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Morning Headlines 1/17/20

January 16, 2020 Headlines 2 Comments

Buoy Health Raises Investment from Cigna Ventures

Digital triage startup Buoy Health raises $20 million in an oversubscribed Series B round.

The Future of Healthcare Tech Support, Black Book Research Releases 2020 Outlook

Cerner achieves top marks for hospital technology support services for the fourth year in a row, according to Black Book Research’s latest survey of senior-level health IT end users.

Piedmont Names New Chief Health Information Officer

Piedmont Healthcare (GA) names Lacy Knight, MD (Northwestern Medicine) chief health information officer.

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  1. If Cerner received top marks for IT hospital support, then I cannot imagine how bad it really is out there. Cerner IT support is about as helpful as the worse DMV experience you can imagine. I am a front line MD, and if they are the benchmark, then we need a whole new paradigm. EHRs are an abomination and the support of them is equally terrible. CMS and Congress did patients and MDs a HUGE disservice by enabling this artificial market for Cert EHR and its resultant disaster we all live in today. It has set back REAL innovation in EHR/HealthIT at least a decade, maybe 20 years. I’m not sure how many more articles, research, studies, etc we need to show that the current crop of EHRs are almost criminal in terms of safety, security, outcomes, burden to MDs nursing, and the ridiculous buzzword care (MACRA, ACO, Value based care) are complete and utter nonsense and HORRIBLY expensive and causing devastating damage to the practice of medicine. When will we learn that Washington DC’s policy wonk, non practicing CMS staff have NO idea how to practice medicine safely, securely, and with the help of customized technology. We do NOT need more program changes unless they are…hey…we only make a mess of things…we are getting out of the way of physicians and IT and let them actually work together instead of the data click driven nightmares they continue to pile on to us. Its time to just say no to all of this. Stop trying to fix the unfixable. When will we learn that when government runs healthcare it turns into the VA and postal service combined.

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