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February 8, 2011 News 5 Comments

2-8-2011 10-08-15 PM

From DoDer: “Re: McKesson and General Dynamics for DoD’s EHR. I don’t see anyone reporting that they picked their product, only that the companies are collaborating to offer one.” It is indeed an annoyingly vague announcement. The wording (and McKesson’s involvement) suggested that DoD is getting an existing McKesson product (“McKesson’s EHR Solution”), but surely they don’t have anything that would work off the rack for the Defense Department.

From Cohort Certified: “Re: Epic non-compete. They’ll only try to enforce it if they can get away with it. That’s why KP has so many former Epic employees. I’ve also heard that if you mention ‘tortuous interference in employment’ or the NLRB in an exit interview, they’ll drop it down to 90 days, in writing.” Unverified.

From HealthITGuy: “Re: Ingenix. I hear they are continuing their expansion by acquiring HealthTech Holdings, parent company of HMS and MEDHOST.” Unverified.

From Verge: “Re: EMR software for dieticians. Any thoughts?” I’ll ask readers to chime in. That’s a great question given the cost of diet-caused illness in this country, although it wouldn’t seem to require an entirely separate EMR.

From Bobby Orr: “Re: API/Kronos. I can’t see the API clients being very happy with this. API had a number of wins vs. K recently and now the decision to go with API has been overturned. Big win for clients would be to run all healthcare out of API office going forward, but I’m guessing that is highly unlikely.” One reader told me the acquisition gives them hope of better integration between the systems, so that would interest some customers.

I usually wait until right after HIMSS to do my annual reader survey, but the month of SurveyMonkey I paid for runs out soon. Being cheap, I’ll start the survey early. Inga and I would appreciate it if you would fill one out. We always get good ideas, implement some, and appreciate all. Thank you.

It costs megabucks to exhibit at HIMSS and many vendors don’t expect to get much value from it, preferring to invest that money into something more directly related to their core business. With that in mind, we asked our non-exhibiting HIStalk sponsors to tell us if they will be available in Orlando to meet individually with interested folks. Inga assembled a list that you’ll find at the bottom of this post.

2-8-2011 10-11-01 PM

Gary Wright, formerly of Vasanova and Omnicell (no, he didn’t do Dreamweaver as far as I know and I’m sure he’s sick of hearing that) is named president and CEO of Allocade. Their system, which is used at University of Utah and Children’s Boston, creates a dynamic patient itinerary.

2-8-2011 7-00-01 PM

The UnSummit for Bedside Barcoding will be held in Louisville on April 27-29. A trip to a minor league baseball game is included, which is always fun.

Cerner reports Q4 numbers: revenue up 7%, EPS $0.82 vs. $0.71, beating earnings estimates (excluding one-time charges) but missing revenue expectations slightly. Bookings for the year were a record $1.99 billion.

The piece Ed Marx wrote on mentoring drew a huge amount of interest, with more than 75 comments. Ed has updated that post with answers to some of the questions he was asked.

Michael J. Fox is a keynote speaker at HIMSS, although I hate that they stuck him with the Thursday morning time slot when 90% of attendees will either be back to work or heading home (be honest: wouldn’t you rather hear Alex P. Keaton on Monday morning than sit through the standard HITECH stump speeches of Kathleen Sebelius and David Blumenthal ? correction – Monday’s “big” keynoter is economist Robert Reich) Anyway, RelWare is raising money for Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research with a contest offering as a prize a ride in the Back to the Future DeLorean. If you work for a hospital, you can head over to the RelWare booth, make a donation, watch a demo of RelWare’s EHR, and you’re registered.

2-8-2011 7-45-06 PM
Thanks to Concerro, supporting HIStalk as a Platinum Sponsor. The award-winning (Inc. 5000, Red Herring, KLAS, SaaS) San Diego company offers a workforce management system. Specific offerings are  RES-Q (acuity, staffing, scheduling, and productivity management), ShiftSelect (open shift management and scheduling), and CommandAware (incident management for emergency preparedness and response). Benefits: dynamic staffing, improved employee transparency, improved productivity, cost savings, and increase employee satisfaction. Hospitals can calculate their labor waste opportunity online. Thanks to Concerro for supporting HIStalk.

Since I have a short attention span, I’d rather watch a video than read Web pages, so here’s an all-customer one about Concerro that I found on YouTube.

PC World runs an article on iPads in hospitals, doing a good job of explaining that doctors (like most consumers) want to use their iPads at work and caught hospitals off guard with their requests for immediate access, but that hospitals and their vendors aren’t really ready to provide applications securely and efficiently. John McLendon of Adventist Health System says that, unlike PCs, he can’t manage iPads centrally, he can’t lock them down, he can’t install anti-virus software, and he can’t prevent them from storing patient data locally. Doctors really want to run Cerner Millennium on them, he says, but until Cerner comes out with a native iPad client, the Citrix version is a pain to use because the screen is too small and there’s too much clicking. Good article.

2-8-2011 8-05-31 PM

Above is the dapper vision of what an HIT sales guy and man-about-town of yesteryear looked like: a plaid polyester three-piece suit with flared pants, a chest-width tie, rampant hirsutism, impractical platform shoes, and the elegant accessorizing of a watch chain. That’s not Mike Brady or a member of Iron Butterfly headed off for his drug possession trial, but rather Vince Ciotti, looking unfortunately typical of a 1972 businessman, in his case girded for battle as a Shared Medical Systems installation director (note to young readers – they called it “installation” back then instead of “implementation” and the roadies were called “installers”). Vince is doing a retro session on industry history at HIMSS (Wednesday at 1:00 PM) and in deference to the topic, is eschewing PowerPoint for overheads (or “foils” as you Epic employees may have heard them called by your grandfather, the hottest thing to threaten the more conservative slide carousels back then). Vince may let me run some of his foils here, which would be cool. Vince looks and dresses exactly like this today, so make sure to drop by and flash him the peace sign.

2-8-2011 8-50-21 PM

I got a nice e-mail from Paul Roscoe, HIStalk fan (“Insightful, thought-provoking, funny, and a great source of inspiration for my iTunes collection”) and president of Sentillion when Microsoft bought the company just over a year ago. Paul is now CEO of the Crimson business intelligence unit of The Advisory Board Company, which helps hospitals support physician-led quality and cost improvement through performance management analytics. He tells me the company made an acquisition last week, bringing in Cielo MedSolutions, a leading provider of ambulatory population management analytics and patient registry applications (based on technology developed at University of Michigan). ABCO’s Q3 numbers: revenue up 24%, EPS $0.28 vs. $0.27.

2-8-2011 8-59-52 PM

I appreciate the support of Awarepoint, joining HIStalk as a Platinum Sponsor. You can get some good background from the interview of new President and CEO Jay Deady that I just ran, but here’s the CliffsNotes version: real-time location systems (RTLS) used by 88 hospitals; SaaS-based and powered by a little gadget that plugs into a wall outlet and instantly joins the ZigBee network as a node; no WiFi dependency or interference; active tags can track equipment and people in real time; and a per-asset/per-month fee that does not require upfront or hardware costs. If you’re the IT person, all you need to do is give them a rack in your server room. Reported benefits: Thornton Hospital saved $450K per year on IV pumps; UCSF saved 1,600 OR employee hours in three months by not having to send them out to find missing equipment (white papers here). Thanks to Awarepoint for supporting HIStalk.

And of course, my obligatory YouTube safari, which found only this year-old TV piece on Thornton Hospital’s use of Awarepoint.

A Wall Street Journal venture capital article says that last week’s IPO of Epocrates is an indication of how hot the healthcare IT market is. It points out that the company withdrew its IPO in 2008, is growing more slowly than companies like Allscripts and athenahealth, and faces “a nasty bunch of competitors” like McKesson and Allscripts (those don’t sound like Epocrates competitors, but that’s what it says), and yet shares jumped from their original $16 price to $26 by the end of last week (currently at $24, with a market cap of $182 million). The author says HealthPort and Greenway should go public and McKesson should spin off Provider Technologies.

One of the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics employees who was fired for inappropriately accessing the electronic medical records of hospitalized Hawkeye football players is protesting, with the assistance of her labor union. She says her computer screen suddenly went black and she went to work on another one, but that someone else recharged the original computer’s batteries and looked at the records while still logged in as her.

Australia’s health department bans the use of the supposedly live national patient identifier, saying the $90 million ID needs more testing to be considered safe.

A small New York hospital doesn’t know whether it made money in 2010, blaming its newly installed computer system for the uncertainty. Said the administrator, “It has helped as far as electronic medical records, but it hasn’t been that adaptable to accounting and finance.”

E-mail me.

HERtalk by Inga

From Stu Wiseman: “Re: the recession has ended. Fashion footwear sales were up 7.2% in 2010 and women boots sales were up 21%. Analysts say the economic recovery is on its way!” A market research firm notes that the fashion footwear market is the last to feel the pain of recession and the first to experience recovery, which is another way of saying that shoe connoisseurs hate to cut back on their shoe investments. This is such excellent news that I may have to go do my part to further stimulate the economy.

2-8-2011 4-28-54 PM

Franciscan Health System (WA) implements the Elysium Image Exchange service, giving HIE participants secure access to diagnostic-quality medical images.

Ebix closes on its purchase of A.D.A.M for $66 million.

Microsoft says that multiple health systems are implementing HealthVault Community Connect, giving patients and referring physicians secure access to hospital-generated records. Microsoft is relying on six organizations to sell, deploy, customize, and support the HealthVault Community Connect product.

This is sort of like one of those mystery shopper set-ups, but in this case the shopper was real. Sumner Regional (TN) CEO Mary Jo Lewis visits the hospital’s ED after experiencing chest pains. The ED staff didn’t realize she was the CEO until halfway through the visit. Lewis was complimentary of the care received, but she concluded that wait times were too long and the same questions were asked multiple times. Lewis is now working with the ED staff to implement changes that will increase efficiencies and decrease wait times.

2-8-2011 4-29-59 PM

Healthagen acquires AppointmentCity.com, a provider of mobile and Web-based scheduling services. Healthagen will integrate AppointmentCity.com technology into its iTriage platform.

MedQuist Holdings completes a $36 million IPO, selling 4.5 million shares of common stock for $8/share. The company was originally seeking to sell 7.8 million shares between $10 and $12 per share.

2-8-2011 4-31-22 PM

The ambulance services company that fired an employee over negative Facebook comments settles with the National Labor Relations Board. American Medical Response fired an EMT who criticized her employer on Facebook. The company’s policy prohibits employees from talking about the company in any way on the Internet without permission. The Labor Board claims the EMT’s comments were protected speech under federal labor laws; the ambulance company claims the EMT was fired because of complaints with work performance. In addition to an undisclosed financial settlement, American Medical Response agreed to change its policy.

Hawaii and Alaska are teaming up on a telehealth initiative to expand coverage in their states. The University of Hawaii at Manoa’s John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) and the College of Social Sciences and the Alaska Federal Health Care Partnership sign an agreement to cooperate in the development and fielding of telehealth technology throughout the Pacific region.

2-8-2011 2-06-12 PM

The Office of Inspector General posts its first-ever list of of most-wanted health care fugitives. HHS is looking for over 170 individual,s but the top 10 have allegedly defrauded taxpayers of more than $125 million.

Odd: a surgeon rock hound maintains a collection of over 100 stones – all of which have been obtained from the bodies of his patients. The largest rock weighs about 9.5 ounces. Ick.

The US market for virtual reality applications in healthcare reached approximately $670 million in 2010, which represents a compound annual growth rate of over 10% from 2006 to 2010. Market research firm Kalorama Information predicts more accelerated growth through 2015.

Also from Kalorama: lab information systems represented an $800 million market in 2010 and will grow about six percent a year for the next few years. More than two-thirds of labs operate with less than half their instruments interfacing with an LIS.

2-8-2011 3-42-40 PM

Hard to believe no one thought of this before. A female internist starts PROcreation, a company that designs and sells maternity lab coats. Dr. Maria Tranto created the company after not being able to find suitable lab jackets during her pregnancy. She and her partners say the 18-month old company is already profitable.


E-mail Inga.

Sponsor Updates by DigitalBeanCounter

  • The College of American Pathologists (CAP) hires Charles Wagner as VP of its SNOMED Terminology Solutions division. He’s the former managing director of US healthcare operations and global healthcare application delivery at Dell Services and also served as VP of professional services for Eclipsys and EVP at HealthLink.
  • Hayes Management Consulting announces that its MDaudit Hospital software is now preloaded with 150 audits based on regulatory auditors’ criteria.
  • Stockell Healthcare Systems is awarded a US GSA IT Schedule 70 contract. The contract enables local, state, and federal government-managed hospitals and healthcare organizations to obtain fixed and discounted software and services pricing for Stockell’s InsightCS suite of solutions.
  • University Medical Center at Princeton (NJ) will implement GetWellNetwork’s interactive patient care system. The health system will also install the GetWellNetwork system at a new hospital in Plainsboro when it opens in early 2012.
  • KishHealth System (IL) selects Medicity’s HIE solutions, including the Novo Grid, ProAccess Community, and MediTrust Cloud Services.
  • Heartland Regional Medical Center (MO) contracts for Voalte’s iPhone nurse communication solution.
  • Tri-State Memorial Hospital (WA) and Pullman Regional Hospital (WA) select Greenway Medical Technologies’ PrimeSUITE EHR, PM, and interoperability solutions for their hospital-owned clinics.
  • Capsule says that 2010 was one of its most successful years ever, with new installations in over 200 hospitals, an international footprint of more than 30 countries, and connectivity to over 50,000 devices.
  • PatientKeeper experiences record growth in 2010, with a 200% increase in bookings over 2009 and a 73% growth in the number of physician users. The company has also expanded its employee base 21% over the last 15 months.
  • FormFast is making headlines with their workflow tools as they gear up for HIMSS.
  • Video: AllScripts CEO Glen Tullman is featured on FoxNews Business.
  • Iatric Systems’ Clinical Document Exchange server receives ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification.

EPTalk by Dr Jayne

The icy blasts of winter are keeping me inside, where it’s toasty warm and I can do some serious pre-HIMSS prep. Luckily, the steady stream of e-mails inviting me to various Breakfast Briefings and Lunch and Learn sessions has kept me amused, as have the postcards and mailings that are appearing daily at Casa Jayne.

This is only my second go-round with HIMSS. Based on the total sensory overload that happened the last time I attended, I decided to try to actually plan in advance what I’ll try to accomplish. Whenever there’s large numbers of semi-repressed IT types in captive populations, there’s always the potential that too many IngaTinis or other libations will lead to less and less critical thinking as the week wears on.

I assume that the marketing people who craft these mailings have access to the job role data we provided when we registered, right? Or maybe wrong. Is it possible that they just decided, “Hey, she’s a CMIO, let’s send her anything and everything in an attempt to dazzle?” The sheer variety of things keeps me eagerly checking the mailbox each evening. I’ll be giving shout-outs to my favorites in coming days.

A few tips to the postcard creators (for those of us that are seriously thinking about the types of products our organizations are seeking to fill key business needs). It helps to say something on your card that explains what you are selling. Bonus points to vendors who make it clear what they are selling and what it does. Clear type and non-distracting graphics are also a plus. Negative points for cheesy doctor-looking models that bear no resemblance to an actual clinician —  these are a turn-off for those of us who work in the trenches on a daily basis. Feel free to use attractive people to get our attention, but don’t pretend they’re actual caregivers.

The winner of the week is Merge Healthcare, whose CEO was interviewed by Mr. H a couple of weeks back. Their postcard is clean, non-distracting, and has a summary statement that reads like the “elevator speech” format that many of us use daily to achieve buy-in on projects. It explains what they have and why you need it. Being from a best-of-breed organization, I’m a sucker for anything that looks like it might help tie it all together nicely with a bow, so I’ll definitely be checking out their offerings. Not to mention that kiosk is the buzzword of the day at my place and I’m frantically checking out as many as I can, theirs included.

The loser of the week (which I’ll leave anonymous, because I believe in public praise and private rebuke) is a consulting company whose ad uses so many stale buzzwords that it’s comical. Anyone ever played office BINGO, where you make a card of all the phrases people habitually use, then mark them off during a meeting? These guys would make us all winners. Maybe it’s intentional — the old axiom that even negative attention is still attention? Or perhaps they should seek out a marketing firm that provides better “expert, solution-driven strategies.” What does that mean, anyway?

I had another candidate for the marketing Hall of Shame but it was a victim of overzealous recycling, so I’ll just have to keep my eye out for more. If you have any personal nominees, do share by e-mailing me.

A challenge to my physician readers: If there is one product, add-on, or offering that you think is indispensable for your practice, send me their names and why you think they’re fabulous. I’ll be checking them out and reporting back on the best of the best.

This is my first time to a HIStalk bash, and even as a member of the team I was excited to open that HIStalkapalooza VIP e-mail. Looking at the pictures from the last event and after talking with Inga, the fashion bar has definitely been raised. Can’t wait to see all of you on the other side of that velvet rope!

Have a question about medical informatics, electronic medical records, or whether doctors share funny stories about naked patients after a couple of drinks? E-mail Dr. Jayne.

Non-Exhibiting HIStalk Sponsors

The following HIStalk sponsors will be attending HIMSS but not exhibiting. All are available to scheduling one-on-one meetings if you are interested in learning more about their offerings. And be sure to thank them for sponsoring HIStalk.


Contact: Victor Arnold, www.asquaredm.com, info@asquaredm.com, 573.256.1135

We specialize in working with hospitals and their physician partners to better align interest, rewards and operations. We provide game-changing services in three areas: 1) finance operations advisory services, 2) revenue cycle improvement, and 3) integration with EHR products. In each of these service areas, we have a well-defined methodology consisting of assessment, advice, and transformation. Our mix of management and healthcare consulting experience helps you to choose a solution that works best for your unique organization to drive up revenue and increase operations efficiency.


Contact: Leela Hauser, 802.922.9961, leela.hauser@capsite.com, www.CapSite.com

CapSite is a healthcare technology research and advisory firm. Our mission is to help our healthcare vendor and provider clients make more informed strategic decisions that will enable them to accelerate the growth of their business. The CapSite database is the trusted, easy-to-use online resource providing critical knowledge and evidence-based information on healthcare technology purchases. CapSite provides detailed transparency on healthcare technology pricing, packaging, and positioning.


Contact: Joe Schramm, Director, Business Development Services and Operations, 224.223.5464, jschramm@cap.org

CAP STS (SNOMED Terminology Solutions), a division of the College of American Pathologists (CAP), is a professional services provider with a diversified service offering related to health IT strategy and planning; clinical health information management; and health care standards. CAP STS is committed to improving patient care through the advancement of interoperable EHRs and works with provider organizations, hospitals, health IT vendors, health information exchange initiatives, universities, research centers, and government agencies throughout the world. CAP STS’ DIHIT (Diagnostic Intelligence and Health Information Technology) team advances health IT standards, practices, and tools, such as the CAP Diagnostic Work Station initiative; and standardized electronic reporting, including the CAP electronic Cancer Checklists (CAP eCC).

Culbert Healthcare Solutions

Contact:  Brad Boyd, Vice President, Culbert Healthcare Solutions, Inc., 781.935.1002 ext 13, bboyd@culberthealth.com, www.CulbertHealth.com

Culbert Healthcare Solutions specializes in assisting healthcare organizations with strategic planning, interim management, revenue cycle, clinical transformation, and information technology services. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals thrives on implementing best practices, optimizing technology, and guiding clients through the change management process.


Contact: Colin Konschak, Managing Partner, info@divurgent.com, 757.213.6875, www.DIVURGENT.com

DIVURGENT, a healthcare consulting firm focused on providing advisory services, revenue cycle management, project management, and clinical transformation services, will be attending the 2011 HIMSS conference Saturday, Feb. 19 – Thursday, Feb. 24.  They look forward to meeting new healthcare industry leaders and sharing insight on trending topics. DIVURGENT will be presenting at 11:15 am on Thursday the 24th; Presentation # 229. Reach out to info@DIVURGENT.com if you are interested in meeting.

Elumin Healthcare Solutions

Contact: Mark Williams, CEO, 866.597.5861 ext. 707, 425.369.8211, www.eluminhs.com, mwilliams@eluminhs.com

Elumin Healthcare Solutions is a privately held premier national technology implementation and project management firm serving ambulatory, acute, and post-acute healthcare providers. Our comprehensive range of programs and services includes system implementation, integration, optimization, project management, custom reporting, education, and knowledge transfer expertise. We primarily focus on the Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, and Siemens customer bases. We strive to successfully establish and maintain long term relationships by providing experienced professionals who consistently exceed their customers’ expectations. Come out of the dark and let our expert consultants shed light on your projects. Become Illuminated!!

Hayes Management Consulting

Contact: Joy Tewksbury-Pabst, Joy@hayesmanagement.com, 617.559.0404 ext. 235, www.hayesmanagement.com

Hayes works with healthcare organizations across the country to improve quality, efficiency and the bottom line. Our work ultimately leads to greater clinician, staff and patient satisfaction. Many of Hayes consultants are clinicians, and many have worked in hospitals and physician practices as business and clinical leaders. They are also certified and experienced in premier technologies such as Epic, GE Healthcare, Allscripts, and NextGen. On average, our consultants have more than 15 years of experience. We have been ranked Top Overall Professional Services Firm by KLAS for four consecutive years (2007-2010). Hayes is 100% focused on healthcare. Seventy-five percent of our annual business is from repeat clients. Hayes’ services include: IT strategic planning, ICD-10, 5010 migration, system implementations, data conversions, revenue cycle management, and interim staff.

Intellect Resources

Contact: Tiffany Crenshaw, President/CEO, tcrenshaw@intellectresources.com, Anne Sydnor, Manager Client Services, asydnor@intellectresources.com, www.intellectresources.com

Intellect Resources is a search firm specializing in full-time and contract placements in the healthcare It industry, primarily in core HIS implementations. We’ve been working exclusively in the industry since our inception twelve years ago and serve the recruiting needs of both hospitals and consulting firms.

maxIT Healthcare

Contact: Mark Fangman, Executive Vice President, Sales & Operations, 877.652.4099, www.maxithc.com, mark.fangman@maxithc.com

maxIT Healthcare, the largest privately held healthcare IT consulting firm, has been completely focused on Healthcare Information Technology since our founding in 2001.  With over 525 consultants, maxIT is the trusted technology advisor and partner to healthcare organizations, providing seasoned professionals and expert guidance to maximize quality, safety, and financial performance. maxIT offers implementation, project management, and management consulting expertise in healthcare information systems (HIS), electronic medical record (EMR) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, payer systems, and clinical imaging and informatics systems.


Contact: Jennifer Crowley, Marketing Director, 617.896.4030, www.medaptus.com, jcrowley@medaptus.com

MedAptus’ offerings include powerful and easy-to-use Intelligent Charge Capture technologies and high-impact revenue cycle consulting services. Many of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare organizations rely on MedAptus for financial optimization; additional product benefits include EMR enhancement, manual process re-engineering and substantially improved productivity.

MedPlus, a Quest Diagnostics Company

Contact: Steve McDonald, President, Hospital Sales, 800.444.6235, ext. 2792, smcdonald@MedPlus.com

MedPlus, the healthcare information technology subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics, provides clinical connectivity for hospitals/IDNs and physician practices, helping bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient worlds. Care360 EHR provides physicians with a step-wise approach to EHR adoption that helps transition key activities from paper to electronic with features like electronic lab order management, clinical messaging, ePrescribing, document management and multi-system interoperability. For more information, visit www.Care360.com.


Contact: Info@medventive.com, 781.290.2511

MedVentive – in the right place and now the right time. While healthcare was evolving the concept of an accountable care organization, MedVentive was busy operating as one. MedVentive was founded as the PSN in 1997 by the CareGroup Healthcare System, an integrated, at-risk network of 4,500 physicians and eight hospitals that cared for more than 450,000 at risk patients. Our origins as an ACO give MedVentive a deep understanding of provider organizations and the healthcare environment. Having been an at-risk provider network, MedVentive is uniquely qualified to support an organization’s transition from a fee-for-service payment environment to risk-based contracting, and provide the clinical integration/ population management infrastructure necessary to be successful under this new model.

Quality IT Partners, Bruce A. Werner, Director of Business Development, 828.635.6525, 828.234.0075, bwerner@qitp.com, www.qitp.com

Quality IT Partners (Quality) is a premier national healthcare consulting firm with an unparalleled reputation of taking good care of their clients and employees. We provide implementation and support services for healthcare applications such as Epic, Cerner, QuadraMed, Siemens, Eclipsys and McKesson. Quality also specializes in Meaningful Use, ICD-10, revenue cycle management, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, and new construction IT Infrastructure planning & management.

Renaissance Resource Associates

Contact: Maria McBride, Managing Director, 206.949.6011, maria@rraconsulting.com, Laura Noble, CEO, 425.241.9210, laura@rraconsulting.com

Renaissance offers over 20 years experience in meeting the challenges of HIT in an ever changing and evolving industry. We get it right the first time, saving IDNs time and money, and delivering optimized use of technology in a clinical care environment. Meaningful Use, ICD-10, clinical informatics, strategic planning, processs dedesign, implementation, upgrade, maintenance.

Stimulus Search

Contact: Dan Moriarty, Chief Sales Officer, 504.875.5172, www.stimulussearchllc.com, dan@stimulussearchllc.com

Stimulus Search LLC is a national search firm that helps healthcare software and services companies achieve optimum results by attracting, qualifying, and delivering high-performing sales and support talent.

Stockell Healthcare

Contact: Rich Lewis, Vice President of Sales, 800.786.2535, ext. 186 (Office), 314.616.2459 (Cell), richl@stockell.com

Stockell Healthcare Systems features InsightCS, our proven Electronic Financial Record (EFR) solution that effectively coexists and interoperates directly with the leading clinical/EMR systems, and provides end-to-end patient access, patient accounting, and revenue cycle management solutions to hospitals, behavioral healthcare providers, rehabilitation facilities, and integrated health networks. With InsightCS, you get the tools you need to more effectively manage costs via a patient-centric, workflow-driven approach which delegates the right work to the right person at the right time and place.

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Currently there are "5 comments" on this Article:

  1. I used Medicat for a dietitian. Although, that EMR is focused on college health (and this was at a University). Suffice it to say that it was overkill. The SOAP note format didn’t work very well, but some fake CPT type codes were useful when we reported the various types of visits she had. At the end of the day, it was nice to have her notes electronic and the appointment scheduler was necessary, but I’d expect that dietitians could use most EMR software and make it work fine but probably will find it’s not worth the cost. So, on that note, I’d suggest using one of the free EMR software out there.

    One clarification is that the stump speeches for The Honorable Kathleen Sebelius and Blumenthal are on Wednesday. Robert Reich is on Monday which I think could be interesting. Did you also note that it use to be Blumenthal doing the keynote speech. Since Sebelius is going to be there, I guess HIMSS felt it appropriate to give her the keynote. However, they probably didn’t want to offend Blumenthal whom they’d already announced as keynote, so now it’s both of them.

    Of course, we all know that neither of them will be able to say anything of any real value. Blumenthal’s valuable perspectives will be at next year’s when he doesn’t have the government muzzle on anymore. Although, it won’t likely be at HIMSS, but will be over dinner or in a small venue.

  2. This is an unusual reversal=Said the administrator, “It has helped as far as electronic medical records, but it hasn’t been that adaptable to accounting and finance.”

  3. RE: Sumner Regional CEO Mystery Shop – Reminds me of my visit to the ER at the hospital where I served as Dir. of HIPAA Compliance. I was there with my pregnant wife who was in the midst of a complication. Nobody realized who we were. The things that were shouted up and down the halls resulted in significant retraining for some and the dismissal of a contract employee.

  4. RE: HISTalk sponsors attending but not exhibiting – interesting to note that some of them have been exhibitors in the very recent past and have now seen the light.

  5. About the HHS most wanted fraud list: from scooters, they should move on to the cut and past upcoding fraud made easy by EHRs.

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