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October 16, 2007 News 12 Comments

From G-Ray: “Re: RHIOs. I was wondering if your readers have any real information on the differences (if any) between HIEs and RHIOs.”

From Miles J. Bennell: “Re: Epic’s campus. I thought you would find these interesting. A client visiting Epic’s campus and took these pictures. Nice looking campus, although I really question their taste in art (see the very large chicken picture).” Link. Definitely cow-tipping country. Like Microsoft’s relocating intentionally to the dreary Northwest to keep the non-work distractions down, the location is perfect for getting fun-loving kids to work too many hours. Like in My Cousin Vinny, “I bet the Chinese food in this town is terrible.”

From Martin Jensen: “Re: HealthVault. While I was away at a conference last week, my partner took it as an opportunity to learn animation. He posted his first cartoon on our new HITCHtv.net website. I think you’ll enjoy it. Check out ‘HealthFault from Microsoft.'” Link. Those Healthcare IT Transition Group folks (Michael and Marty) are funny and smart. I haven’t figured out exactly how their business model works, but it’s fun.

From John Harris: “Re: MSFT. Even Harvard experts think MSFT can sovle the HIT ‘problem’. I did post a link for him back to your blog as recommended reading from an expert on the industry :-)” Link. The Harvard Business Online guy asks the question, “Is Microsoft’s approach on target or do you favor a government-led solution?” Do we only get two choices?

Listening: I was premature in calling Ziggy Stardust the best album ever. I’m now convinced it’s Forever Changes, circa 1967, by Love. Remarkably fresh and brilliant from the tragic, late Arthur Lee and bandmates. I’ve played it constantly for two days.

Scott Shreeve evaluates doctor social networking site Sermo: “Knowledge Prostitution Enabling Aggregated Voyeurism: Is This a Business Model?” Sermo is allowing drug companies to buy their way into the site to influence its doctor members. It’s like Internet porn with (clothed) docs being watched with creepy intensity by salivating drug companies. Big Pharma 2.0.

My newsletter editorial going out tomorrow: “Where Good Products Go to Die: The Elephant’s Graveyard of Conglomerate-Acquired Products.” Finish this sentence: “Base on that title, surely company being referred to is ____”.

EHRConsultant is offering free educational videos on the use of speech recognition software and EHRs, divided by vendor and specialty.

Cerner’s user conference drew 6,700 attendees to Kansas City last week.

Michael Stearns is promoted to president of e-MDs.

Noteworthy Medical Systems names former Eclipsys CEO Paul Ruflin as its new president and COO.

Speaking of Eclipsys, the company is bailing on Boca and moving its headquarters to Atlanta. I guess the traffic wasn’t bad enough there.

Mediware will buy Integrated Marketing Solutions, which sells software for blood donation centers.

Picis announces the release of CareSuite Extelligence Anesthesia 3.0, its anesthesia care business analytics system. The OR version is coming soon.

HIMSS ties the knot with some kind of emergency medical response advocacy group. Roger, Rampart 1.

Here’s a Misys press release about EMRs that contains no news. Maybe that’s why it’s running only on some German stock site.

Microsoft gets further into Cisco’s unified communications business.

The medical division of Philips turns in a disappointing Q3, blaming US regulatory changes for imaging systems.

InterSystems gets a big Cache’ deal with the VA.

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Currently there are "12 comments" on this Article:

  1. “I haven’t figured out exactly how their business model works, but it’s fun.” If you figure it out, let us know!

    “It’s like Internet porn with (clothed) docs being watched with creepy intensity by salivating drug companies. ”

    This is why you are the best blog in HIT. And that hurts for me to say it.

    “My newsletter editorial going out tomorrow: “Where Good Products Go to Die: The Elephant’s Graveyard of Conglomerate-Acquired Products.” Finish this sentence: “Base on that title, surely company being referred to is ____”.”

    Gotta be HBOC. I mean, McKesson. Er, NDCHealth/Per Se/RelayHealth/Whatever…

  2. Re: Epic Pictures – a number of existential questions come to mind – Are they inferring we are chickens or mini-mice? Is this about the dangers of genetic modifications and an ad for free range, hormone free chickens? Who is the chicken behind the curtain? Who is mini-mouse?

    Come on now, what is the deal with that art piece? It is a beautiful facility and they muck it up with that. Dogs playing World of Warcraft or something would have been a better choice.

  3. RE: Epic Campus Pictures

    Ahh…now I can see why so many leave EPIC for reasons of insanity. Giant chickens, random knights, crazy orange carpet, and a barren wasteland surrounding the campus. Not too mention 80 hour work weeks getting nothing accomplished (need we bring up Kaiser?). 😛 In all seriousness though…is anyone really impressed with a giant building in the middle of nowhere?

  4. RE RHIOs and HIEs – Neither have a very good definition, RHIOs do not have to share information (they usually do but some are more into facilitating HIT adoption, telemedicine and other ideas) but the bottom line is they are usually the same and pay attention to the context.

  5. HIE has a ‘corporate’ touch to its name, making it seem as if HIEs are here to be in business, and HIEs need not be regional..i guess the term was popularized by ONC during the NHIN projects…..while RHIOs have a ‘collaborative’ , ‘think-tank’ touch to its name…basically both are the same..old wine in new bottles…

  6. An HIE is more finite in scope. It may be sponsored by an IPA, for example, and include data sources from labs, imaging centers, a hospital or two and physicians. Geographically, they are all very close. The governance structure is usually the IPA itself. These tend to resemble the old CHIN model.

    A RHIO is much larger in the area it covers. It is more likely that it includes competing hospitals in an urban area and the surround suburban and even rural hospitals. The same data sources may be included too. The governance structure here is different. It is likely to be an independent organization, created by the driving forces and operated independently from the member/participating hospitals.

  7. Re Epic’s campus and why Microsoft is in the Northwest…the food in downtown Madison is excellent and I look forward to my trips there. I will let you know if I find a good Chinese restaurant. Judy’s taste in art is her own, and creates a fun atmosphere. Bill Gates grew up in Seattle and so it’s no surprise that he located Microsoft near his home turf. Seattle is way more urban than Madison, but both have plenty to offer the youngsters who work there.

  8. Re: Epic’s campus – it rocks and was a wonderful place for people to share ideas with other users and Epic staff alike! Quality place, great work environment. About time people realized that investing in your employee experience leads to good outcomes. Epic’s just a great example of that.

    Say what you want, but this looks like a company preparing for the next 20 years.

    PS: The pictures were a little deceiving… the country side around Epic is beautiful and you couldn’t really appreciate it from those photos.

  9. EpicUGM –
    Wow, EPIC must’ve brought out the Hunch Punch Kool Aid for the conference. Wisconsin country side beautiful??? Really…. No one CAN appreciate that. Just wait a few more months.

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