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Monday Morning Update 11/19/07

November 17, 2007 News 2 Comments

From Holly: “Re: HIPAA. On the heels of Piedmont Hospital, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles is number two to be undergoing a HIPAA Audit by the government.” Unconfirmed, but that’s interesting. I didn’t hear what came out of the Piedmont visit. Gartner could do an interesting hype cycle on HIPAA. Phase I was everybody panicking and hiring consultants and attending endless HIPAA preparation seminars, along with promoting some obscure HIM or compliance person to a higher paying HIPAA Czar position. Then, it kicked in with NPPs, employee training, and transaction set software upgrades. Next, it dropped out of the picture entirely when it became clear that the administration wasn’t keen on actively hunting down violators. Most recently, the formerly timid providers and agencies are piping up to say that it really has impeded information flow and needs to be revisited. Somewhere in all that is the Insurance Portability part that got the whole mess going.

From Amber Waves: “Re: AMIA. I vastly prefer it to HIMSS. It is much more practical, in my mind, with way less focus on vendors and way more on what is really working – whether vendor-driven or homegrown. They have lots of opportunities for interaction with people who are really working hard on the tough informatics issues. Some of the solutions are not yet in the vendor products, but they will be soon and it is great to see in advance what types of real implementation issues are going to be coming along.” I also noticed that AMIA will take its 10×10 informatics education program global, now shooting for training 20,000 informaticists by 2020.

From Jack Horner: “Re: AMIA. Another great panel was ‘Integrating Informatics Into the Enterprise’, with John Glaser, Bill Stead, Marc Overhage, and Charlie Safran. The first two basically proved why Vanderbilt and Partners have the biggest informatics departments. Partners is also impressive in that it has avoided vendors for its EMR system and also that its IT department actually funds small, internal research grants. Bill Stead gave one of the best descriptions of the field informatics I’ve seen. Also notable: the empty Misys booth in the exhibition hall. Maybe you could get the NLM to give out ‘I Am Mr Histalk’ buttons at the 2008 conference?” OK, you’ve just about convinced me. I probably won’t attend the meetings (although you never know) but maybe I’ll join. It does sound more practical than I remember and I just might be an informaticist, depending on who’s defining. Its CEO salary: $256K.

From Keyser Size: “Re: layoffs. In Atlanta, the air is cool and brisk, leaves are turning red and gold, the holiday spirit is all around. It is also fall at McKesson, where around 250 employees were given their pink slips this week.” Unconfirmed.

From Nasty Parts: “Re: Allscripts. The culture of Allscripts is very micromanagement. I understand that Glenn Tullman himself regularly dials members of the sales force to quiz them on competitors, elevator speech etc. He also has his product manager making similar calls. All of this on top of the daily pipeline reports that the sales guys have to deliver.” That’s probably annoying to a sales guy used to being a lone wolf, but I give him credit for getting involved in the details. If he wasn’t, someone would claim that he was distant and disconnected.

From Justen Deal: “Re: Universal Rules for Big EMR Rollouts™. Went ahead and trademarked it for you.” Justen comments on the big Epic projects at Kaiser and Sutter, calculating that HealthConnect will end up costing $9 billion over ten years, just a bit higher than its original $1.8 billion estimate. Hey, maybe I could work that Universal Rules thing like Letterman’s Top 10. Actually, that list just kind of spewed out because I was tired, so two minutes later, I was trying to figure out how it got on the screen. I must have been channeling some dead HIT cynic.

A reader asks about medical informatics programs, specifically those of Northwestern, UIC, SUNY Downstate, and UMNDNJ. Good question. Which programs are good nationally, maybe both those intended for full-time study and programs better for working adults? Are they worth the cost and effort required? I’m curious myself. Let me know.

Allscripts must have allowed its web domain to lapse, at least temporarily, or maybe somebody hijacked their DNS. I went there yesterday and got one of those fake search engine sites littered with Adsense ads. Same result when I Googled and clicked on the several links listed. It’s working now.

Amcom Software will merge with telecommunications provider XTEND Communications.

MedAvant’s Q3 numbers: revenue down 25%, EPS -$0.38 vs. -$0.12.

Microsoft gets an Azyxxi sale to St. Joseph Health System (CA).

Odd hospital lawsuit: a man arrested for drunk driving after a car crash refuses to submit to a blood alcohol level. After his release, his wife took him to a local hospital to get the test “to satisfy his own curiosity.” He failed, so the hospital notified the police because they thought they were supposed to. He changed his plea to guilty, spent a couple of days in jail, and lost his license for a year. He’s now suing the hospital for emotional distress and economic damage, claiming it violated HIPAA by disclosing information when it didn’t have to (he claims he wasn’t being treated at the time). What are the odds that he even paid for the test?

Visionary Medical System announces it has met the interoperability requirements of the Novo Grid by Novo Innovations, allowing its EMR product to view hospital information along with the practice’s health records.

CPSI announces the migration of its hospital system (the applications and database tiers) to Red Hat Linux, offering customers royalty-free licensing, portability, and broad industry support. The GUI will remain ClientWare on Windows.

E-mail me.

Inga’s Update

I have to admit I am sad that everyone thinks Mr. H is right with his universal EMR rollout rules. Does this mean everyone who talks about their success stories aren’t telling the whole truth?

From Tracy: “Is the President and COO’s name really Rob Kill? Man, his parents must have been in a bad mood during the baby naming process. I’m glad I’m not in charge of PR or brand management at that company!” Yep, it really is. I heard his brothers are Chase and Hunter.

Northern Louisiana is establishing a new e-health initiative with the help of IBM, Carefx, Initiate Systems, and the Louisiana Rural Hospital Coalition, Inc. Louisiana taxpayers are providing the initial funding.

Former Accuro Healthcare Solutions and QuadraMed execs announce the formation of a new company, Panacea Health Solutions. They’ll focus on helping hospitals improve their financial performance.

Unless Mr. H, who doesn’t like to give his projects too many shameless plugs, I am happy to shamelessly ask people to contact me for the HIStech Report scoop. We are already working on reports for four or five companies. If you want to be included in the pre-HIMSS editions, let us know soon.

E-mail Inga.

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  1. Response from The Alchemist

    RE: Microsoft Azyxxi sale to St. Joseph Health System. I have been following Azyxxi for the past two years primarily because of the promise of technology and more importantly trying to decipher AZYXXI as some brilliant covert acronym that would change the face of modern healthcare; applying the word “modern” sparingly.

    Will never be one of those types of people that told you so but keeping an open non-vendor mind to Microsoft for clues that just might provide real-world solutions for ubiquitous communications on a unified platform. Alchemy, whether legend or myth extols, “an Alchemist has the power to transform something common into something special.” H-m-m-m-m. Transforming modern U.S. healthcare into something special. Eureka! Microsoft and Google merge into MicroGoogle.

    (SoftGrid Application Virtualization and Streaming in Healthcare)

  2. The rumor is true about layoffs at McKesson – I was told many oldtimers who had been there for a while and were working in clinicals…

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