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HIMSS Says HIMSS20 Remains On Track and President Trump May Speak

March 2, 2020 News 12 Comments

A HIMSS update on HIMSS20 and COVID-19 says that an expert panel of medical professionals will provide recommendations for its conference planning. Those experts will “further advise our evidence-based decision-making and to ensure the safety of the healthcare community currently planning to assemble in Florida for HIMSS20.”

Meanwhile, HIMSS announced that President Trump has been invited to speak at the conference, with further details following later today. A White House reporter says the President is planning to attend and time slot of Monday, March 9 at 4:00 p.m. has been rumored. That’s the pre-conference day, with the only scheduled all-attendee event being the opening reception at 5:30.

Health IT regulations have been published immediately before or during previous HIMSS conferences, leading to speculation that announcements will be made that week about the proposed interoperability rules of HHS/ONC.

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  1. Monday must be one of if not the largest arrival day with Monday afternoon as prime arrival time. Can you imagine what President Trump coming in would do to gridlock traffic coming into the event? Thanks for your update.

    • I’ve been in Orlando when a sitting president flew in for a speech and it’s a mess, both at the airport and on Interstate 4. I assume they would shut down International Drive. Security at the convention center would be crazy even for those who don’t attend the speech. If it really ends up as 4:00 on Monday, that will be a major disruption to the pre-conference education and to the opening reception that follows.

  2. Oh, hell…I’m going to be either sitting on tarmac for AirForce 1 Clearance or on I4….Can’t he do it virtually? And show how virtual care works?!

  3. Well, if Trump speaks …what a huge draw – a “must attend event” – more so than any past HISTalk part…or… another reason to stay away (either to boycot or because we could get arrested for disorderly conduct)

  4. If that lying, ignorant, buffoon shows, who has been attempting to revoke the law which created the requirements, standards and certification for HIT shows up, I will resign from HIMSS!!! I am NOT going to pay for one of his campagin events via my HIMSS registration. NO, NO, NO

    It was bad enough when his ignorant son in law, who knows nothing about HIT was given the time to inconvenience and waste time blathering on at HIMSS18.

    No, NO, HELL NO.

  5. I have to wonder if HIMSS is being coerced to go forward with holding the conference, in light of last week’s requirement to have all CDC info go through Pence first and now Trump is booked to speak. These things don’t get scheduled last minute with the POTUS.

    And – not for nothing but – What the hell could Trump say coherently about interoperability?!?!

  6. Based on the ultra-scientific polling of 11 thumbs up vs 36 thumbs down, this appearance has a 23% approval rating among those thumbing a preference. He’s gotten booed at non-partisan (general audience) events like the World Series. I wonder what kind of reception he will get at HIMSS or if there will be any controls put in place.

    Aaand HL7 just pulled out of HIMSS20. The announcements are going to start to drop in the next 24 hours for sure…

  7. This last-minute announcement seems pretty par for the course, for this Administration. Shock and Awe!

    Seema would have been just fine.

    This could definitely go south quick OR to curtail it HIMSS will make a rash decision to control human emotions and cause a backlash from their membership/participants (based on past similar experiences with such high profile last minute high emotion things).

    He truly isn’t a great speaker so a brief virtual presence would have sufficed. Not sure of the win here?

    His MO is to 1) disrespect previous WH administrations 2) take credit for all others work ‘I did this’ 3) not really understand the complexities of healthcare and minimize it as ‘it will all be fixed, very soon’ 4) campaign by taking shots at other parties via childish monikers etc.

    Come on HIMSS don’t sell off the farm for a short term perceived win!

  8. Will all this discussion of communicable diseases will change any conference protocol? I always seem to get a little bit sick after HIMSS. I’d love to see a poll of how many HIMSS attendees have gotten a flu shot this year.

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