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Gifts for a Cool (Tech)Yule

December 12, 2008 News No Comments

By HITMan Dan

Do you know a fellow HISTalker who is difficult to shop for, or have you been described as such? Here are a few inexpensive gadget gifts with the techie in mind.


Create your Internet of Things that makes objects smart. Just label and tag your items, then run them over the detector to open your music programs or just about any other program. Tikitag supplies you with a reader and 10 tags and then, voila! your computer responds.



Know if your suitcase needs to go on a diet before learning the hard way at the airport check-in desk. Airport luggage scales from any manufacturer are a must-have for consultants or frequent flying IT types (nothing is free with the airlines any more). They are available from just about any retailer for around $20.00. That beats the prices they charge for overweight bags!

Edwards Luggage


Deadline got you stressed? No bubble wrap around to pop? This is just the thing. The electronic bubble wrap keychain claims to be just as good as the original stress buster and office annoyer. Keep this little gem around the next time your deadline is near.



Not sure what to get the HERTalker in your life? Make this the Christmas she’ll remember with this USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner. One drop in the stick — instant office zen. Be sure to use this in a horizontal USB drive or you may not reach zen (you’ll be buying a new computer). 



Disco might be dead (that’s a matter of debate for another article), but don’t let the kids use those old vinyl records for Frisbees just yet! This turntable from Ion turns those old records into mp3s in one step.



Can’t figure out how to move files over to that new computer you got for Christmas? This hard drive enclosure holds drives up to 1 TB and makes for easy transfer of those pictures, songs, and videos. Just pop it in and it mounts as an available volume.



Let the serious techie on your list deck the halls with silicone this year … recycled silicone motherboards, that is. These three ornaments in holiday colors, motherboards in another life, now bring Christmas joy to all techies.



Keep your organization off the front page by preventing a data breach with the Iron Key USB Drive. You get 10 attempts at the correct password, then your data is mad totally unreadable. Seems pricey, but think of it as an insurance policy. USB drives are all too easy to misplace or lose, so at least make them inaccessible if they fall into hostile hands.



How many times does your PDA, phone, or music player die and you can’t find a place to charge it? Charging your device is as easy as some AA batteries. The new Energizer Energi To Go chargers allow you to place a call within 30 seconds on a phone with a dead battery. This is a great stocking stuffer for the serious airport traveler, or just to have in an emergency.


HITMan Dan receives no financial incentives for recommending any of the sites or products. Check prices online and in your local sales flyers.

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