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April 26, 2017 Headlines 3 Comments

The MacArthur Amendment Language, Race In The Federal Exchange, And Risk Adjustment Coefficients

Health Affair’s Tim Jost, JD reviews the new AHCA amendment proposed that has won the support of the GOP Freedom Caucus, substantially improving its chance of passing both chambers of Congress.

CMS notifying clinicians of MIPS participation status

CMS announces that by the end of May it will send letters to practices to notify them that they are required to participate in MIPS in 2017.

Sepsis Solutions Are Saving Lives and Enabling Better Care, According to New KLAS Report

In a small survey, KLAS reviews sepsis surveillance solutions marketed by major EHR vendors and niche surveillance vendors. 69 percent of respondents reported improved outcomes, with some reporting up to a 50 percent drop in mortality.

Prize-Winning DxtER “Tricorder” Makes a Public Appearance With Tech Legend Steve Wozniak

Basil Harris, MD, the team leader of Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize first place winner Final Frontier Medical Devices, demonstrates his team’s Tricorder design to Steve Wozniak at the 2nd annual Silicon Valley Comic Con.

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  1. Regarding the KLAS Report; Sepsis Solutions are Saving Lives and Enabling Better Care

    Leveraging host EHRs to support early identification, through alerts and suggested actions has improved both direct care and quality outcomes for patients we serve. Most recently with the deployment of integrated Sepsis Programs. Having the opportunity to work in a number of different EHRs surprised by the findings reported by KLAS related to MEDITECH. The MEDITECH Sepsis program provides for their hospitals and health networks, a strong evidence-based design, integrated within clinical workflows. The program offers Surveillance Tracking, Order Sets, and Rules Engine Alerts, aligning organizational protocols with care procedures. Using MEDITECHs sepsis program over the past 6 months, the care delivered to patients not only improves outcomes, but offers measurable and reportable criteria for continued improvements. Similar to other implementations, Sepsis protocols require a change in workflow, care practice and clinician adoption. Applaud MEDITECH for dedicating resources to successfully adapt and deploy their software to meet the needs of todays bedside care providers.

    • I was also surprised by the report from KLAS in regards to Meditech Sepsis surveillance tools. I work for a 451 bed acute care facility, am a critical care nurse by background, currently in the role of an Informatics Nurse. We implemented and use Meditech’s solution for sepsis sureveillance and have no complaints. We have not missed a single patient that was coded for sepsis or septic shock. Every single one of those patients hit our surveillance board. This speaks to the accuracy in providing a clinical decision tool that can be trusted. This has not only been very helpful for medical/surgical nurses in alerting them in real time during their normal workflow that a patient is at risk for sepsis, but also has hightened awareness amoung nurses. In creating a solution that does not make the nurse deviate from their normal workflow, yet recieve real-time alerts to check on a patient is priceless in a work environment that has become increasingly stressful. This tool also helps to take the subjectivity out of the equation which we did not have before. One of our rapid response nurses even informed us that she would have never checked on a patient that qualified for the board based on her assessment, however the patient was deemed to have sepsis. We also use the surveillance boards for a variety of other clinical uses that we feel greatly improve workflow and patient safety.

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