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HIMSS Confirms President Trump for HIMSS20 Kickoff

March 2, 2020 News 23 Comments

HIMSS announced Monday afternoon that President Trump will become the first sitting US president to deliver an address at its annual conference.

The President will speak at 4 p.m. on Monday, March 9 in the Valencia Ballroom of the Orange County Convention Center.

That Monday is the pre-conference day. The President’s speech will begin before the pre-conference education sessions have concluded and will precede the opening reception at 5:30 p.m.

President Trump will likely talk about interoperability in conjunction with an HHS announcement about its new interoperability rules. He is also sure to talk about COVID-19.

The President’s Orlando campaign rally last year disrupted flights at Orlando International Airport and created rush-hour traffic problems on major roads. HIMSS20 attendees who are flying in on Monday will probably experience delays, while Secret Service security procedures could impact Orange County Convention Center for much of the day.

Planning for a presidential visit takes weeks, Orlando’s police chief said before last year’s rally, so it’s likely that the President has planned to speak all along  but wasn’t announced until now by HIMSS.

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Currently there are "23 comments" on this Article:

  1. It is really unfortunate that we can’t track the difference between cancellations due to the virus VS cancellations due to Trump speaking. He is an anti-healthcare president. If people cancel in protest or cancel their membership over this….please note it to HIMSS. Not a smart move on their part to have him speak!!

    • Your bloviating has no basis and is not defensible. I suggest you actually look at facts and not ideological propaganda.

  2. What a mistake!! This person does not know how to use a computer, doubt he could spell it. Has no interest in developing cyber security and privacy. He is an ignorant, embarrassment, the laughing stock of the world. As this will be a political event, I demand HIMSS refund my registration! Please in the interest of fact and fairness, invite The Real President Obama, who championed health information technology.

    • Actually Sean, President Bush 43 initiated HIT development through the creation of ONC, President Obama accelerated it. However, your lack of facts and reality as to President Trump just shows your ignorance.

  3. HIMSS, as this is a campagin event, I demand a refund on the ‘Meeting Registration’!
    This person does not even know how to use a computer, does not know interoperability and could not spell it! HORRIBLE IDEA! What an embarrassment to have this inarticulate, lying Buffoon! Shame on HIMSS.

    • So the past political personalities active, retired and candidates were okay? It is clear your ideology and emotions have gotten in front of your professionalism. I hope you don’t make business decisions with such a mindset.

  4. Can we please keep this community clean of the endless political drama that has ruined most other online forums? Nearly every comment on the two top posts is low effort and isn’t conducive to productive conversation.

    • It’s not like what Trump has to say at HIMSS will be high effort and thought provoking. Cheap political hijinks get cheap reactions from the peanut gallery.

      • Actually, I think it is a reasonable request by the membership for how this talk came to be, particularly in an election year. Not only do I agree that it is unlikely that anything he says will be of import to our organization or the challenges we are facing (including COVID-19), if it is to announce the ONC final rule on interoperability/info blocking/patient access, I can think of a few more appropriate speakers. If this was a “request” to speak by the White House, that should also be made clear to the members.

        • So past speakers from dimwits like Dennis Quaid to political candidates like Hillary Clinton are okay, but having a sitting President isn’t? You obviously have a thimble full of common sense.

    • Well at least we’ll be able to see who among us are an existential threat to ourselves, our family, our friends.

  5. I would not be surprised if HIMSS was informed that Trump would speak, the opposite of an invitation.

    • This is hardly the first time a politician active or retired has spoken. This must he your first HIMSS event.

  6. I hope that HIMSS has considered the fallout from non-attendees showing up. Also is this a open keynote. Valencia Ballroom seats like 6-7,000 as I recall. Does one need a ticket to get in? Or just wait in line? Security screening?

    • It could be because that wasn’t an election year. Also, hilldog did not try to repeal-without-replace the largest healthcare legislation in recent history. Notice how the coal industry hasn’t asked Al Gore to speak at many of their events?

  7. Given the political dimensions of many of the views expressed nationally on the appropriate approach/response to COVID-19, I’d argue that HIMSS not cancelling the event is a stronger statement in support of President Trump than having him keynote.

    A premier healthcare conference is taking place that will bring tens of thousands of people from around the country and around the world into one place with high level of interaction and transmission potential: flights, hotels, exhibit halls, etc. while much of the rest of the healthcare world is busy with quarantines, travel restrictions, etc. Hmmm…

    Will be quite a bit of irony in a few weeks when the same hospital exces and doctors who went to HIMSS so as not to disrupt something they want to do to advance their professional/financial interests are going to explain to patients and the public that they need to stay isolated for 14 days if they came in contact with someone who is infected and how selfish and wrong it would be to violate that quarantine and potentially infect others…

    Even if you aren’t as extreme in your view as: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-infection-outbreak-worldwide-virus-expert-warning-today-2020-03-02, hard to see the logic here other than “we want/need it to be insignificant, so it is”. Whether the reason you want it to be insignificant is micro-economics (HIMSS) or macro-economics (state of US economy and its political implications), seems that President Trump and HIMSS are very well aligned here.

    What’s surprising to me is how well-aligned other folks are when it comes to HIMSS, who under other circumstances would probably be on the other side of this divide… OK, it’s not really surprising…

  8. Attendees are not assured of transmission, only an elevated proclivity of an unknown amount, perhaps it’s like the weather report and we’ll know more the day before.

    Beyond logic, I’m comforted when anyone gets flamed and it’s not about the dirty, dirty Irish.

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