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From Dirt Farmer: “Re: iPad in healthcare. Since it’s a closed system, some non-Apple proprietary CPOE, EMR, and imaging apps may not run on it. Therefore, its use might be limited. Flash doesn’t work on any Apple device, but an Adobe rep tells me the company hopes to announce a relationship in 2011.”

From Jerry: “Re: system for a 200-bed hospital. No mention of Eclipsys. Is there a reason?” I don’t know much about their capabilities outside of their obvious strengths in CPOE and nursing documentation — the hospital was looking for a soup-to-nuts solution that covered everything from billing to ancillaries. None of the respondents mentioned them, either. If you work in a hospital of that size and are running an all-Eclipsys lineup, why not send me a little writeup of what you’re doing and how it’s working? I’m interested.

From Werner: “Re: system for a 200-bed hospital. Why didn’t Eclipsys show up? A very nice solution especially if looking ahead to meaningful use AND they have a remote hosted solution. What about OpenVista, a proven solution for smaller facilities and no major license cost (of course , except for ISM & extensions)?” Eclipsys, see above. I had OpenVista on my list originally, but couldn’t decide if it made sense for a hospital that needs a full set of applications and potentially a lot of hand-holding for implementation and maintenance, even if OpenVista would have minimal licensing costs. I could be persuaded, though.

From Midwest CIO: “Re: system for a 200-bed hospital. The way you phrased it, their only option is Paragon. It’s all Microsoft, so it’s easy to find resources to support it and it has a long life in front of it. I would put Keane on par with Paragon with respect to clinical functionality.”


The local newspaper writes up the Paragon go-live of Auburn Memorial Hospital (NY).

University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey’s behavioral care organization chooses DSS to implement its vxVistA, an open source variant of the VA’s VistA.

A Harvard doctor creates an iPad application that allows him to monitor patient breathing via an ultrasound sensor he invented. He sees potential for using it to check asthmatic patients in their homes and to monitor sleeping infants.


The Army’s MC4 group is piloting a new version of the Theater Medical Data Store (TMDS) in Afghanistan that can also display the service member’s pre-deployment medical history from AHLTA.

Former RelayHealth VP Bob Katter joins First DataBank as VP of sales and marketing.

Lee Memorial Hospital (FL), expecting ARRA money to cover up to $40 million of its $70 million Epic implementation cost, finds that it isn’t eligible for up to $10 million of that taxpayer-funded windfall because it shares a Medicare provider number with its physician group. Congressman Connie Mack IV, who opposed the stimulus bill and yet is appalled that LMH might get less of it, says the hospital “shouldn’t be penalized for CMS’ interpretation of the definition of a hospital.”


HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius visits Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, admiring its $47 million Epic system and its patient portal.

Which reminds me: whatever happened to White House healthcare reform director and former Cerner board member Nancy Ann-DeParle? Healthcare reform was a hot topic, but I don’t recall seeing her name even once in the past several months (and a Google search backs me up on that).

Jobs: Epic Inpatient EMR Manager, Cerner Orders Consultant, EMR Implementation Specialist.

Health Affairs devotes its entire April issue to healthcare IT topics, although only subscribers can see most of it. It didn’t sound all that interesting, although I would have read David Brailer’s interviewed with his eventual ONCHIT replacement David Blumenthal (although I doubt anything controversial was said).

Odd medical problem: a man orders his favorite restaurant sandwich, the five-meat, three-cheese Wicked, except with double meat to celebrate his son’s performance in a talent show. His mouth locks up trying to take the first bite, at which time he begins punching his own jaw trying to loosen it up. He required surgical repair of double dislocation of the mandible.

E-mail me.

HERtalk by Inga

From Marge Schott: “Re: Streamline Health. In an SEC filing, the company said it won’t be renewing its contract with its sales SVP Scott Boyden. Probably a cost cutting move since Streamline continues to lose money.”


Centegra Health System (IL) says its Kronos workforce management software has saved the system over $1.6 million in labor costs. Centegra uses time and attendance and employee scheduling solutions, which have helped eliminate agency use and reduce overtime by 30%.

Blessing Hospital (IL) and University Health System of San Antonio earn Magnet Recognition by the American Nurses Credentialing Center for excellence in nursing and for providing high quality patient care at all levels of the hospital. Both facilities use Eclipsys.

methodist houston

Speaking of Eclipsys, the company is selected  by The Methodist Hospital of Houston to provide its HealthXchange product. HealthXchange, which is powered by Medicity, will connect Methodist’s acute care EHR with a network of disparate EHRs used by affiliated physicians. 

Picis extends its Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status with specialized competencies in business intelligence and data management solutions.

MedQuist partners with Artificial Medical Intelligence to provide computer-assisted coding within the MedQuist CodeRunner coding workflow platform.

HealthPort announces a money-back guarantee that its EHR software will meet certification requirements for Meaningful Use. Nothing against HealthPort, but I am done mentioning any of these money-back guarantees. I’ll quit worrying that there are still naive providers out there who believe that just because their software is “guaranteed” that they will be “guaranteed” stimulus money.

Thumbs up to Virginia, which becomes the 12th state to require health insurers to cover telemedicine services provided through interactive audio, video, or other media.

Auditors for LSU’s charity-run hospital system finds that its clinic overpaid an outside patient billing firm almost $350,000, while about $8.2 million in patient services were never billed. On top of that, LSU Interim Public Hospital has lost track of movable property originally worth $3.8 million. The overpayment occurred in 2007 when billing firm Healthcare Financial Services double-billed an invoice, both of which Medical Center of LA-NO paid. Less than half the money was recouped two years later. Of the $8.2 million never billed, about $1 million is still recoverable. Not surprisingly, leaders say new checks are being put in place.

AnMed Health (SC) picks Allscripts EHR for its 60 employed physicians and 40 affiliated physicians. AnMed currently provides Allscripts Tiger PM in a hosted model for the physicians and will offer the EHR through a similar setup.

mercy health

Mercy Health Systems (PA) plans to implement NextGen EHR for its 70 providers across 31 locations. Later in 2010, Mercy will also deploy NextGen Health Information Exchange. The providers have used NextGen Practice Management for almost four years.

John Muir Health (CA) notifies almost 5,500 patients of a potential data breach following the theft of two laptops from a physician office. The hospital says the laptops were in a locked and guarded building and were password protected,  but did not have data encryption. Encryption software is now being installed on all the health system’s laptops.

Evolvent Technologies awards Harris Corporation an 10-month follow-on contract for ongoing enhancements to the DoD’s Healthcare Artifact and Image Management Solution (HAIMS) system.

unity medical

Unity Medical says it will pilot its new Medical Video jLog for the Apple iPad at Florida Hospital for Children at Walt Disney Pavilion and St. Luke’s Health System (ID). The company provides short interactive videos that provide patients with an explanation of common procedures and treatments.

Passport Health Communications launches eCare Patient Access Suite, designed to help hospitals improve workflow and increase revenues.


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Currently there are "8 comments" on this Article:

  1. I was watching Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning and Nancy deParle was mentioned in a piece about GQ’s monthly DC power list, so maybe she’s just hanging out behind the scenes. She was tied for #3, right ahead of the finance guys.

  2. LSU’s problems within their business office is no surprise to anyone who just finished their review of potential HIT partners. It was surprising how little KSA knew of their internal operations since they reused an RFP and Demo Scripts from a previous engagement to represent the actual issues of LSU, both revenue cycle and clinical.

  3. Hmm, looks like I should have waited until today to vote on what impact the iPad will have on health care: looks like it’s having plenty in its first week out. The doctor/inventor is a great story. I wonder what other apps will start popping up from such trailblazers?

  4. deParle is meaningfully conflicted, thus, she plays under the radar.
    Sebelius is grandstanding in Cinci: “Sebelius said even without severe medical problems, accessing health care records for her own son in college was a problem.”

    The difficulty in her access was HIPAA, a law being used ot obtrauct care, rather than protect the privacy of patients.

    As for the anecdotes of the kids looking at their own records, gag me.

    In England, less than one half percent of the eligible patients have used the option. This has been a collossal waste of limited resources, as will be borne out in the USA.

  5. Re: I’ll quit worrying that there are still naive providers out there who believe that just because their software is “guaranteed” that they will be “guaranteed” stimulus money.

    Seems to me if the vendor guarantees it in the contract and you don’t get it from the govern – you get it from him. Probably by reduced support costs or better yet hold backs. And if you are real meanny you’ll sue too!
    If you want too see how fast the marketing hot air cools, start your discussions (before a demo or quote) by handing him a draft MU clause you will demand be in the contract. Then watch him dance! Now you’ll know what kind of company your dealing with…

  6. @Dirt Farmer – The good news is that like the iPhone, the iPad will inspire other vendors to come up with their own models in quick order, which will most likely be more open and a better fit for Healthcare.

  7. Interesting combination of the iPad ultrasound sensor story followed by the Virginia mandate for telemedicine reimbursement for consults… Nurses in the crowd know the “responsibiltiy” for monitoring and assessment eventually winds up at their doorstep without the compensation physicians receive. As a side note, what sort of FDA approval process will be involved with the iPad ultrasound package? Wish the Doctor God’s speed striding into this technology frontier, and the same to Nurses in absorbing the barrage of new inventions ahead.

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