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Morning Headlines 3/13/18

March 12, 2018 Headlines 10 Comments

Mercy Health launches new department

Mercy Health (OH) hires former Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services CEO Jason Siegert to head up its new analytics department, which will bring together business intelligence, and quality and population health analysis to better evaluate data.

Lake Mary firm to close, lay off employees

Greenway Health announces it will close its Lake Mary, FL and Birmingham, AL offices as it continues to consolidate operations at its headquarters in Tampa, FL.

Intermountain Healthcare Launches New Company, Expanding Access to Proven Mental Health Integration Approach

Intermountain Healthcare (UT) spins off Alluceo, a new company that will help providers apply technology to the integration of primary and behavioral healthcare.

Losing Software Bidder Charges University of Illinois is About to Make a $100M Mistake

After making a stink about the amount of money Illinois tax payers will have to pay if the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System moves forward with its Epic contract, Cerner convinces the Illinois Procurement Policy Board to convene all parties to explain their bids and the procurement process.

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Currently there are "10 comments" on this Article:

  1. Sec. Shulkin, Windom, and Kushner get a free miniature peek at their future in Illinois. Once Cerner is feeding at your trough, good luck getting out of it without being sued.

  2. It appears after reading several of your comments, all you care to do is bash Cerner at every turn. It sounds more and more like you have nothing more than an ax to grind.

    Have you read the original RFP and do you know how the State of Illinois’ Procurement process works? I have and I have engaged in the process before. The fact remains that there were violations of the RFP process and anyone that works with the state knows, they don’t tolerate that. The process and the rules appear to be broken and like it or not, Cerner has a legitimate claim here. Now, would Cerner want to stay with UIC or vise versa after this, probably not, and that is fine. But regardless, it appears that the rules were not followed, not to mention, the State of Illinois is almost bankrupt so where they are magically going to get the additional funds to implement a new EMR is anyone’s guess.

    • I do have an axe to grind, as should you if you pay taxes. They’re taking your money and they’re not giving you what you paid for.

      When Cerner stops acting badly at every turn, I’ll stop bashing at every turn.

      • Like Epic and the rest of the EMR vendors don’t act badly at every turn? They are all the same but you only refer to Cerner. I have worked with all the systems so at the end of the day, I don’t care what EMR a system has, as they all have their faults. But at least most of us here try to hold ALL of them accountable. You, on the other hand, clearly have a singularly focused objective.

        You should really change your name to All Hat and No Cattle. You are all talk and no substance. You oppose everything but offer nothing in return.

        Mr. Histalk, if you feel the need to ban me, then so be it. But lets be real, the negativity on here is getting out of hand. This should be a site of information and open dialog, not a negativity bitch fest….If I have to be the example, then so be it.

        • Don’t really know what to tell you, HIT. I don’t think anyone’s calling for you to be banned.

          My opinion/observation is that CommonWell is vaporware and it’s largely due to Cerner’s leadership or lack thereof. Athena went elsewhere to do real exchange. McKesson and Allscripts stopped talking about it. Cerner used it to land the ultimate whale and has delivered LESS THAN JLV for interoperability. With the DOD and VA combined, my family of 5 is in for about $250 to Cerner. For that price, I think I’m entitled to my equivalent of a Yelp review.

          What I offer in return is that they turn it on.

          • 100% agree, this is vaporware, they are not doing anything remotely close to interoperability. Not the only ones though, Epic, Athena, Allscripts, NextGen, Cerner and others are all doing the same thing have open APIs but make it very difficult to get approved to access data.

  3. This is actually old news, reported just now for some reason by the NBC station in Chicago that Jenn picked up in writing the headlines. Cerner filed the protest last fall and its claim was rejected by the state in January, both covered in detail on HIStalk. Here’s the outcome:


    The only new item in the story is that the state procurement policy board is holding a meeting on March 20 for unstated purposes.

  4. Re: “It said ‘all in’ price,” she says. “Capital A, capital L, capital L!”

    Wasn’t it Cerner/Leidos who bid an “all in” price, and then after the contract was signed added $50 million to the DoD cost?

  5. Cerner–the best Visual Basic 5 application our tax dollars can buy!

    Then there’s CCL (*vomits into nearest trashcan)

    Good think actual bidding didn’t take place at the VA

  6. It’s eerie to hear a healthcare vendor story about Lake Mary, FL. We used to get McKesson support for our Series product from that location, years ago (the city, not necessarily the building).

    I wonder how Greenway Health came to have offices there? Is it random chance, or one of those newfangled Centers of Expertise/Pods/Clusters initiatives at work?

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