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HIMSS20 Exhibitor Cancellations 3/4/20

March 4, 2020 News 54 Comments

HIMSS just updated its exhibit hall assignment system. There’s no easy way to see who is missing, but looking up empty booths against other announcements allows finding them in most cases. Some of those in the large booths (20×20) that won’t be there are below.

It should be noted that the cancelling exhibitors represent a tiny fraction of the 1,300 and that most of those cancelling are global technology firms rather than health IT vendors. Exhibitors are free to make their own decisions for their own reasons that go beyond the “bandwagon effect” of just doing what others do.

Those who are electing not to participate are no doubt performing their own notification to customers and scheduled booth visitors.

Audacious Inquiry
Butterfly Network
Change Healthcare (anchor exhibitor)
Ctrl Group
Decisio Health
EClinicalWorks (anchor exhibitor)
Fora Health
Google Cloud
Greenway Health
IBM (anchor exhibitor)
Modernizing Medicine
NextGen Healthcare
NTT Data
Pure Storage
Quil Health
Siemens Healthineers
SOC Telemed
Visage Imaging
Wolters Kluwer
Zoom Video

I’ll add to the list as I manually look up the empty booths or hear details from readers.

Some vendors moved within the hall, in some cases giving up big booths in favor of small ones. It may be that HIMSS is rearranging booths to make the empty ones less noticeable and exhibitors choosing smaller spaces for a reduced staff presence.

Readers have told me (unconfirmed) that registrants from these provider organizations won’t be allowed to attend:

Cleveland Clinic
Intermountain Healthcare
Jefferson Health
Kaiser Permanente
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Seattle Children’s
Tampa General
UNC Health Care

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Currently there are "54 comments" on this Article:

  1. It sure would be decent of the HIMSS organization to be forthcoming with this information rather then hide it because it impacts their revenue.

    • I’m actually reluctant to post a list because it might encourage the “bandwagon effect” in looking like a mass exodus when it’s really just a few dozen of 1,300 vendors. Most of those cancelling are global tech companies rather than health IT ones as well.

      • I can understand why you might have some reluctance about posting a list – the reasons you gave – but why not just state those caveats as a preface at the top of the list. That way, you’ve been seen and heard, your readers understand yet have access to this important info, and sponsors of your site are adequately covered as well. Just a thought

      • As a past attendee at HIMSS, I’d suggest posting the latest list of non-exhibitors for the benefit of those planning to attend and meet those firms at the event. At the same time, I’d add the caveat that the event is still being held and 1,200+ vendors are still planning to be at the conference. In the interest of “full transparency” not sharing what is known relative to the status of HIMSS exhibitors would be a disservice to those still planning to attend.

        • I agree and believe there is opportunity for transparency. Oh, and a thank you to all the vendors who have pulled out and proactively contacted us, and others who had meetings set up with them.

  2. Earlier today, Visage Imaging announced, “Visage Imaging is firmly committed to the health and safety of our global team and customers. After careful consideration, we have decided to no longer participate in HIMSS 2020.”

    We had intended on exhibiting in our 20 x 20 booth. Many of the customer meetings we had pre-scheduled were canceled by those customers, due to coronavirus travel restrictions imposed on their organizations. They were no longer attending HIMSS, nor able to travel at all due to institutional mandates.

  3. Asking them to be ‘forthcoming’ beyond updating their existing assingment/scheduling systems is helpful or useful how?

    I do think it is very interesting to know the categories of organizations that have canceled.

  4. Has anyone inquired to see if many of these large non-IT vendors carry insurance that may allow them to cancel due to public health concerns?

  5. I’m assuming HIMSS themselves has event insurance which may help them on costs but wouldn’t help on revenues.

  6. Some travel insurance no longer provides coverage due to Florida’s declaration of a public health state of emergency. (It’s possible that some health coverage insurance may have similar limitations.) That will impact attendance, particularly for those traveling from outside the U.S. (at least if they think to check what their insurance covers…)

    • In terms travel insurance, many policies include language that precludes coverage for cancellations due to an epidemic or pandemic. And to get total coverage for a cancellation, travelers would have had to buy full unlimited coverage within a couple weeks of their reservation and payment.

  7. I’ve heard of a number of health systems/academic health centers that are instituting non-essential travel restrictions for faculty/staff/trainees, of which mine is one of them.

  8. What does this mean for the interoperability showcase? Some of these vendors have played a major role in several use cases in past years. Any info on that booth?

    • We’ve been told one of the EHR vendors in our IOP will be participating remotely. I’ll spare my thoughts on the whole IOP process this year.

  9. Looking at this list, many of these companies, particularly healthcare providers and payers, now have policies in place which prohibit non-essential travel for everyone in their companies. A vastly diminished HIMSS 20.

  10. I am assuming that education sessions are affected as many folks from these organizations will not be there to present.

  11. Thank you for all the information you are providing for the community, it is a testament to why HIStalk is unique and a valuable resource to so many. From a vendor perspective, it would also be very useful to see a full list of the provider organizations that are not going to be sending any attendees.

  12. Cancelled today due to concerns and needing to staff our own health care systems disaster plan. Hotel would not reimburse noting to call hotel vendor who then said they could not reimburse without HIMSS say so. Poor form HIMSS. I understand the revenue loss but come on.

  13. Plenty more companies informing their teams this evening that they are pulling out. The appearance by Trump didn’t help matters…

    • I’d assume if we look at leadership of these organizations we’d probably see a left leaning trend. I’d also assume if President Obama was speaking we’d not see as many organizations pulling out.

    • And there it is, someone with TDS, putting blame on Trump for people pulling out.

      “Nice hat Harry”

  14. Wow! What are the concerns ? Someone is going to catch a cold ? This virus is so overblown it is laughable.

    • Yes the likelihood of you getting seriously ill is minimal. The likelihood of your mother becoming seriously ill as a result of your blatant indifference goes up exponentially. Your mother’s friend with respiratory problems likelihood of death goes up from there. So, laugh it up.

      The optics alone of 45000 healthcare professionals ignoring warnings of a highly contagious virus is not laughable. It’s rather sad. The reality is that this even will spread the virus amongst healthcare workers….period. I read this list a little differently. Many on the list above are highly innovative companies with progressive HR policies. Probably why they are so successful. Bravo to them for being proactive.

    • Kindly let us know which company you work for? An interesting take in the healthcare space to insult whole groups of individuals for being cautious. And doing so anonymously takes great courage.

  15. A HIMSS insider confirmed with me that about 5% of the vendor pool has pulled out. My gut is that it’ll be at least 10% before we’re all said and done. Add to that the biggest health systems across the country are instituting travel restrictions and/or holding their people back. I guess the vendors will just be hanging out together standing 6 ft apart.

  16. Please update this list – it’s going to be 20,000 by end of today. HIMSS should postpone until June.

  17. I have heard from 2 very large health systems that they are not allowed to attend. One is based out of TN and the other out of PA. Deduce from that.

  18. I posted a tweet stream last night urging HIMSS to repurpose HIMSS20 along with other recommendations. This is a tough call. But after spending a couple of days pouring over evolving data and reports, for me it comes down to this: we can’t stop the outbreak, but we can flatten the curve. Having tens of thousands of healthcare workers and healthcare focused companies who are not fully trained to interact safely aggregate in an alcohol-fueled networking gathering and then disperse globally is, mildly stated, unwise.

    Transforming the week into a smaller event targeted on building epidemic-focused tools and services could turn this into a vital component of the global strategy to address the need.

    More here:


  19. Two thoughts:
    – HIMSS is trying to keep cancellations quiet, actively telling companies as they pull out not to announce it. They are not coming out of this looking good in any form, in my opinion. I don’t know if they should cancel the entire conference or not, really, given that there has been a great deal of hyperbolic press coverage, but their greed and concern about generating a bad tweet from the president is clear. Other conferences are refunding money.
    – None of the data about cancellations reflects the significant reduction to only non-essential personnel that exhibitors are undertaking. Health IT developers like athena and Epic are shrinking who they send, from what I hear, so even where people don’t cancel outright, it is going to be a very sparse show as compared to past years. That means less value for attendees.

  20. Healthjump is prepping a virtual booth, where a public link will be shared that will connect to a video conference with the team for anyone who can’t make it or if HIMSS officially cancels.

    It would be great if histalk would be willing to compile a list of vendors doing the same!

    • Wow, now that’s innovative! I’m surprised MICROSOFT didn’t turn their entire booth into a huge screen running presentations with Teams all week!!

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