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Morning Headlines 12/6/22

December 5, 2022 Headlines 2 Comments

Rhythm Management Group Announces Acquisition of Equis Consulting Group

Remote patient monitoring consulting and management company Rhythm Management Group acquires competitor Equis Consulting Group.

Medication Intelligence Leader Kit Check Rebrands as Bluesight

Medication supply chain software vendor Kit Check changes its name to Bluesight.

UCSF is First to Integrate Records Across Medical and Dental

University of California San Francisco Health and UCSF Dentistry announce they have become the first academic health system in the West to merge medical and dental records into one EHR.

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  1. UCSF integrating oral and overall health records is a huge step that should not be understated! Given all the focus we have on SDOH and how we know that poor oral health generally leads to poor health elsewhere, it’s baffling that the US insurance industry, the UK’s NHS, Canada’s Medicare system, etc. still separate teeth and eyes from the rest of healthcare. Let’s hope that other institutions follow suit!

  2. Congrats to UCSF for being the first academic institution to integrate medical and dental records. FQHC’s using NextGen Enterprise have benefited from integrated physical, dental and behavioral health records for many years — leading the way in whole person health and better healthcare outcomes for all.

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  1. Good description of the problems with Microsoft Viva. I usually just say it's not helpful, obnoxious, and angering. Your description…

  2. The ongoing prevalance of "Grateful Patients" programs twists my head around. One one hand, it is wrought with ethical concerns…

  3. Maybe they should start by dropping guided weapns down the elevator shafts at Leidos?

  4. fwiw, Don's no charity

  5. It doesn't help that the corporations that profit the most have functionally zero restrictions on their ability to exercise "free…


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