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February 23, 2017 Headlines 4 Comments

Screening for medication errors using an outlier detection system

A JAMIA study evaluates the effectiveness of using outlier detection software to identify potential medication errors.  5 years worth of EHR data was screened using the system to detect potential medication errors, and 75 percent of flagged charts had confirmed medication errors.

Letter to HHS Secretary Thomas Price, M.D

CHIME, MGMA, and 14 other medical societies co-sign a letter to HHS Secretary Thomas Price, MD lobbying for an indefinite delay of Meaningful Use Stage 3.

LabCorp buying Spokane-based PAML

LabCorp announces it will acquire Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, a national medical reference lab co-owned by Providence Health & Services and Catholic Health Initiatives.

Republican-Led States Push to Reshape Their Medicaid Programs

More than half-dozen states are seeking federal permission to reshape state Medicaid programs to impose coverage restrictions as ACA reform efforts stagnate.

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Currently there are "4 comments" on this Article:

  1. CHIME letter…While the party raged on at HIMSS, the forgotten front line MDs are still suffering with all the complex burdensome regulations piled on us by ONC CMS and certEHR.
    The past 8 years of HITECH MU PQRS certEHR has driven out many MDs, who’s left? The fighters. Here comes the blowback. MACRA MU and certEHR is dead. Everyone seems to forget, if MDs don’t play, the game is over. There is a HUGE disconnect between what are the continued plans at ONC/CMS and real front line medicine. Mark this as the beginning of the end of the crazy hyper-regulatory disaster unleashed on hardworking MDs.

    • There’s a long line of future and current clinicians that believe there is a better way; using computer science to aid in quality tracking, population health and ultimately better outcomes.

  2. Fascinating to see that it will cost a layman/general public $42 for 24 hour access to that JAMIA article that you posted. So much for knowledge sharing by AMIA!

  3. meltoots: Oh woe be me (or “us” if you are a provider). Before you hold the spectacle of MDs quitting over our heads (a la, business leaders going on strike in Atlas Shrugged), provide us with evidence beyond anecdotes!

    – How many MDs have quit over the last 8 years? Is that rate different from what happened 8 years before that? Or whichever 8 year time period which according to you was the golden era of US healthcare when MDs were MDs. Is that difference statistically significant?
    – Of the MDs that have quit, how many just quit because of age related factors? or that healthcare is moving to a team based model?
    – One of the leading indicators of frustration of MDs would be declining enrollment in med schools. Has that happened?
    – If US MDs are so frustrated with having to document patient care in an electronic chart, why doesn’t AMA just loosen its grip on medical education and allows more foreign educated doctors to practice in the US? In any case, research shows that foreign born MDs provide higher quality care to patients than native born MDs even after adjusting for risk.

    We are all part of an industry that costs this country trillions of dollars and is often blamed for stealing the American dream! Don’t rant and rave as if providers/MDs somehow are not part of the problem, that they have been powerless and have had this situation forced upon them. Collectively, we should all be humble, apologize to the country and find some fuckin’ solutions before we drown federal, state and local governments in medical debt.

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