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Microsoft To Announce HealthVault PHR

October 4, 2007 News 8 Comments

Microsoft will announce this morning its HealthVault personal health record. From the site’s beta page, the service will also include a search engine and device drivers that will allow uploading information from home monitoring equipment such as blood glucose and blood pressure monitors.

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  1. So who will be looking at the info once the bp is sent to this record? I cannot see physicians looking at all of their patients vital signs thru this site on a regular basis.

  2. Have you looked at Microsoft’s Health Vault? From what I can tell, it is simply a repository of uploaded documents. I see absolutely no structure or typical PHR data base elements at all. But, I may be missing something.

  3. I just got a note that Microsoft has selected CapMed as a partner in their HealthVault project. That may explain the earlier comment about missing PHR components.

  4. Took more time to get a Liive ID than it did to get board on the site.

    Not impressive, not even interesting. Maybe these guys should read HealthCare forDummies before the rush to release HealthCare.com by Dummies.

  5. WARNING, STAY AWAY FROM WORKING DIRECTLY WITH MICROSOFT. This vendor is not good for your health. They are making the big push into Healthcare with the HealthVault PHR. We recently got a push from one of their sales reps and when he came in all we talked about was how difficult it was to interpret their licensing. We are paying them over $400,000 a year and can’t agree on whether we are donig it right although we try really hard to meet our obligations. I’ve told my staff that we will only work with Microsoft though other third party vendors and Microsoft should not be directly allowed into our facilities. Until they clean up the language of their licensing and make it clearer and more fair we will not work directly with this vendor. I won’t even look at this product until some effort on their part to create some licensing fairness occurs.

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