ($27 million.) M&A transactions totaled $4.7 billion for acquisitions that included Emdeon ($3 billion), Sage Healthcare ($320 million), and M*Modal ($130 million.)


10-11-2011 8-08-14 PM

Surgical Care Affiliates chooses workforce management solutions from Kronos.

10-11-2011 8-07-23 PM

SIU HealthCare (IL), a network five hospitals and 43 clinics,  selects GE Healthcare’s Centricity Business to compliment its existing Centricity EHR.


10-11-2011 3-22-00 PM

Medsphere Systems hires John Bright as VP of sales and marketing. Bright previously led sales for Henry Schein Medical Systems.

Virtual Radiologic names Jim Tierney SVP of Operations for vRad Radiology Alliance. Tierney was formerly CEO for the 62-physician Suburban Radiologic Consultants.

10-11-2011 3-19-41 PM

Allscripts and IDX veteran Todd Young joins PureWellness as COO.

Announcements and Implementations

The Community Health Information Collaborative’s HIE Bridge connects to the VA to exchange veteran health data via the ApeniMED NHIN platform.

10-11-2011 8-10-26 PM

Kettering Health Network (OH) completes its four month, enterprise-wide transition to the InterSystems Ensemble platform.

10-11-2011 3-15-25 PM

Local boy scouts and other community members helped create a festive atmosphere during Chelsea Community Hospital’s (MI) $12 million transition to Genesis System EHR.

10-11-2011 8-11-35 PM

The local paper profiles Lakeland Regional Medical Center (FL) and its go-live on Cerner’s EHR. I was slightly amused that the hospital’s chaplain was the first person quoted about the transition, saying, “We’ve been circulating on our patient units and they’re feeling confident. It’s exciting.” I never realized that hospital chaplains were active participants in EHR implementations, but then again I have never worked in a hospital.

10-11-2011 8-13-27 PM

CPSI customer Morton County Health System (KS) becomes the first hospital in Kansas to receive payment from Medicare for its meaningful use of EMR.

Government and Politics

10-11-2011 8-18-14 PM

Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn announces that the state’s Office of Health Information Technology selected InterSystems to develop the infrastructure for the Illinois HIE.

Innovation and Research

10-11-2011 7-29-26 PM

In addition to the meta data cloud project, Cerner hints at future products that optimize iPhone and iPad technology, as well as software that incorporates voice commands.


10-11-2011 8-39-47 PM

Florida Hospital places a newspaper advertisement in the Orlando paper notifying patients of improperly accessed patient information. The “Public Notice” informs patients that between January 1, 2010 and August 15, 2011, three employees, who have since been fired, were believed to have accessed patients’ demographic data. The employees targeted ER patients involved in car accidents and passed the information on to an attorney-referral service. The hospital is offering credit monitoring to patients that might have been affected.

Best news of the day: Swedish scientists find that eating chocolate – preferably dark – can reduce a woman’s risk of stroke by 20%. Other benefits include reduced blood pressure, lower insulin resistance, and less crabbiness (ok, that last one conclusion was based strictly on my own personal research.)

Sponsor Updates

  • Edge Solutions partners with BridgeHead Software to resell and deliver Bridgehead’s backup, recovery, and archiving solutions.
  • At this month’s MGMA meeting in Las Vegas, MED3OOO will showcase its newly released InteGreat EHR, which now includes end-to-end integration with the MEDCIN Engine.
  • T-System Inc. will highlight its products in a “virtual ED” at this week’s ACEP Scientific Assembly. T-System will also host the next Board Certification for Emergency Nursing meeting October 17-18 in its Dallas headquarters.
  • Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center goes live with Holon’s Pharmacy Workflow Manager at all 11 of its pharmacies.
  • Besler Consulting’s Vicente Farina shares insight into Direct Graduate Medical Education (GME) and Indirect Medical Education (IME) payments, two types of Medicare payments specifically for teaching hospitals.
  • EDIMS is exhibiting at this week’s ACEP 2011 Scientific Assembly in San Francisco.
  • Wellsoft announces its fall conference schedule, which includes the 2011 ACEP Scientific Assembly, the Emergency Department Administration Conference (EDAC), and HealthAchieve.
  • Surgical Information Systems (SIS) announces that SIS Anesthesia V5 has received ONC-ATCB certification by the Drummond Group.
  • Practice Fusion will simulcast its November 11th Connect 2011 meeting.
  • Imprivata earns a Strong Positive rating  in Gartner’s report, MarketScope for Enterprise Single Sign-on.
  • The local paper highlights Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s (RI)use of the GetWellNetwork.
  • Intelligent Medical Objects is participating in the Cerner 2011 Health Conference, AMIA, and NextGen’s User Group meeting.
  • Healthwise will participate in this month’s Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative in Washington, DC.
  • Ignis Systems releases its EMR-Link Maintenance Training Webinar schedule.
  • Greenway’s PrimeSuite EHR achieves CCHIT certification in Women’s Health.


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg.

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Currently there are "7 comments" on this Article:

  1. Just got back from the Cerner Conf and find it funny how some focus/complain about logistics and say little of content. My take-aways:
    – Cerner has a very interesting vision for healthcare organizations, one that extends beyond sick care to delivering health to a community. Both Memorial Hermann, TX and the much smaller Fort Health WI are on board and many others talking about it.
    – The sessions typically had some very good content delivered by Cerner customers.
    – Cerner’s efforts to reduce sepsis via Analytics and it’s Cloud services, Is commendable.
    – Overall mood of attendees was quite upbeat

    Is Cerner perfect, of course not. They, like all other EHR vendors have their fair share of challenges that need to be addressed. For example, got a very nice demo of their iPad development efforts. They’ve done some good work here, but moving too slow and more resources need to be devoted to this effort. Cerner is also doing some good things on the HIE front but their decision to only support CCD file exchange is going to prove challenging in a market where most EHRs still cannot produce such and despite their leadership on the Direct Project, it is still not natively supported in HIE yet (they assure me it’s forthcoming very soon).

  2. Cerner is spending all its money on future development and not on supporting current customers. They’re trying to do too many things and won’t be successful at any of them.

  3. John,

    Thanks for spending time with our clients in KC over the past few days.

    I wanted to quickly respond to the comment about only supporting CCD structures within our exchange services. The service supports all types of file and data structures today and will do so until there is no longer a need.

    That being said, we applaud organizations like Memorial Hermann and others that demand that our industry follow standards. Without that kind of leadership, the industry will continue to make due with non-standard approaches that will ultimately fail to deliver a scalable solution.

    Look forward to following your analysis of this evolving market.

    Bob Robke
    VP, Cerner Network

  4. I didn’t encounter any of the logistical problems at the Cerner Health Conference that were referenced and found customers to be optimistic about the future, with most having plans for new projects through 2013.

  5. As a veteran of over a decade of Cerner HCs this was an outstanding CHC both from what other US and global clients are achieving with Cerner and Cerner’s leading edge solutions such as mPages, semantic search and the Natural Language Processing (nCode). With over 3,000 attendees including a large international contingent of clients from Europe, Middle East and Australia this was tour de force of organizational logistics that included simultaneous translations. Who seriously judges a conference on its lack of breakfasts? Wrong reason to go to KC and any conference on HCIT!

  6. I had a wonderful time at the Cerner Users Conference. The food and lodging was superb! I had the opportunity to see everything I needed to see in the solutions center and met with many key Cerner Associates. I even got to meet Neal Patterson the Cerner CEO!!! Wow! Can you believe that he is that accessible to the Cerner customers. There was a nice panel of expent speakers that really did a good job covering all the latest issues in healthcare and how it relates to HIT. This is by far the best users conference I have even attended. It pays to be prepared and do your homework before attending the conference so you can get something accomplished and not just roam around in amazement at the size and scope of the event.

  7. Fair disclosure, I’m a Cerner associate. I did hear of some limited issues with food service at the conference this year. Our long-term partner in food service for the conference closed its KC operation recently, so we had a new food service with no experience in serving this particular event. Of course we’ll work on it for next year. Curious if FastChange has read the KLAS ACO readiness report.

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