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May 31, 2011 News 3 Comments

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5-31-2011 9-02-26 PM 

HHS issues a proposed rule requiring healthcare providers, health plans, and their business associates to maintain an access report detailing all disclosures of patient information within an EHR or accounting system. Providers must also record every EHR chart access, including details on who opened the patient chart, the date, and the time. The access report must be made available at the request of patients.

5-31-2011 9-04-50 PM

Cerner announces a two-for-one stock split, with a June 24 distribution date. Shares closed Tuesday at $120.10, valuing the company at just over $10 billion. Neal Patterson holds $512 million worth. Above is the one-year CERN share price (blue) compared to the S&P 500 (green).

Reader Comments

5-31-2011 7-44-31 PM

image From All Hat No Cattle: “Re: HHS’s HIT certification. Seems like another needless scam.” ONC announces availability of six Health Information Technology Professionals examinations: (a) clinician / practitioner consultant; (b) implementation manager; (c) implementation support specialist; (d) practice workflow and information management redesign specialist; (e) technical / software support staff; and (f) trainer. ONC is offering vouchers to qualified applicants; otherwise, it’s $299 for the first exam and $199 for each additional. ONC pre-nicknamed the exams HIT PRO, which is trademarked for some reason. I’m not entirely sure what the point is – in the “Why Take the HIT Pro” explanation, they talk about a shortage of qualified HIT workers, implying that passing the test makes someone qualified. There are no educational or occupational prerequisites for taking the 125-question tests, although the target audience is the folks who have finished one of those short, ONC-funded HIT programs that community colleges offer.

5-31-2011 7-56-19 PM

image From MadCow: “Re: Loma Linda University Medical Center. Pulling an EMR swap, from Cerner to Epic.” Verified. LLUMC’s board approved Epic last week, which will be rolled out through their entire system. Epic will replace Cerner for inpatient and ambulatory clinicals, GE for faculty practice management, and a homegrown registration and billing system. LLUMC will keep their Cerner lab apps because Epic’s Beaker is a few years away from having the capabilities needed for an organization of that size.

image From HITuser: “Re: Meditech 6.0. Have they implement any sites running multiple facilities?” A good question, which I will open up to those HIStalk readers who surely know. I’d have to guess yes.

HIStalk Announcements and Requests

image A reader asked if I could interview someone from St. John’s in Joplin about their emergency preparedness lessons learned once things settle down there. If anyone is reading from there and would be willing at some point, let me know.

image Watching: Life on Mars, a quirky one-season sci fi/cop show in which the lead character is sent back in time to 1973. Harvey Keitel is excellent in it, former Cosby kid Lisa Bonet has a role, and the pop culture (hair, clothes, music, etc.) are cool. Lots of Bowie tunes. It’s the American remake, predictably inferior to the original British version, they say, so I’m hoping the original hits Netflix streaming.

5-31-2011 8-08-44 PM

image Welcome to new HIStalk Platinum Sponsor Impact Advisors of Naperville, IL. The company’s service offerings include strategic advisory (IT performance assessment, strategy, system selection, contracting, ROI, HITECH readiness, governance, and facilities planning) and strategic implementation (planning, readiness, project leadership, staff augmentation, project oversight, interim management). Impact Advisors has won several awards,including Best in KLAS for Planning and Assessment for three straight years. They’ve also bagged some “Best Places to Work” recognition in case you’re looking for opportunities (I see they need implementation specialists for Epic and Cerner at the moment, as well as HIT strategy folks). Founders Andrew and Peter Smith are HIT long-timers and have boatloads of experience working with hospitals and physician groups and are on the speed dial of quite a few big-name CEOs and CIOs as their trusted advisors. Former FCG President Steve Heck is a VP there, so you can catch up with him when you contact the company. Many thanks to Impact Advisors for supporting HIStalk.

image It’s a quiet week by all appearances, which is a relief since I’m trying to catch up after a few days of being semi-off. It seems like about half of the 7,359 HIStalk e-mail subscribers are kicking back an “out of the office” reply this week, so good for everybody who is getting away a bit for the unofficial beginning of summer. It’s a great time to send in your news, rumors, guest articles, or whatever goodies you have that might interest others.

Acquisitions, Funding, Business, and Stock

A London newspaper says that Sage is reviewing its healthcare business and will likely sell it, although it did not provide details or sources.

A Chicago Tribune story on excessive executive pay speculates that McKesson shareholders may push back on the compensation of CEO John Hammergren at this summer’s annual meeting. He’s California’s third-highest-paid CEO at $54.6 million for the year ended last March (the company hasn’t released his FY2011 take).

Announcements and Implementations

5-31-2011 4-03-51 PM

IBM announces the expansion of its Dallas-based Health Analytics Solution Center, including the addition of new technology and the doubling of its solution architects and technology specialists. Mobile technologies, remote patient monitoring, and analytics are some of the areas IBM says the Center is addressing.

Health information network provider Availity earns EHNAC recognition for achieving the requirements for the 5010 Readiness Assessment program.

5-31-2011 3-15-22 PM

MIM Software introduces the VueMe App for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. The app allows patients to view diagnostic images that have been sent them from their doctors, or to share those images with a specialist.

Government and Politics

image Your tax dollars at work: as of May 19th, the Medicare EHR incentive program had paid providers $75 million; the 15 state Medicaid programs paid an additional $38 million. Including HIT training programs and RECs, HHS says it has doled out a total of $1.7 billion to promote EHR adoption. ONC coordinator Farzad Mostashari also notes that EHR use among primary care physicians increased from 20% in 2009 to 30% in 2010.

ONC publishes a proposed rule that addresses how the agency can remove an approved accreditor of the permanent EHR certification program. The ruling establishes a process to deal with situations where the ONC-AA engages in misconduct or does not perform its responsibilities.

image Weird News Andy notes that the Feds are cracking down on healthcare fraud by threatening to file criminal charges against corporate executives whose companies are caught in wrongdoing, even if the executive had no direct knowledge of the illegal activities. Instead of just accepting a fraud settlement from big companies who treat it as a cost of doing business, Uncle is pulling out previous precedents that it says allow it to hold executives personally responsible, noting that several Fortune 500 companies have bought their way out of Medicare fraud several times (can I get an amen?) A quote from HHS’s chief counsel for the inspector general:

To our way of thinking, the men and women in the corporate suite aren’t getting it. If writing a check for $200 million isn’t enough to have a company change its ways, then maybe we have got to have the individuals who are responsible for this held accountable. The behavior of a company starts at the top.

image Maybe the government should have cracked down on this guy: a man who used patient information to charge phony narcotics prescriptions to a federal employee insurance plan gets off with a six-year sentence and a fine. He had pleaded guilty to charges of healthcare fraud, HIPAA violations, and identity theft in obtaining the drugs to sell.

image In the UK, a member of Parliament says NHS should fire CSC from its $5 billion NPfIT contract since it has implemented only three hospitals in nine years. MP Richard Bacon, always a great source for quotes, says NHS CIO Christine Connelly’s assertion that it would cost more to fire CSC than to let them finish the work is “incredible,” saying if that’s true then everybody involved with Connecting for Health should be fired. Tony Collins reports on a leaked memo that says CSC is proposing to cut the number of trusts it will implement from 220 to 80, but at a rate per trust that’s double what the current contract specifies.


image Bizarre: 53% of surveyed teens say they would rather lose their sense of smell than their personal technology, while 47% say they want to be remembered for their social network connections.

 Sponsor Updates

5-31-2011 1-03-12 PM

  • Carlos A. Labrador, MD (FL) is named as one of 15 eClinicalWorks clients to receive EHR incentive checks from CMS.
  • Dell InSite One is managing over four billion diagnostic imaging objects and associated reports with its managed cloud enterprise archive.
  • Fujitsu names Perceptive Software its Central Region Premier Partner of the year.
  • T-System partners with Isabel Healthcare to integrate its T-SystemEV EDIS with Isabel’s diagnosis decision support content.
  • Lawson Healthcare recognizes five provider organizations with its 2011 Customer of the Year Awards.
  • maxIT Healthcare will provide consulting services for Meditech Magic users who are implementing the OrderEase software from Iatric Systems .
  • Twenty Meditech hospitals have selected Imprivata OneSign in the last six months, bringing Imprivata’s Meditech client base to 150.
  • HMS DIRECT, HMS’s remote hosting service division, expands it data center capacity to accommodate the growth of the company’s ASP business.
  • Molina Healthcare picks GE Centricity Practice Solution as its primary EMR/PM platform.
  • A Gateway EDI/LarsonAllen study finds that physician practices that have adopted RCM tools have higher revenues and collect more patient payments at the time of service.
  • NCR is holding a June 16 Webinar called Revenue Cycle: Why Self-Service is Key, featuring Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg.

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Currently there are "3 comments" on this Article:

  1. UPMC has already established itself as the dominant healthcare provider in western PA. UPMC announced today that it is continuing to extend it’s global reach to China:

    UPMC signs deal to consult in China
    Offering 2nd opinions in pathology cases

    Wednesday, June 01, 2011

    By Steve Twedt, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Marking its first formal venture in China, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center today announced it had reached a three-year agreement with China’s largest independent medical diagnostic laboratory to provide second-opinion pathology consultations.

    The arrangement with KingMed Diagnostics, headquartered in Guangzhou, is slated to get under way by late summer.

    UPMC will be paid a flat fee for each case, but the amount and other terms of the contract were not released.

    The agreement is expected to include training for Chinese pathologists at UPMC’s Pittsburgh facilities. In addition, UPMC has opened an office in Shanghai, with a full-time staff member, to develop other joint ventures.

    George Michalopoulos, chairman of the pathology department at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, said KingMed approached the Pittsburgh health system in September about a joint venture in which UPMC would offer its pathology expertise both for second opinion consultations and to help train the Chinese lab’s pathologists.

    He said UPMC had been working for some time on technology to allow fast and accurate transmission of tissue slide images across long distances. The joint venture with KingMed goes a step further, in that UPMC pathologists will be able to access the images in China without anyone needing to transmit them.

    On any given day, a Pittsburgh-based pathologist — some in different specialties — will be on call to respond when an alarm indicates someone in China is waiting for a consult on a case.

    Dr. Michalopoulos expects that they will handle about 1,000 cases annually — which should not immediately require any additional clinical staff — and he said they can manage 4,000 to 6,000 cases each year if necessary. He also said officials at some academic medical centers and cancer centers in China have inquired about similar ventures.

    KingMed has 17 laboratories serving 6,000 hospitals and clinics in 26 of China’s 33 provincial regions.

    In a release, Yaoming Liang, founder and CEO of KingMed Diagnostics, said the agreement demonstrated the company’s commitment “to offering the most comprehensive, highest quality laboratory services,” adding that it “provides our patients with access to another source of pathology expertise that is not widely available in China.”

    UPMC already has clinical management contracts for a transplant program in Sicily, Italy; operates two cancer centers in Ireland; and owns and operates UPMC Beacon Hospital in Dublin. It is providing teaching and training in family medicine for a hospital in Japan.

    Steve Twedt: stwedt@post-gazette.com or 412-263-1963.
    First published on June 1, 2011 at 12:00 am

    Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11152/1150417-28.stm#ixzz1O1w88Y3v

  2. If only hospital executives had the same pay scrutiny as Fortune 500 execs. The emperor of my local 800-bed “non-profit” health system pays himself $3.5 million a year plus benefits. The recently departed emperor of another health system in town ran his system into the ground, sold it on the cheap to a larger health system, and pocketed a $1.5 million golden parachute to walk away. Non-profit hospital execs need the equivalent of shareholder activists way more than any Fortune 500 company does.

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