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Morning Headlines 4/23/20

April 22, 2020 Headlines 1 Comment

Cleveland Clinic and SAS share COVID-19 predictive models to help hospitals plan for current and future needs

Cleveland Clinic and SAS make predictive models available on GitHub that can help hospitals better prepare for COVID-19-related impacts on supply chains, capacity, medical devices, and finances.

Nearly 25,000 email addresses and passwords allegedly from NIH, WHO, Gates Foundation and others are dumped online

SITE Intelligent Group discovers that activists have shared 25,000 email addresses and passwords stolen from WHO, NIH, CDC, and the Gates Foundation.

IT services company Cognizant warns customers after ‘Maze’ ransomware attack

IT services company Cognizant – owner of RCM vendor TriZetto – confirms that a ransomware attack has caused service disruptions for some of its clients.

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  1. These CCF models had the peak in mid June WITH the distancing staying in place since Mid March. Those have been discounted.
    They also predicted 100,000 dead in Ohio in March WITH distancing.
    Then 10,000 dead in April.
    Their models have been WILDLY off.
    And unfortunately the public health people have been bludgeoning the politicians with freakishly wrong modeling
    which has led to scaring the public to death and closing businesses indefinitely (there is no real plan to open them in Ohio, even as of today).
    So now we are at around 500 dead in OH, and that is counting PUI (possibles) and real lab positives. Not 100k, not 10K. Ouch.
    So I’m not sure what the CCF is shoveling again, but I would be wary of any modeling by them.

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