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TPD’s List of iPhone Applications

October 11, 2009 News 20 Comments

TPD’s List of iPhone Apps – Update #4
By The PACS Designer

Input from HIStalkers and some further research helped expand the number of iPhone applications for this updated list. Newly added applications are marked with an (N).

  Medical for Physicians/Nurses
  ARUP Consult
  It’s a laboratory test selection support tool
  Lab Tests
  The Lab Tests available are: Blood Bank, Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation, Hematology, Serology, Immunology, Tumor Markers, Urinalysis and Therapeutic Drugs
  Lab Tests Online
  A resource that can be accessed by mobile devices
  Normal Lab Values
  A tool to help clinicians determine normal laboratory values
  Medical Lab Tests
  Offers short and concise information including normal lab values of the most common clinical laboratory tests
  An application for EMR access
  A medical imaging viewer
  Ziosoft zioTerm 2D/3D
  A tool for viewing 2D/3D image files on your iPhone
  GE Clinical Images
  Showcase clinical IMAGES from GE Healthcare imaging systems
  An app that allows for quick review of classic radiology cases during rounds or clinical rotations
  HeartScan for iPhone
  An app to turn your iPhone into a convenient heart rate monitor
  An eponym database
  Med Mnemonics
  A unique learning tool with over 1400 mnemonics
  Medical Abbreviations
  An app that contains over 14,000 abbreviation definitions
  An app with the complete resource for medical abbreviations, acronyms, and eponyms
  Quick Medical Terminology and Abbreviation Reference
  The #1 selling medical terminology reference app on iTunes
  The Wheel
  A gestational age calculator
  The Wheel SP
  A tool to do fetal biometric calculations along with normal GA calculations
  The Wheel RE
  Recreates the classic obstetric wheel gestational age (GA) calculator used by healthcare providers for decades
  Perfect OB Wheel
  A simple and fast pregnancy wheel for clinicians
  Pocket Therapist
  Provides quotes to help with problems
  Pocket Medical
  Gives you medical terms and conditions
  WebMD Mobile
  Provides symptom checker, drugs and treatment, and First Aid info
  Care Connector
  Caregiver information on the go
  My Life Record
  A place for storing personal information
  A tool to track water consumption
  STD2006 contains the CDC STD Treatment Guidelines using their original, but difficult to navigate, table of contents
  Provides outlines in Clinical Medicine®, Archimedes™ – Medical Calculator, RxDrugs™: Drug Dosing Tool and MedAlert™
  A disease tracking tool for healthcare workers and their patients
  A tool to view data about your patients in realtime to aid charge capture
  A digital medical assistant to manage patient records
  Osirix 3.7.1 for MacOS
  An image processing software dedicated to DICOM images produced by medical equipment
  OsiriX for iPhone 1.1.1
  OsiriX is a companion application to OsiriX for Mac which is an interactive visualization program designed for display and analysis of medical images
  Patient Tracker
  An application from DoctorCalc that helps track your patients
  An application developed by one of our own, Dr. Paul Friedman
  Nature Mobile
  The nature.com iPhone application allows you to access science news stories and the latest published research
  An application that turns your iPhone into a stethoscope
  Swine Flu + Outbreaks Near Me
  An application from HealthMaps that alerts you in realtime about disease outbreaks in your area
  Instant ECG
  An application to view rhythm strips and 12-lead ECG movies
  HealthFusion® Mobile Apps (Contact Company for details)
  HealthFusion® Mobile Apps deliver new tools that physicians need to treat patients, no matter where you are, and to help ensure that you are in constant communication with your practice.
  A tool to teach patients about their specific diseases or health conditions
  Macpractice iPhone Interface 2.0
  A hospital rounds assistant and more
  Sad Scale
  A tool to check depression, postpartum depression, geriatric depression, children depression scale and graph them
  Monthly Prescribing Reference
  MPR provides concise prescription and OTC drug information, side effects and interactions for medical professionals
  Helsana-Eye Test
  Hold you iPhone with arm stretched to test your eyesight
  Eye Chart Pro
  An app to test eyes of patients using a iPad rather than an iPhone
  A tool to evaluate vision on the eye chart using the highest performance method.
  A tool to find the best doctor for your health condition
  A tool for those who have speech difficulties
  Pocket reference for doctors (in development)
  Read about brave University of Saskatchewan students going forward with a devlopment effort for doctors.
  Snoflake SNOMED CT Browser
  A tool for viewing SNOMED CT information
  Sleep Apnea Test
  This application gives an indication of whether the reader may have symptoms of sleep apnea
  A gruesome directory of medical conditions affecting the eyes, skin and mouth
  Harvard University Headline News
  Get the latest news from Harvard on your iPhone
  NHS News
  Keep up with the latest news from the UK’s National Health Service
  Medpage Today Mobile
  This app puts breaking medical news and CME/CE credits at your fingertips, with daily coverage of over 30 specialties and annual coverage of over 60 meetings and symposia
  An app that improves the practice of medicine by allowing practitioners to use the Internet to discover the most recent, relevant, and authoritative clinical information
  A tool to help you with scheduling your medications
  eRoentgen Radiology Diagnosis
  A tool to due radiology diagnosis
  ICD-9 and ICD-10 Helper
  A tool to help with coding
  A tool to gather the latest clinical and hospital information
  iMobileHealthCare has developed iAorticValve, a reference guide to all heart valve products.
  A medical tool designed to measure the Cobb angle, the kyphosis angle, and the sacral slope on vertical spine radiographs
  Ethicon-PVP for iPhone
  This app is a course about umbilical hernia repair using a partially absorbable mesh patch
  iTriage Health Network
  A tool that provides self-diagnosis/triage and hosp/clinic/doctor finder all in one
  Meine Klinik
  A German version of the iTriage Health Network
  A database search tool in French
  VisualDx Mobile
  An app that shows disease variation with MULTIPLE images of each disease
  Instant ECG
  Electrocardiogram App that works on the iPhone
  EPI Life
  A revolutionary mobile phone device that has an integrated multi-lead ECG and Health Suite fubction
  Medical Calculator
  Another application from DoctorCalc that helps with calculations
  ABG for iPhone
  ABG is a multipurpose medical calculator used to analyse arterial blood gasses and perform other functions
  ACC Pocket Guidelines
  A clinical practice support tool set from the ACC that provides concise, portable reference tools about cardiology
  A quick and easy-to-use utility application to perform corticosteroids unit convert
  Calculate (Medical Calculator) by QxMD
  A next-generation clinical calculator and decision support tool
  DizzyFix by Clearwater Clinical (for Vertigo)
  This tool instantly enables any physician to take a patient through the correct treatment maneuver for BPPV
  MyMoodMonitor (mym3)
  An app that allows you to screen for potential depression and anxiety symptoms (including bipolar disorder and ptsd) in one easy review
(N) T2 Mood Tracker
  T2 Mood Tracker is a mobile application that allows users to self-monitor, track and reference their emotional experience over a period of days, weeks and months using a visual analog rating scale.
  5-Minute Clinical Consult
  An app to do quick consults
  The most complete, evidence-based drug information resource, right at your fingertips
  Drug Addiction
  A tool to monitor and identify drug addictions
  Drug Infusion
  A calculator for IV Med Drip Rate infusions
  Grays Anatomy
  A well known anatomical book by Henry Gray was first published in 1858 and is now in a mobile format for users
  iBP Blood Pressure
  A blood pressure tracking and analysis tool
  ICU Pearls
  An app that provides over 1,000 pearls of wisdom
  Medical 360
  An app for hard to find medical information
  Quick Medical Terminology
  A tool recommended by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) for referencing purposes
  Medicine On Call
  Presents treatment and laboratory tests orders for all diseases and disorders that are likely to be encountered in the hospital
  Nursing Central
  The complete mobile solution for nursing
  NCLEX-RN Wiz is the Number One Review app for NCLEX-RN review and nursing school course review
  Helps nurses provide premium patient care by putting the latest quick-reference, clinically-focused nursing information at their fingertips
  Informed RN Pocket
  A good reference for nurses who need quick information
  PatientKeeper® Mobile Clinical Results™
  Mobile Clinical Results is the mobile companion product to the PatientKeeper Physician Portal
  Paramedic Protocol Provider
  An app that provides quick offline access to over 170 field treatment protocols
  Pedi STAT
  A tool to achieve rapid pediatric reference information during emergency or critical care environments
  Psychiatry i-pocketcards
  The i-pocketcards cover a wide range of tests and scales used for the psychiatric assessment of a patient
  Psychology Encyclopedia
  A good reference for students and beginners in the study of Psychology
  Pubmed On Tap
  A search tool for mobile referencing of the PubMed website
  Skyscape Medical Resources
  An app about medical information and decision support resources for healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical students, nursing students, and more
  Student BMJ
  A monthly international medical journal for medical students and junior doctors
  Taber’s Medical Dictionary
  A medical dictionary that is very popular with current users of the application
  Pri-med Mobile
  A professional community of peers and expert faculty delivering world-class content through a network of meetings, multimedia content, and online tools.
  MedAnywhere© is an iPhone App and optional full line of Bluetooth® systems that enable a customer to have constant and comprehensive medical care capability in an emergency
  Smile Reminder
  An application to enhance your practice by engaging your patients in the care process
(N) Pri-Med Mobile – powered-by QuantiaMD
  Pri-Med offers healthcare providers a professional community of peers and expert faculty delivering world-class content through a network of meetings, multimedia content, and online tools
(N) pMDsoft Charge Capture
  An app to improve the efficiency of your office through better charge capture
(N) Top Doc
  Experience and react to realistic patient encounters that require quick clinical responses, just like a real medical clinic, with Top Doc, a new medical quiz App from Elsevier and Legacy Interactive
(N) Procedures Consult
  Procedures Consult is an online multimedia tool that offers clear details on dozens of medical procedures
(N) MedAptus
  Enterprises that have deployed MedAptus solutions have realized millions of dollars in increased revenue, improved organizational productivity, and enjoyed enthusiastic user adoption
(N) Surg-i-Scan
  Surg-i-Scan™, from ImageXpres Corporation, is a surgical safety checklist application that conforms to the World Health Organization initiative to have surgical protocol check lists available for use by surgeons and nurses during surgical operations, and other invasive procedures, in an effort to reduce incidents of death, and reduce surgical complications by more than a third.
(N) VisualDx Mobile
  This new medical app combines physician-reviewed clinical information with thousands of medical images from renowned physician and institutional collections. The only medical application to represent the variation of disease presentation through age, stage, and skin type, VisualDx Mobile addresses the key complexities faced by many clinicians today when diagnosing dermatologic and other visual conditions.
(N) mSleepTest
  Snoring is not a joke and it could be a sign of a much more serious disorder
(N) CTCAE v4.0 (from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
  The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) is a standardized system to quantify or grade the severity of adverse events (AE) that occur with drug treatment or from medical devices. A definition of mild (grade 1), moderate (2), severe (3), life-threatening (4) and death related to AE (5) events is provided for each AE term.
(N) InovaER (from Inova Health System)
  An app to get real-time updates on Inova Health System’s nine emergency room locations throughout Northern Virginia
(N) UroApp
  UroApp is a mobile app that connects to a social network for Urologists in Canada
(N) OfficeEMR Mobile™
  OfficeEMR Mobile™ is a Free add-on to iSALUS’s web-based electronic medical record and practice management service
(N) Evolving Health
  This dialysis capacity planning tool enables you to quickly estimate the savings that could be generated by changing your mix of dialysis patients
(N) MS Patient Resources
  MS Patient Resources makes an office visit what it should be—a two-way conversation between you and your patient
(N) ZirMed Patient Check-in (for iPad only)
  Give your medical practice a modern feel while at the same time saving paper and eliminating the constant issue of illegible handwriting
(N) ResolutionMD Mobile
  ResolutionMD Mobile is the only product that delivers anytime, anywhere full-functionality advanced visualization of medical images to your mobile device
(N) MacPractice iPad VNC Interface
  Use an iPad as a portable, wireless, touch-screen monitor and use MacPractice on it
(N) iClarity Lite (for iPhone & iPad)
  A medical image viewing app that enables viewing images stored on ClarityPACS, or using iClarity Gateway, to receive and view images from an existing PACS
(N) HD Radiology (for iPad)
  One of many iPad apps from MedicMaKe to educate you about Radiology and other modalities
(N) modalityBODY (for iPad)
  Use modalityBODY to organize, annotate, search and store thousands of medical images and create custom image collections for study and reference
(N) AirStrip Cardiology™
  A platform designed with a vision of securely sending critical patient information directly from hospital monitoring systems, bedside devices, and electronic health records to a clinician’s mobile device
(N) The Johns Hopkins POC-IT® ABX Guide
  The Johns Hopkins ABX Guide is a point-of-care resource that covers everything you need to know about treatment of infectious diseases
(N) PhotoClinic Mobile
  PhotoClinic Mobile helps primary care physicians diagnose and treat conditions. Search images and case studies of conditions submitted by office-based physicians and published in Consultant.
(N) Nimble from ClearPractice (for iPAD only)
  A comprehensive EMR built specifically for the iPad
(N) Med-Surg: Gastrointestinal & Genitourinary
  Familiarize yourself with questions encompassing common scenarios, health problems, and case studies that you will encounter as a nursing student with Med-Surg: Gastrointestinal & Genitourinary by HESI QuizMe
(N) Bedside
  Bedside enables the clinician to take the Electronic Patient Record to the patient in a hospital bed, out in a community setting or at the patient’s home
(N) iVCL
  An app that’s a c-arm simulator and anatomical viewer designed to teach all medical staff and students hand-to-eye co-ordination skills and anatomical positioning concepts in a radiation free environment
  Groups of Apps
  Group of applications for pregnant mothers that include Woman Calendar, Foods to Avoid When Pregnant, Contraction Master, and others
  12 EMRs for iPhone
  A collection of a dozen EMRs for your iPhone including Epic’s Haiku and others
  Unbound Medline
  One of a group of medical applications for the iPhone from Unbound Medicine
  Medzio Mobile Health Network
  Medzio is a free iPhone application that connects consumers to a variety of healthcare services
  An application that provides access to 20 databases
(N) Apps for All – Healthful Apps
  Healthful Apps takes the legwork out of finding the best health-related apps, saving you time and money so you can focus on getting or giving quality healthcare. For example, the Mood Lifters allows you to quickly identify, based on peer reviews, the best apps in this category
  Apps for Patients
  Epocrates Essentials
  An Rx information source. See below for information on the next version to be released later this year.
  A Pharmacy Locator application
  The Merck Manuals for iPhone
  The app provides quick and easy access to the Home Edition’s comprehensive and understandable medical information
  Medscape Mobile
  A drug search and interaction checker application
  Remedy Systems
  A free e-prescribing application certified for prescription routing through the SureScripts network
  An e-prescribing application for physicians
  Pharmacist’s Letter®
  A popular daily reference tool for pharmacists
  Psych Drugs
  A tool to learn important and useful information about various psychotropic medications
  NREMT Paramedic Medications
  An app with a comprehensive list and overview of the drugs used by paramedics
  A mobile Diabetes management application
  GC Pro™ (formerly Glucose-Charter)
  A tool to track blood glucose, insulin and other medications
(N) Vree™ for Diabetes
  Vree™ for Diabetes provides you with helpful tools in one easy-to-access location to manage your disease
(N) BGluMon – Blood Glucose Monitor
  Blood Glucose Monitor is an advanced and easy-to-use tool to watch for your blood glucose concentration on a daily basis and included tools for recording, editing, exporting data, calculating and drawing statistics and reports
(N) BGStar glucose monitoring and iBGStar Diabetes Manager
  iPhone and iPod touch users with diabetes will soon have an accessory and companion app that will help them monitor blood glucose levels from Sanofi-Aventis
(N) NovoDose™
  A mobile insulin analog dosing guide application for the iPhone and iPod Touch from Novo Nordisk
  Fitness Tracking
  A tool for keeping up with your fitness routines
  A fitness tracking tool
  A pedometer for walkers
  Exercise and heart rate training information
  Heart Pal Free
  An application for logging, charting, and analyzing your blood pressure and sharing it with your physician
  Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker
  The highest rated app for recording and keeping track of blood pressure readings
  The Human Body 2
  An app that details the human body for users
  Weight Watching
  Application for recording (managing) your weight everyday
  A tool to track history of your weight
  A weight loss application to help you set goals and control calorie intake
  Easy Weight Loss
  An app to discover how to lose weight with these easy weight loss and diet tips
  Weight Loss Tracker
  An app to help track weight loss goals that is popular with current users
(N) myPlan – The Special K Challenge™
  The Special K Challenge™ is a two week weight management program designed just for you – using a great variety of Special K® products. It’s a great way to kick start a better you! And now, it’s easier than ever to stay on track.
  Lose Weight With Andrew Johnson
  This App is designed to help dissolve the bad habits associated with overeating, eating too fast, eating at the wrong times etc.
(N) LIVESTRONG Calorie Tracker
  An app for helping you keep your calorie intake lower to reduce your weight
  Smoke Quitting
  Quitter 1.5
  An aid to promote the quitting of smoking
  I Quit Smoking
  An aid to stop smoking
(N) The EX Plan
  The EX Plan app is a whole new way to think about quitting smoking – as “re-learning life without cigarettes". This app lets people create their own personalized quit smoking plan and connect with other smokers online at BecomeAnEX.org
  CPR Aids
  Pocket First Aid & CPR
  A tool for emergencies
(N) PocketCPR
  PocketCPR for iPhone™ provides REAL-TIME feedback and instructions on CPR that empowers ANYONE to learn and practice CPR
(N) CPR & Choking
  A tool to educate you in the art of giving CPR and also how to clear the paths of choking victims
(N) Phone Aid
  An app to show you how to perform CPR to save a life
  Restaurant Nutrition
  A tool to check those carbs
  Food Additives
  A tool to take control of what you eat
  Vitamins & Minerals
  An app to learn about essential vitamins & minerals, what they do, & their food sources
  Relax Completely
  A fantastic hypnosis session for deep relaxation by one of the UKs leading hypnotherapists and trainers
  Relax Dream
  An app that provides relaxing sounds
  Relax Ocean Waves
  An app that provides relaxing sounds and beautiful videos
  Relax Raindrops
  An app that provides the sound of raindrops to relax you
  Relax Waterfall
  An app that provides relaxing sound from various environments such as whales, rain, thunder, waves, and more
  Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite
  A popular relaxation tool that has been highly rated by others
  Stress Check
  An app with powerful stress management tools to help you manage your stress more effectively
  General Health
  Health N Family
  A health information tracker
  FDA for iPhone
  US Food & Drug Administration information
  An online diet service
  Health and Fitness Mobile
  A personal training aid
  A health & wellness tracking tool
  A tool to help avoid infections by highlighting typical signs of advancing infection
  An application designed to help people who take prescription medications better manage their conditions
  Caregiver Apps
  An app that helps to manage a caregiver’s day-to-day activities: track medications, illnesses, appointments or get expert advice
  My Epilepsy Diary
  An app to keep track of seizures, medicines, and how you feel
  A Low GI Diet
  An app to help monitor the foods you eat
  Amazing Human Calculator
  An app that will help answer questions you have about your body
  A tool to track a pregnancy through to the delivery time
  Body Systems – Anatomy Quiz
  A tool to educate you on your anatomy
  BP Tracker Lite
  You can use this to easily log your BP, HR, medication and other useful information
  Brain and Nerves
  An app to educate and inform about the brain and its nerves
  Am I Pregnant Quiz
  A tool for determining if you are pregnant
  Labor and Contraction Timer
  An app to easily time labor contractions
  Menstrual Calendar
  A tool for calculation from FertilityFriend.com
  A tool that can help you along the way to that special day – your due date and your child’s birthday
(N) Pink Pad Pro (Period, Fertility & Health Tracker)
  An app that provides a central location for women to track pregnancies
  Learn Muscles
  A good learning tool for understanding muscles
  Muscle System (Head and Neck)
  A tool providing details of each muscle’s origin and insertion. It also include details of each muscle’s action and nerve supply
  Skeletal System (Head and Neck)
  A tool to educate you on the subject of the skeletal system
  Muscle Trigger Points
  A Reference for the most common trigger points and referral patterns for over 70 muscles
  Netter’s Musculoskeletal Flash Cards
  Brush up on bony anatomy with this tool
  My Medical
  An app to keep track of all of your personal medical information in one convenient place
  Physical Exam Essentials
  An app that provides you with a quick overview of the essential aspects of the physical exam
  An app that contains hundreds of interesting, fun, and useful facts about sex
  Sexual Health Issues
  An app to educate you about sexual intimacy, and how to achieve healthy relationships
  Speed Bones MD
  A game to test your knowledge of the human structure
  Speed Brain
  A game to test your base of knowledge about the human brain
  An app with high quality professional hearing tools in a mobile format
  Visualize Healing with Andrew Johnson
  An application that is intended to help people through meditative visualization
  Women’s Health
  An app developed by a fitness expert to help enhance women’s health
(N) Dr K’s Breast Checker
  Breast cancer affects women of all ages, so being breast aware is very important to all women, including younger women
(N) iBreastCheck
  This app will help women be breast aware and could make all the difference through early detection techniques
  A tool to view symptoms that destroy nerve tissue such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis
  Control of Communicable Diseases Manual
  A tool to find out about communicable diseases
  Apps for Healthy Kids
  An app to learn about First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign to end childhood obesity within a generation
(N) KidsDoc
  Is your child sick? Whether you’re on the go or at home, this app will help you know what to do next
  MyHumana Mobile
  A portable extension of Humana’s guidance promise
(N) Coppertone MyUVAlert™
  This handy iPhone application helps you with sun protection information for your whole family, offering local UV index forecasts, custom sunscreen reapplication reminders that you set, and individualized product recommendations
(N) VideoMD
  Video MD features Free Health Videos and Doctor Videos that are created by physicians and are used to educate patients
(N) Main Street Medica Mobile
  Use Main Street Medica Mobile to help better understand the cost implications of your choices, evaluate your options and determine which health care providers will best serve your needs
(N) iChemoDiary
  The iChemoDiary is a personal oncology diary to record your chemotherapy schedule, treatments, medication and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting
(N) iManage Migraine
  iManage Migraine provides a comprehensive suite of educational tools, real-time tracking, and analytic capabilities to enable you to better understand and manage your personal migraine experience
(N) Sleep On It
  Get the iPhone alarm clock that does it all! Set your alarm and with one tap you can record how much sleep, then add info about sleep quality, your mood, meds and more to see what affects your sleep and how much you really need to feel rested and energized
(N) CU-PetHealth
  CU Pet Health is a handy application brought to you by the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University that allows you to manage information about your pets including biographic info, vaccines, medications and diet
(N) East TN Kids
  East TN Kids is an application for the iPhone or iPod that will allow you as a parent, grandparent or caregiver to keep a record of important medical information on your child, read helpful pediatric health information and easily get in touch with your doctor or East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
(N) Lets Move It
  An app from the Cleveland Clinic that makes it easy to move forward on your goal to wellness
(N) iMapMyRIDE
  iMapMyRide makes cycling fun and easy, turning iPhone into a social cycling partner while tracking your speed, distance, route, and more using GPS
(N) MMEx
  An Australian eHealth platform for recording your health information
(N) AsthmaPulse
  An app to take control of your lung health using AsthmaPulse
  Development Tool
  Apple Developer for iPhone
  An app to design, code, and build an iphone application
  Communication Tool
  An application for use in case of an emergency
  Care360 Mobile
  Access medication history, lab results and more along with adding notes for follow-up
(N) Care360 Mobile (for iPad)
  An app for use in clinical situations from Quest Diagnostics
(N) Care360 Mobile (for iPhone)
  An app for use in mobile situations from Quest Diagnostics
(N) Quest’s My Gazelle(TM) App
  Get Quest Diagnostics lab results anytime on your iPhone, store emergency information, share essential health and emergency info with local doctors, and manage medications
  AllOne Mobile
  A tool to give you access to your HealthVault account
  An application to refill prescriptions with your mobile device
  Allscripts Remote™ for iPhone
  An application that enables providers to remotely control their Allscripts Enterprise or Professional EHR from any location
  A Personal Health Record (PHR) for mobile use
  Health Cloud
  A native iPhone client for Google Health, and its PHR with a view of the PHR in the form of a Continuity of Care Record (CCR)
  All of your medical records made available securely online, accessible anytime, anywhere as a PHR
  An app to update family and friends about a hospital stay of a loved one
  Documents To Go
  An all-in-one application with support for Microsoft® Word, Excel & PowerPoint, PDF, Apple iWork and other files
  An app with more features to replace the Notes app on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
  Dragon Dictation for the iPhone
  Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking®
(N) Dragon Medical Mobile Search
  Dragon® Medical Mobile Search is the fast, accurate and smart way for busy, mobile physicians to search online content on their iPhone™ using their voice
  A tool that provides electronic signature capabilitiy
  Citrix Receiver for iPhone
  Gives you the ability to run Windows apps on the iPhone using XenApp
  An app that provides up to date information to emergency department personnel
  Opera Mini & Opera Mobile browsers
  An app that can provide speedier browsing of the Internet
  Health Plan Search
  Search for health plans by Zip Code
  This app will help you search for medical providers when you are in Hawaii
  mPassport Barcelona
  An app to find trusted doctors, ready to see you when you are traveling
  Siri – Your Virtual Personal Assistant
  Siri is a new way to get things done
  Emergency Radio
  An app to inform on activity broadcast over police radios and emergency vehicles
  An app providing voice, online, and mobile solutions for hospitals and physician practices
  A messaging service for pregnant women
  Pulse MobileMD
  A workflow app for medical professionals
  Walgreens Mobile
  Walgreens Mobile is an app for handling your daily prescription needs
  Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare iPhone
  Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare is the first hospital in Louisville to develop a unique iPhone and Blackberry app to serve the needs of its patients
(N) uCentral from Unbound Medicine
  uCentral is an institutional gateway to knowledge resources using PDAs, wireless devices, and the Web. It provides institutions with a powerful and flexible platform for delivering knowledge to the point of need and communicating with mobile users.
(N) MD-IT iConnect
  MD-IT iConnect transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into an easy-to-use wireless dictation device with secure upload functionality direct to the MD-IT Platform
(N) Dr. Chrono Medical Practice Management
  Dr. Chrono has created the world’s first native iPad Electronic Health Record Platform available for free download in the iTunes App Store. The Dr. Chrono iPad EHR platform is paired with a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) practice management backend that provides electronic medical billing and scheduling over the web
(N) Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare App (for Patients)
  Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare has created a unique iPhone and Blackberry app to serve the needs of its patients
(N) EMNet findER
  EMRNet findER locates the closest emergency room with one click using the most comprehensive national ER database
(N) Amcom Mobile Connect
  The Mobile Connect application on your BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android separates critical messages from less important emails and SMS messages
(N) DocNog California
  Finding a doctor or hospital is easy with DocNog California. With this simple and easy-to-use application, you can search for family doctors and specialists, hospitals, and urgent care facilities
(N) Beth Israel Deaconess Find a Doctor
  With this Beth Israel Deaconess application you can search for affiliated doctors by name, specialty, or even by proximity to your location
(N) MedWatcher (from Children’s Hospital Boston)
  Stay up to date with the latest news and government safety alerts for the prescription medicines you take. Submit any side effects you experience to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make drugs safer for everyone.
(N) WhiteGlove Mobile
  WhiteGlove Mobile allows WhiteGlove House Call Health members to access their WhiteGlove account to schedule a visit, view their medical history, visit history and membership status – all from their iPhone or iPod Touch!
(N) NortonMobile (from Norton Healthcare)
  The NortonMobile iPhone application gives you instant, real-time access to the largest network of physicians, hospitals, urgent care centers and specialty centers in Greater Louisville – all at the tap of a finger
(N) Scott & White Mobile
  An app where you can search physicians and healthcare providers at any Smith & White location or emergency room location
(N) Scribe Mobile
  Scribe’s iPhone dictation solution “Scribe Mobile” delivers the convenience of handheld dictation with the near real-time file transfer of telephone dictation
(N) Doximity
  Doximity is a private network for verified physicians and medical professionals to connect, refer, and securely communicate
(N) Find A Health Center
  A tool for mobile devices from Health Resources and Services Administration to help you find a health center in your area
(N) St. Vincent’s Health System’s Dial-A-Nurse
  Dial-A-Nurse is a free community health information service to provide general health and medical information
(N) uCentral from Unbound Medicine
  uCentral is an institutional gateway to knowledge resources using PDAs, wireless devices, and the Web. It provides institutions with a powerful and flexible platform for delivering knowledge to the point of need and communicating with mobile users.
(N) MedPage Today Mobile
  MedPage Today Mobile puts breaking medical news and CME/CE credits at your fingertips, with daily coverage of over 30 specialties and annual coverage of over 60 meetings and symposia
(N) mPassport Paris
  mPassport is your mobile, medical passport, a personal medical concierge that lets visitors to Paris get the timely, quality care they need
  Yahoo! Finance for iPhone
  A financial online tool
  Lorenzo for the iPhone
  iSoft has announced an iPhone app to be released for its Lorenzo software
  This category is for useful applications that are not mobile specific:
  An application to get coupons to save money on purchases
  A tool to check for Drug Interactions and Side Effects
  Laugh Out Loud for Health
  A humorous app better suited for the iPad rather than the iPhone
  Pogo Stylus
  A cool application to show your artistic side
(N) Fire Up Your Sex Drive
  This application makes a kind of high frequency alpha wave to synchronize with your brain wave. It could stimulate your brain to adjust endocrine system and produce some male sex hormone. This is a very healthy way without any side effect, and you will not need the pills to destroy your body any more!
(N) ZumoCast
  No more syncing music to your phone. ZumoCast streams your entire music collection to you with a familiar interface. It even supports your iTunes playlists. ZumoCast also turns your computers into a personal cloud, enabling you to access all of your files and media without having to upload. Now you have access to all your content with zero effort.
(N) Glympse – Location Sharing Made Simple
  With this app you can share your location with anyone, in seconds
(N) Tesla AmbiScience Apps
  Tesla’s Ambient Music Tracks to provide the most relaxing, gratifying listening experience available on an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Hopefully the expanded list provided with this update will get more users of iPhones the education needed to do better in their daily job performances.

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Currently there are "20 comments" on this Article:

  1. CCD & OK

    Thanks for alerting HIStalkers about Allscripts iPhone application since I was unaware of it during my research effort. If there are others to consider please inform us here.

  2. Thanks for listing The Wheel which was one of the first 500 apps in the App Store and priced at $15 at a time before anyone knew the right price for apps and before the race to the bottom in pricing (it now sells for $1.99).

    We also have The Wheel SP ($1.99) which does fetal biometric calculations along with normal GA calculations, The Wheel RE which was actually developed as a spoof but now priced at $0.99 and selling every day, as well as STD2006 ($2.99) which includes the entire text of the CDC’s STD Treatment Guidelines.

    Our crown jewel, only for those who subscribe to the eNATAL service, is eNATAL LT which allows clinicians to access their prenatal records from anywhere.

  3. Thanks iPhoneDev for alerting us to your other iPhone applications. We’ll add them to our list for future reference purposes.

  4. You’ve barely scratched the surface, but decent first attempt. Some more for you:
    Polka: health & wellness tracking
    Livestrong: Fitness and calorie counting
    ADAM: similar to WebMD with some cool videos as well
    MotionPHR: another PHR
    Skyscape: Health/medical content
    iTriage: self-diagnosis/triage and hosp/clinic/dr finder all in one
    Sylvius MR: Pretty cool B&W images of brain, 3 x-sections and labeling of various brain sections w/functions
    AllOne HV: gives access to one’s HealthVault acct
    and there are countless others including one from MedHelp for ovulation tracking which I got a demo on last week.

  5. Thanks John@Chilmark! We’ll add your suggestions to the list. Our readers will benefit from the added applications.

  6. I like that HIS Talk is putting a list together. It should be a credible source. I look forward to making suggestions and hearing what others have to say.

    We are a team of iPhone developers that have been building on the apple platform since it’s launch. We’re betting that you’ll see a lot of apps coming out in the next few months which take advantage of the unique capabilities of a mobile platform.

    Last week at Health 2.0 we won the Launch Panel with an e-Prescribing application built for speed on a native mobile platform. (Much different than an iPhone app that is made by putting a wrapper around a web-based product)


  7. Remedy Ventures

    Thanks for the input, we’ll add anything that mobile workers and patients can use to improve their work efficiency and knowledge in the healthcare space. Does the e-Prescribing mobile platform for your client have a name yet, if so, or when it’s released we’ll add it to our list? TPD

    Philippe d’Offay

    Thanks for informing us about pMDsoft, we’ll add it to our list and publish it in a future update of TPD’s List of iPhone Applications.


  8. It appears the 8h2o web app is not maintained anymore. Following the link to Apples site then clicking the URL takes you to a University blogs website.

  9. A small correction for AirStrip Technologies – they actually have three apps available:
    1. AirStrip OB – relays fetal monitoring tracing, vitals, notes, meds, exams. It was the first FDA-approved iPhone app.
    2. AirStrip Cardiology – remote ECG access
    3. AirStrip Patient Monitoring – vital signs and waveforms (including peak vent pressures, pulse oximetry and more). Makes remote virtual real-time monitoring a viable option for everyone.

    All can be seen at their website – http://www.airstriptech.com

    PS – I am not one of their employees – just an avid fan

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