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Morning Headlines 5/6/21

May 5, 2021 Headlines 2 Comments

Cerner Reports First Quarter 2021 Results, Updates Guidance, Expands Capital Return Program and Commences CEO Succession

Cerner reports a 2% dip in its quarterly revenue and announces a succession plan for CEO Brent Shafer.

HST Pathways Merges with Simple Admit to Enhance End-to-End Patient Technologies for Ambulatory Surgery Centers Nationwide

Ambulatory surgery center software vendor HST Pathways merges with Simple Admit, which offers ASC-specific patient engagement and relationship management technology.

Fitness ring maker Oura raises $100M

Smart ring company Oura will use its $100 million Series C funding round to hire staff, and continue expanding research and development beyond its initial sleep-tracking functionality.

Vida Health raises $110M in Series D round led by General Atlantic, Centene, and AXA Venture Partners

Virtual chronic care company Vida Health raises $110 million, bringing its total raised to $188 million.

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  1. So Brent Shafer has accomplished what during his time as CEO? Decimated all the upper level management with his cronies who now need replaced, made all the good worker bees leave by withholding raises and layoffs, lost some huge clients while not making many new sales, underperformed for the shareholders with regards to the stock price, not made any progress on meeting existing promises to clients, not made any progress on new markets. I think Brent’s Cerner legacy is that he made life moderately worse for everyone involved except his pocketbook, but at least he didn’t implode the company.

    • You also left out continued delays and budget overruns for the DOD/VA project, I believe there are more Congressional hearings coming up about that? I look at the US market and see the start of a long slow death spiral for Cerner. They’ll hang around for a while by virtue of the government contract they won, and as some of their remaining hospital clients help them cling to life, but it seems Epic is on a clear path to an even larger monopoly. Cerner will continue to have some success internationally and through niche products, but I think in 10-15 years they will be a shell of their current operation.

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