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Quality Systems/NextGen Acquires Mirth

September 9, 2013 News 10 Comments

9-9-2013 10-11-13 AM

Quality Systems announced this morning that it has acquired Mirth Corporation, which offers the Mirth Connect open source integration engine and related tools. QSI says the acquisition will allow its NextGen Healthcare subsidiary to offer better data exchange capabilities, including participation in HIEs.

In the announcement, QSI President Steven Plochocki was quoted as saying, “The acquisition of Mirth will further strengthen QSI’s capabilities across the board, based on the new level of data integration and migration functionality it brings us. We intend to expand our client base and position the company for continued growth, particularly within both the connectivity and EHR replacement markets, as we work to meet the needs of hospitals and physicians as well as their patients. Mirth’s solutions, coupled with the depth of our current portfolio, will enable us to emerge as one of the most connected solutions in the industry. This will help accelerate our ACO strategy, support our rapid expansion into the interoperability market and give us the opportunity to cross-sell Mirth’s solutions."

The company says the Mirth brand, team, and offices will remain unchanged.

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Currently there are "10 comments" on this Article:

  1. “The company says the Mirth brand, team and offices will remain unchanged.”

    But the question is whether Mirth’s open source status and EULA change.

  2. Seriously? Yet another company NextGen/QSI can bring to it’s knees with bad leadership, poor vision, and even worse execution.

    Shameful, shameful.

  3. I’m not sure what to make of this. I personally view Mirth nearly the perfect HIT software company. That is, give away the product and the source code, but charge for premium support and a handful of premium features. Basically everything that NextGen is not. I can’t see how this is good for Mirth, except for funding. I just really hope that the team continues to remain independent and the product remains EHR agnostic.

  4. This is not the end of open source!

    Mirth will continue the development of Mirth Connect under QSI, and the open source license option will remain unchanged. Mirth’s product suite will remain standards-based and vendor-agnostic (although I expect we will see deeper integration options with NextGen EHR software in the future).

    The open source release of Mirth Connect 3.0 will be available in the coming weeks, and we have already started development on version 3.1.

    The team at Mirth is excited about this acquisition, and we have great plans for the future of all of the Mirth products–not just the integration engine. This is a good thing for the employees, the company, the products, the brand, and the open source community.

  5. The good thing about open source is that they can’t “un-open source” the currently available products. Whether they continue to maintain them in the future is potentially at risk, though.

  6. Our company is a long time user of Mirth software. Just to be clear, MirthCorp maintains several software titles. One of these software packages is MirthConnect, an open source interface engine. It’s a great tool, very robust, and is the core of the HIE interface activity built and operated by our company. MirthCorp also publishes several other software titles, which are not released under an open source license: MirthMail, MirthMatch, MirthResults, MirthCare, etc. It’s a small point, but not all of Mirth’s products are open source, and as noted by DrM, the open source license can’t be taken away.

  7. Mirth and OSS is gone. No longer a vendor agnostic product. It is now proprietary.

    All those installs can start planning their migration strategy now, or get your check book out.

    Mirth needed bailing. And there’s a sucker born every minute.

  8. We’re excited about this acquisition because it brings great ideas and new perspectives to our organization. It is important to understand that QSI/NextGen views interoperability critical to the success of healthcare systems going forward. We also view Mirth’s commitment to the Open Source community an essential component to its success. We will continue to support Mirth Connect and its community without changing its Open Source licensing model. In fact, this commitment was what made them so attractive to us in the first place. It’s time healthcare exchange becomes affordable and open to us all.

  9. The lessons from SNORT scared us all, but since then, VMWARE’S springsource grab ‘vFABRIC’ seems to have worked out well for everyone and continues to pay dividends on both sides of the open/closed source fence. Hopefully NextGEN learned from vMWare rather than from SNORT….

    Best wishes to the MIRTH team and hope it all works out well

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