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December 23, 2010 News 11 Comments

From Donde Esta: “Re: hands-free interface. Interesting.” A group in Switzerland uses Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect 3D motion controller to enable voice and gesture commands with PACS.

From Woody the Wabbit: “Re: Allscripts. As positions EMR and PM positions open in Raleigh, they will be moved to India.” Unverified.

From AccidentalCIO: “Re: Meditech. On a conference call last week, they said customers will need to purchase their data repository to meet the requirement for electronic capture of quality measures. Nothing on their site, no press release. No other customers that I know have been made aware.” Unverified. I e-mailed the Meditech press contact, but haven’t heard back.

From Vanilla Ice: “Re: GE Centricity Enterprise. I hear they’ve told customers it’s going into maintenance mode.” Not exactly, according to my GE contact who tracked down “conversations” the company is having with customers (I’m quoting that since I don’t know exactly what it means, so I’ll use their word). GE says that, to demonstrate their commitment to the success of existing customers, priorities have been changed to help them rather than going after new sales. Not many were buying anyway, of course, and I can’t imagine there are more than a few dozen existing customers left, but GE is at least promising to support them in their quest for HITECH money and other benefits.

Testing 1-2-3 … can you hear me? OK, maybe we were silly to post the day before what is a holiday for most folks. But Inga and I are hard-working, salt-of-the-earth types who don’t want to let our equally dedicated readers down just because most people are sleeping late, shopping, and preparing to overeat. We’ll keep it short, but we’ll make sure to include something useful or entertaining that the less industrious will miss.

A CEO sent me this today, wanting to renew their HIStalk sponsorship: “We absolutely want to continue our support and participation with HIStalk. In fact, I personally believe it’s the most valuable marketing dollar we spend.” Nice! I appreciate that very much. And from another CEO, “Thank you again for all you do. I do not know of anyone who does more to keep everyone honest in this less-than-honest business of healthcare.” I know it’s like a tiresome grandparent whipping out endless pictures of a shriveled, newborn grandchild while everybody rolls their eyes, but I promise to brag only infrequently.

The VA finds that employees are using Web-based applications to store patient information, which CIO Roger Baker says is both a security challenge and a call for the VA to offer something similar. They discovered residents and employees using a Yahoo calendar and Google Docs to store patient information, going back to 2007. Apparently it was a primitive interoperability project: the residents covered multiple hospitals and needed to see VA patient information while off campus. The VA blocked access and sent letters to those whose information was stored there, even though it was secured.

Weird News Andy offers this Christmas gift to all. A woman sues her surgeon, who she claims was negligent in performing her hemorrhoidectomy. The gas she passed during the procedure was ignited by the surgeon’s electrosurgery pen, setting her genitals on fire. She lost the case.

Pinnacle Health (PA) reports exposure of patient information when its contracted transcription vendor inadvertently opens up its server to the Internet.

12-23-2010 6-34-25 PM

Verizon provides a $100,000 grant to UMDNJ-University Hospital for the STAT-MI system, which allows ambulances to send ECGs directly to a hospital cardiologist’s smart phone so that patients having a heart attack can be transported directly to the cath lab.  

Jobs on the Sponsor Job Board: Senior Software Engineer, VP of Sales, Application Consultant. On Healthcare IT Jobs: RN Clinical Informatics Transformation Leader, Senior Clinical Analyst, Enterprise Integration Architect, Meditech EDM Consultant.

CCHIT certifies Ingenix CareTracker as a Complete EHR.

Just a suggestion: sometimes I use the HIStalk mailing list to offer benefits to those readers on it (first notice of stuff, HISsies voting privileges). If you haven’t signed up, that “Subscribe to Updates” box to your upper right is your ticket to paradise.

The news that Dell is acquiring InSite One caught me by surprise since I had just finished interviewing the company’s CEO. I’ll have it up soon.

Strange: Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband (her eighth) is admitted to the hospital after he apparently mistakes Zsa Zsa’s nail glue for his eye drops and seals his eye shut. I figured he might be a bit old to be taking care of himself since she’s 93, but he’s only 66 and planned to run for Governor of California this year until Zsa Zsa’s health became an issue.

Vermont’s REC adds Greenway’s PrimeSUITE to its list of preferred EHR partners.

A hospital in Canada loses $1.5 million to a minimally supervised accounts receivable clerk responsible for loading its ATM machine with cash. The $40K per year employee treated nine friends to a trip to Hawaii and had blown $400K on slot machine gambling at a local casino.

I hope your Christmas is just peachy and that Santa brings you whatever you want. All is right with the world when the marathon of A Christmas Story is on, gift wrap is strewn everywhere, and the smell of turkey or beef or tofu or whatever traditional food you cook is wafting over the Cowboys on the big screen. Once the holidays are behind us, HIMSS looms, so you know it’s going to be a whirlwind (for me, anyway). Thank you for being involved with HIStalk in whatever fashion. I’ll be here with the usual Monday Morning Update, which probably means working Christmas Day, so don’t forget to come back.

E-mail me.

HERtalk by Inga

From Zebedee: “Re: St. Joseph’s. Merry Christmas, Inga, thanks for an educational year. I heard this story on NPR this morning.” The Catholic church strips St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center (AZ) of its religious affiliation after providers terminate a pregnancy. Hospital officials insist the surgery was in line with Catholic teachings and was performed to save the mother’s life; the local bishop disagrees and severs the church’s tie with the hospital (facility excommunication?) St. Joseph administrators insist the move will have little effect on its ongoing operations or hurt donor contributions.

From Sam the Snowman: Merry Christmas, Inga. You never seem to age in your pictures. Keep it up.” Thanks for noticing, Sam. Clean living.

Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration awards Harris Corporation a four-year, $19 million contract to implement a statewide HIE infrastructure.

good samaritan

Also from Florida: Good Samaritan Medical Center and West Boca Medical Center are using the RF Surgical Detection System to prevent and detect foreign items inadvertently left inside patients during surgery.

Let the registration begin. Beginning January 3rd, eligible providers and hospitals can apply for participation in the Medicare EHR incentive program. Eleven states will open Medicaid registration the same day; other states will begin accepting Medicaid applications in coming months. David Blumenthal says, “It’s time to get connected,” which is kind of a hokey statement at this point in the game. But heck, maybe he is just in the holiday spirit.

Rhode Island MSO Polaris Medical Management selects DiagnosisONE as its exclusive provider of clinical decision support for EHR deployments.

McKesson wins anti-trust approval to complete its $2.16 billion purchase of US Oncology on Tuesday, the same day an interim court order stalls the acquisition. The Supreme Court of the State of NY puts the purchase on hold, based on a case filed against McKesson by the Cancer Clinics of Excellence. The network of oncology practices claims the deal breaches an existing contract it has with McKesson.

In India, seven health department employees are suspended after allegedly organizing a “vulgar dance” program at work. I bet Mr. H’s holiday party outlook would be greatly improved if his hospital hosted a similar program. He might even wear a Santa hat to show his support.

shoe tree

From Luke O’Cyte: Re: Santa and shoes. We know that’s not you sitting in Santa’s lap because the real Inga would never have posted a photo that didn’t show her fancy shoes!  Obviously this photo was one of a woman wearing inappropriate shoes, which necessitated the cropping of the photo, lest it clue viewers in that this wasn’t the ‘real’ Inga! Here’s hoping that Santa brings you lots of fancy footwear for under the tree, and with that note, I give you The 12 Shoes of Christmas:

On the twelfth shoe of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve sandals peeking,
Eleven flip-flops flopping,
Ten pumps a-pumping,
Nine loafers dancing,
Eight moccasins a-walking,
Seven slippers slipping,
Six golf shoes putting,
Five golden boots,
Four peep toes,
Three Mary Janes,
Two canvas runners,
And a high heel in a shoe tree!”

Brilliant. Thank you, Luke, my newest BFF. Wishing all readers a lovely holiday!

Santa_Inga2 (1)

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Currently there are "11 comments" on this Article:

  1. To Accidental CIO: I believe the plan is that clients will need MEDITECH’s DR to meet Stage 1 Meaningful Use reporting requirements, and that in order to meet subsequent Stage reporting requirements you will need MediSolve, as MEDITECH is relying on MediSolve to develop future MU reports off the MEDITECH DR.

  2. RE: MEDITECH requiring data repository. I have heard the same information from 2 sites who are now in the process of getting scheduled for installation.

  3. To AccidentialCIO…. I’ve worked with MEDITECH software as a customer for nearly 25 years now. MEDITECH has told us consistently that any migration from Magic to Client-Server or to the 6.x version requires their Data Repository. I’ve used DR for about 15 years now and have found it absolutely critical to have a SQL based database that has available 99% of captured MEDITECH data. Our organization is huge DR users and use it for everything from quality reporting, to scorecarding, and nearly everything else. Having it has allowed us to develop a lot of non-MEDITECH industry standard system development and that skill set will be significant in developing HIE interoperability as well. I’d highly recommend MEDITECH’s DR as it gives you that ability to be creative at getting to your information.

  4. Woody the Wabbit: Considering Allscripts is hiring a ton of services resources, how would those be shipped to India? Makes no sense. Allscripts is short implementation resources both on the Sunrise and Enterprise side, those are not positions going overseas.

  5. Meditech’s DR purchase requirement plays right into the ‘unintended consequences’ of HiTECH MU rules.

    Don’t use a certified data repository and your MU data is not certified. Although per ONCHIT you can use a third party DR, but it must be certified. Sounds like Meditech is taking it one step further, that is ‘requiring’ you to purchase theirs, if you do not…what will they do? Not enable an interface? But wait a minute, one of the biggest MU criteria (not in Stage 1) is interoperability. It will be interesting to see how MT responds to that one next year.

  6. Many reports of care adversity and privacy violations are out there. The practice of medicine and patients are being violated. This is frightening to me and should be to all of you. When I read of this in the Pinnacle report, I ask, what the…is going on?

    It is all the more poignant when one finds no improvement of outcomes or costs.

    That doctors and nurses tolerate this is by the force of retaliation. Any one in their right mind would demand an abrupt stop to this insanity.

    Sobering news from Pinnacle: “The information in the dictated reports included social security numbers, dates of birth, dates of interviews or examinations, medications, and the dates that the reports were dictated. The investigation determined that some reports were accessed, but the investigator was unable to ascertain if the users were authorized to do so.”

    Happy holidays to you all and wishes for the new year, especially Mr. H and Inga.

  7. очень интересный!!! Mr. H the true Renaissance Man will understand.

    Hope Polaris Medical Management implementation of DiagnosisOne will finally provide deserved recognition as an extremely capable CDS not to mention brilliant Public Health Information Network technology to rival Medicity.

    Let the EHR Games begin January 1, 2011.

  8. It it came from Coz, then it is Support resources. Eclipsys already has offshored a lot of its support resources, they are just following the same model.

  9. “ATM machine”? A blogger who writes about HIS systems could poke fun at this expression.

    [From Mr. HIStalk] Not one with an IRA account!

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