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June 9, 2016 Headlines 12 Comments

Electronic Health Records Company Settles FTC Charges It Deceived Consumers About Privacy of Doctor Reviews

Practice Fusion settles FTC charges that it misled consumers by soliciting reviews for their doctors without disclosing that the information would be publicly posted on the Internet, leading to patients unknowingly publishing their own sensitive patient information.

The Helping Hospitals Improve Patient Care Act of 2016

The House passes the Helping Hospitals Improve Patient Care Act, exempting ambulatory surgical centers from MU and MIPS penalties.

Southcoast Health’s implementation of new electronic health record boosts South Coast region’s economy with an estimated $3 million in local spending

Southcoast Health (MA) says that its $100 million Epic implementation resulted in $3 million going back to the local economy in the form of hotel room, auto rental, gas, and dining costs for the Epic staff and consultants that helped manage the implementation.

Shkreli taunts feds, pleads not guilty to new charge

Martin Shkreli pleads not guilty to an updated indictment that added a new conspiracy charge to the list of criminal allegations against him.

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Currently there are "12 comments" on this Article:

  1. OMG. Southcoast spends 100 mill on a EPIC implementation and they are happy that 3 million went back into hotel rooms for EPIC people? That is the WORST ROI ever. What a joke of an article.

  2. Psssst.

    So who here thinks that “Helping Hospitals Improve Patient Care Act” has everything to do with the Congress acting in the interest of patients and nothing to do with the fact that Rep. Pat Tiberi (one of the co-authors of the bill) counts Insurance, Health Professionals and Pharma as three of his top-five donors, while Rep. McDermott (the other co-author) has Health Professionals as his #1 donor category?

    Oh! And hospitals in rural and economically disadvantaged areas can continue to have high readmission rates? Talk about soft bigotry of low expectations! And low performing Medicare Advantage programs can not longer be terminated! Can we continue to blame Dubya for creating this endless black hole for taxpayer money?

    At the same time, ProPublica and Mother Jones have a new report out today, lamenting the fact that most states have no oversight over hospital mergers and subsequent cutting of service. Apparently, sometimes the cutting of services is ideological, with catholic organizations such as Providence in Washington State cutting access to women’s health services.

    It’s actually quite wondrous to see that while health insurers and pharma get their fair share of public shaming for their role in expensive but inferior health care in the US, how easily providers get off in public perception despite their own fair share of contributors to the problem.

  3. Re: meltoots and ROI – how much profit margin does a Health System typically make? The $3 Mil is money going back to a community. It is a secondary benefit at a time when not-for-profits are pressured to justify their status. Depending where you live, many communities look at the amount of money coming into a community, new jobs created, and new training for existing jobs so that the job is enhanced.

  4. RE: Southcoast – For anyone that ever said ‘Epic doesn’t do marketing’, make sure you read the Southcoast article. That kind of a story doesn’t just happen, seems live a very coordinated attempt to deflect against the layoffs and project issues attributed to Epic earlier this year. (and throughout the U.S.)

  5. *Disclosure – I’m a client and we’re thriving with allscripts sunrise and their EMRs in our community

  6. RE: Happy Client

    Notice your facility isn’t mentioned or your role. I doubt highly you’re a clinical person as anyone clinical I’ve talked to tends to have issues. My favorite quote I’ve heard was “I thought Epic was bad, but I didn’t realize it could get so much worse”.

    A lot of IT people that spend a lot of time with a single vendor have no where to go if their current role goes away but work for that vendor (especially if that vendor is in decline) so they tend to be pretty biased.

    * Disclosure – I currently hold a short position in Allscripts.

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