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Steve Jobs Dies

October 5, 2011 News 16 Comments

Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs has died, Apple announced this evening. He was 56.

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  1. Steve Jobs: Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

    Requiescat in Pace

  2. Without Steve Jobs, we’d probably still be using DOS on the front-end of an ugly box computer. Steve was arguably the leading innovator of our era, he brought computers into the home and actually made them both fun and beautiful.

  3. Steve taught us that form and function can lead the technology, not the other way around. Build a better product, and everyone will come knocking on your door.

    Thank you for living the life your were meant to live. We should all be so lucky.

  4. Einstein, Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs…my first desktop PC was a Macintosh that a buddy of mine and I hooked up to a GE RT3000 ultrasound machine so that we didn’t have to run paper for images…he made us all think outside the foul lines, didn’t he.

  5. I learned to program on an Apple IIe. I used to drool over the Lisa and then the Macintosh. I begged my parents for one. I would ride my bike to the ‘Apple Store’ (an apple reseller back then) and just bug the mess out of the guys in there. Back in the days of dial up 12k connections, CompuServe and Prodigy.

    In college, I tried like hell to get a job with NeXT Computers. Convinced that NeXT would be the ‘Next’ big thing.

    The products Jobs has fathered have been a part of my everyday life for decades.

    I challenge our team that it needs to be as easy to use as a Mac. I would bet many other HIT leaders do the same. We all need to strive for this.

    As I reflect on the products and concepts Jobs has introduced I am reminded that we in health care IT have yet to meet the standard that Jobs has set.

    Jobs will continue to set the benchmark for usability well into the future.

    Here is to us all working together to meet this goal of usability in HIT.

  6. What a tragic loss. Steve was a visionary and a great man. Squeezed out pf the company he founded, did it again with NEXT and camp back to save Apple with the i-everything. We will all miss him. So sad. So young.

  7. Jobs was the supreme “marketeer”. If you want to gush over someone for the legacy of Mac you should focus on Wozniak. Jobs was was well reimbursed for his marketing magic. He is not all that these posts have built up him up as. He presided over slave labor conditions in his iPhone and iPad factories. He was a productive member of society and produced value that is for sure. But jeesh to read all these comments it is like he was the second coming and has now seated at the right hand side of Gawd!

  8. Imagine if Jobs was required to certify his original Apple to conform to
    some “Computer” certification criteria designed by the government committee. Where would be the innovation then ? Compare that to now, where we are destroying innovation in healthcare IT by telling the industry what to develop (meaningful use) and requiring them to pay $30k and up to certify their software. And heaven forbid, you enhance your product, making it more useful and easy to use, you will have to re-certify and pay the fee again.

    With these type of restrictive regulations and fees, only the large vendors can compete. Unfortunately, too many of us in healthcare are enamored to this type of regulation and oversight led by technocrats chosen from our the Ivory towers institutions. Imagine the innovation in healthcare that would exist if the future Steve Jobs of the world were allowed to innovate and compete against the current crop of Health IT vendors.

  9. Steve Jobs: In healthcare we lust for “ease of use” in the products we have for our clients to use. Steve Jobs recognized this and made it part of everything Apple. He may not have programmed it or did the actual construction, but everything we now take for granted in Apple’s products came from his vision and relentless drive to make Apple’s products and services easy to setup, update, and use. And all in the palm of our hand and at our fingertips. What a master. I feel honored to have seen his results and to use his amazing products. He will be sorely missed in our industry. RIP Steve.

  10. @ mark
    All the innovation would not have happened if govt (or “we the people” as I like to say) did not create the environment for markets and the innovation they foster (education, courts, police, fire, borders, military, ect, ect, ect) and people like Jobs, Gates, Joy, Faulkner, etc. would not have accomplished much. Apple accomplished all you say in an atmosphere where they were less than 5% of the installed base and not a virus writing target like other platforms such as Linux/Apache and Windows which comprise the other 95%. Now with a greater installed base you need anti-virus for Mac just like everyone else. Apple did “innovate” and improve their system by getting rid of the Mac OS kernel and utilizing BSD Unix instead with it’s generous GPL.

    @ WV consultant
    Apple users also take for granted that Apples stole their idea for their vaunted UI from Xerox PARC (as did MS). And as I said previously his innovative products you see in the palm of your hand come at steep price for some people in this world and Jobs did not do much to curtail it.

    You all need to quit deifying this guy who was a great marketer? I know Jobs really thought highly of himself but Einstein? Really?

  11. And, what if Steve Jobs had to comply with a NIST / ONC developed Usability Protocol (which by the way requires an advanced degree to execute). Remembering of course that Steve never graduated…

  12. Hey Dave,

    The guy just died yesterday. You can argue to minimize his impact on technology next week or next month even, but maybe today you just let people remember him with kind words.

  13. RE: Steve Jobs

    Great innovators and leaders aren’t always popular in the moment, but that’s not what they were put here to do – they are agents of change and their legacy is to chart a new course for the rest of us to follow. Whether or not everyone loved you all the time while you were doing it – well, that just isn’t what they consume themselves worrying about. In the end, they will be beloved for the changes they made that affected us for the good. And, while they rarely do it alone (no one does), it does take someone with vision, who willl take the risks, ride the waves of popularity, and not be afraid what others say about them – to realize the vision – someone with charisma whom we will follow because we believe their new direction is somewhere we ought to go.

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