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From HIMSS 3/5/13

March 5, 2013 News 11 Comments

From Strange Bedfellows: “Re: Allscripts acquisition of Jardogs. Healthland is now effectively partnered with Allscripts to provide its Stage 2 MU patient portal. Must be the era of friendlier inpatient HIS vendors.”

From GE Going Gone: “Re: GE. I am sure you have your hands full at HIMSS but I didn’t see this news reported in your roundup. GE sold its EMR business (GE Strategic Sourcing) to Gores Group. Gores Group is a private equity firm known for buying assets in need of turnaround at low prices; they specialize in corporate carveouts.” GE has sold its strategic sourcing operation, which sounds from the announcement like outsourced EMR and revenue cycle management services.

Here’s the Medicomp video of HIStalkapalooza. Everybody looks good. Not to be repetitive, but thanks to everyone involved, especially Dave Lareau and Medicomp for making it happen. I met Medicomp founder and MEDCIN engine inventor Peter Goltra the other day and I was like a teenager meeting Justin Bieber.

3-6-2013 12-59-57 AM

Thanks to Judy and Carl for dropping by HIStalkaplooza. Judy even graciously posed with her trophy (I’ll list all the awards when I get time). Also among the folks I saw there were Farzad Mostashari, former National Coordinator Rob Kolodner MD, someone I haven’t met but need to Regina Holliday, and many other industry luminaries and really nice people, especially those who either already knew me by sight or who I shyly introduced myself to during the event who made me feel less nervous.

3-6-2013 1-14-58 AM

A nice moment captured by @Sphere3CEO.

3-6-2013 1-21-12 AM

Our reigning HIStalk Queen Sarah Van Dyke outside her palace.

Here’s a video of the CommonWell announcement. Inga and I spent some time with Jonathan Bush on the show floor Monday afternoon and he said he was surprised that John Hammergren and Neal Patterson were pretty funny on the stage, at least for billionaires.

Thanks to Rob Cronin at WCG, which performed a study of social media activity. HIStalk was the most popular healthcare IT source among health system CIOs, trailing only The New York Times and NPR. Very cool – thanks for doing this and for letting me know the result.

I was talking to a guy in the hall today who was in a Hampton Inn about 20 minutes out of town because it’s all he could get. He said the cab line was two hours long at 8:30 a.m. He jogged over to the adjoining highway and flagged down a cab, only to be chased by several line-waiters angry that he got a cab before them even though the cab wasn’t going to stop at the hotel anyway. It’s getting real Lord of the Flies out there.

In another example of New Orleans workforce motivation, nobody had bothered to remove the “do not drink” signs from the water fountains in the restroom even though the boil water alert had been lifted 24 hours previously.

No thanks to Allscripts, an HIStalk sponsor who took out two others today with their acquisition of dbMotion and Jardogs. Just kidding – acquisitions are a natural step as companies progress, as I’ve seen first hand by watching the remarkable number of sponsors who have been acquired, very often by other sponsors. We don’t lost many sponsors and acquisitions are by far the #1 reason. We enjoy the result of their accomplishments and like to think we had a tiny, tiny part in them.

Speaking of Allscripts, a Florida judge denies the company’s request to force a class action lawsuit brought against it by unhappy MyWay customers to arbitration, a ruling that allows the lawsuit to continue. The law firm representing the Florida medical practice that claims a forced switch from MyWay to the Allscripts Pro EHR will cost it a lot of money and that the company’s promise of Meaningful Use and ICD-10 capabilities were broken.

Epic says that despite the claims made by the co-opetition members of the CommonWell Health Alliance, nobody asked Epic to join the group that’s made up of the publicly traded companies losing business to the privately held Epic. Epic President Carl Dvorak says the group is attempting to make its members look like leaders instead of the followers they are and for that reason, he doubts Epic will join.

Exhibit Hall

3-6-2013 12-28-29 AM

I’ll make a small confession: when we cruise the exhibit hall finding interesting things to write about, we like to check in with our sponsors, especially those who displaying the autographed HIStalk sign that we offer them for free (we really, truly appreciate that level of support – thank you). Sunquest is among those who put theirs front and center in Booth #911 (congratulations to whoever wisely snagged that easily remembered number). They’ve had some fine speakers in their booth, and if you’re interested in Meaningful Use for the lab, they’ll be presenting in Booth 149, Meaningful Use Kiosk 85, at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday.

3-5-2013 6-33-56 PM

I’m like those Notre Dame football players that have to touch the overhead wall as they head out the tunnel onto the field – I can’t leave a HIMSS conference without caressing the cool carts from Enovate. This one sports a peds theme, but it still has the smooth, supple curves that I can’t keep my hands off of.

3-5-2013 6-36-44 PM

QlikView has a cool booth with a giant eye floating above it. Thanks for putting out the HIStalk sign. I’ve received a few raves from users of that product. They’re a new sponsor that I’ll talk more about later.

3-6-2013 12-14-10 AM

Good looking booth, Infor, and thanks for putting out your HIStalk sign.

3-6-2013 12-15-32 AM

I got only an over-the-shoulder look at GetWellNetwork’s platform, but I liked what I saw.

3-6-2013 12-20-15 AM

Partners Consulting, a Caradigm partner, gave me a good demo of a product they’ve built on top of what’s now called Caradigm Intelligence Platform (formerly Amalga).

3-5-2013 6-55-54 PM

Our own CIO Unplugged Ed Marx played Medicomp’s Quipstar on the show floor to benefit his charity of choice. I wasn’t able to stay to see if he won, but he was looking good up there. I met Ed in person for the first time last night at HIStalkapalooza and he’s the real deal.

3-6-2013 12-21-36 AM

Thanks, HealthMEDX, for putting our sign front and center. We appreciate it.

3-6-2013 2-21-13 AM

Do you suppose it was coincidence that this vendor person just happened to stroll down the main aisle wearing next to nothing? Do you care?

3-6-2013 12-29-23 AM

One of my favorite people to visit during the HIMSS conference is Mark Johnston of forms management software vendor Access. Once we’re finished talking healthcare IT, we move to a more serious topic: barbeque. Mark’s a on a prize-winning barbeque team, and every year we try to devise ways to work around policies prohibiting him from cranking out brisket and ribs from the smoker at or near the convention center. We branched out in a different direction today, discussing the variants of jambalaya, which his team also makes on the circuit. Green is my favorite color and his team’s shirts are a nice shade of it.

3-5-2013 6-42-39 PM

My third-favorite product of the day was the MioCARE Android-powered, semi-ruggedized tablet with a built-in 2D barcode reader. Not only was it very cool (bright green, highly ergonomic) it can run a wide range of apps using SAP’s EMR Unwired middleware (which I admit I know nothing about). They told me it costs $879, but given that you can wipe it down and drop it, it’s probably worth the difference for patient care use.

3-6-2013 1-34-14 AM 3-6-2013 1-37-20 AM

My second-favorite product of the day was ReadyDock’s tablet sterilizing system (it also charges and syncs). You’ll notice a hand on the device because everybody within arm’s reach was caressing it like an adorable child, including at one point when I was trying to slyly take a photo, THREE sets of hands, one of them belonging to a prospect and the other two attached to the loving company people. This bad boy will disinfect an iPad in 60 seconds. ReadyDock just released the CleanMe app (right) that reminds users to clean their iPad, includes a training video on cleaning, and keeps stats on the process.  I think this is brilliant.

My favorite product of the day, although I admit I saw only a 15-minute overview and demo, was BluePrint HealthCare IT’s Microsoft CRM-based Care Navigator tool that provides full visibility by both caregivers and family. It keeps all caregivers up to date with alerts, like “just registered in ED.” Users can do a lot of the patient management right from Outlook. I’ll take a second opinion if someone with more expertise than me wants to evaluate it.

Winner of the Most Fun Booth People is SynaptiCore, which does EHR implementation and support work. I heard their people hooting an hollering down the aisle and they are a ton of fun. They have a slot machine, beads, and a great sense of humor.

  • Microsoft people are usually jerks in the exhibit hall and today was no exception. I strode up in front of a couple of Windows 8 devices and patiently waited while one employee directly in front of me was texting madly. His adjacent co-worker looked up long enough to glare, then walked a few feet away and started texting himself. Vendors, I’m telling you to confiscate mobile devices because I swear at least 20 percent of reps in the hall were totally absorbed in their smartphones and ignoring passers-by. If your people are under 50, they can’t go more than 30 seconds without doing something pointless on your dime.
  • Hitach had a coffee bar and charging station.
  • One vendor gave me very cool booth swag, an Apple TV, but made me promise not to tell where I got it since it was supposed to be for elite customers. Very cool.
  • Philips Enterprise Imaging had a big crowd.
  • Streamline Health had our sign out – thanks.
  • I stopped by one booth that had five employees on duty, one of them an SVP. I stood looking at monitors for three minutes hinting that I was interested and none of them came up for air from their intra-company conversation to pay me the slightest attention. A sign said “Ask for a demo,” so I guess they took that as literal. HIMSS has the most expensive employee lounges anywhere out there on the show floor.
  • An imaging vendor had six employees in the booth and zero customers. Two were screwing around with their phones and the other four had set up shop at a table and were in deep conversation, oblivious to anyone who might intrude, like a prospect.
  • 3M’s booth has the deepest carpet I’ve ever seen. It was like walking on a very soft beach.
  • ICA – had our sign out. Thanks. I recommended them as being worth checking out to someone asking for potential HIE vendors, along with some other HIE sponsors.
  • Liberty Solutions is giving away USB-powered bladeless fans. Cool (no pun intended).
  • I asked someone at patient content vendor Healthwise to explain what they do, which he did quite nicely. They’re one of few non-profits on the floor and that’s reason enough to drop by and say hello (and an HIStalk sponsor at that).
  • CareCloud looked good on the monitor, but nobody took the cue that I’d like a look so I moved on.
  • Greenway had a big crowd looking at PrimeSUITE. They had a live avatar working the crowd that was kind of cool.
  • I saw Bob Lorsch from MMRGlobal in RelayHealth’s booth talking to one of their employees. Not sure what that was about.
  • Hannah from Halfpenny drew me in and gave a perfect answer to the “what do you do” question. They had our sign out, too.
  • Healthspot had an interesting looking consumer virtual visit portal, but I couldn’t get their attention.
  • Joshua from Ping Identity gave a nice overview of cloud-based security when I asked.
  • Infor had an interesting coffee machine and popcorn.
  • Meditech’s booth was well off the beaten track and nothing much was going on there.
  • Siemens had a blinding white booth and a big coffee bar.
  • Innovative Healthcare Solutions had our sign out and I chatted with Pat Stewart a bit.
  • API Healthcare gave an overview of Healthcare Workforce Information Exchange, which allows facilities to collect information about each employee on a single screen. It looked cool and customers are apparently saving money with it.
  • VersaSuite had our sign out and gave a good elevator pitch on their full, Microsoft-based hospital information system for smaller facilities. The guy said they’re doing well and picking up business from hospitals that regret their first EMR decision.
  • Virtelligence had a long list of available Epic expertise they offer.
  • Liaison Healthcare Informatics gave me an overview of their cloud-based data transformation and exchange tools.
  • Versus did a demo of their RFID-powered handwashing station that monitors compliance and allows following up with low-performing units or individuals.
  • Epic’s sign on the opposite side of the booth I saw yesterday says they have 80 million patients “covered on the Care Everywhere network” and that a third of the 3.4 million monthly exchange transactions it manages are with non-Epic systems. (in other words, they are already exchanging data outside Epic even though competitors claim otherwise).
  • Imprivata’s HIPAA compliant messaging tool  Cortext looked cool, but I couldn’t get anyone’s attention to show it to me.
  • Lifepoint Informatics had our sign out, gave a great elevator pitch, and handed me a $5 Starbucks gift card, which I may confer on someone else since I don’t drink coffee.
  • CHADIS, a questionnaire app that I’m too tired to look up at the moment but its something to do with special needs peds, was well presented by its MD founder in the booth.
  • MModal’s booth was super busy. They had our sign out.
  • SIS had our sign out as well, although I couldn’t steer the rep into showing me anything. He seemed puzzled why a non-surgery hospital employee should care, a point that is valid but that also kept them from letting me tell you about their product.
  • Vocera had a lot of people visiting.
  • I get the Aprima red vests now – there’s a poker table on the side of the booth I didn’t see.
  • e-MDs had our sign out – thanks.


  • Iowa Health System chooses Security Audit Manager from Iatric Systems.
  • Epic and other EHR vendors will use Nuance’s Clinical Language Understanding.
  • TeraRecon is demoing its iNtuition enterprise image management solution to support enterprise-wide vendor-neutral viewing of medical images at HIMSS this week. The company also announced that it will provide its expertise to Fujifilm.
  • Adventist Health will turn over its revenue management services to Cerner.
  • PatientPoint and Miami Children’s Hospital are named winners of the Microsoft Health Users Group 2013 Innovation Awards.
  • Orion Health announces Version 2.0 of its Direct Messaging product suite, also announcing mobile apps for remotely managing its Rhapsody integration engine.
  • DrFirst announces that e-prescribing of controlled substances rose over 400 percent in 2012.


Mr. H, Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Gregg, Lt. Dan, Dr. Travis.

More news: HIStalk Practice, HIStalk Connect.

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Currently there are "11 comments" on this Article:

  1. Have you seen any ICD10 enabled CACs that work with Epic and can handle pro fee coding? Possible market hole to fill

  2. I sincerely apologize for your experience yesterday in the Microsoft booth. Please be aware that our HIMSS team communicated to our attendees multiple times to use their mobile devices outside the booth in preparation to the event. We will reinforce that communication today. I have been with Microsoft close to 10 years and would love the chance to change your perception of “Microsoft people” and provide you a full booth experience. I will be in the booth all day with the exception of 2.30PM – 3.30PM. (Wednesday)


    Chris Gempel

  3. I must dig out my “I am Mr. HIStalk” button and run over to the MS booth at 2:30 today. Can you say, “Flash mob?”

    : )

  4. RE: Epic’s sign on the opposite side of the booth I saw yesterday says they have 80 million patients “covered on the Care Everywhere network” and that a third of the 3.4 million monthly exchange transactions it manages are with non-Epic systems. (in other words, they are already exchanging data outside Epic even though competitors claim otherwise).

    So, your defense of Epic not joining the CommonWell alliance is that Epic already talks enough with other systems? I get that it is difficult to hold your favorite vendors to a high standard, but we should be pressing all vendors to join such alliances. Once they do, we should be pressing those alliances to do more and to make the exchange of information easier.

    [from Mr H] I didn’t say anything about their joining.

  5. Mr. H: I was not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me after an after-hours extravaganza in the Marigny last night! On behalf of the entire team at BluePrint Healthcare IT, thanks for taking the time amidst your very busy HIMSS schedule to visit with our team and experience Care Navigator, if only briefly. We were thrilled to be selected your #1 favorite of the day yesterday and absolutely welcome the rest of HISTalk Nation that has the goal of a coordinated community of care through active care planning, care navigation and patient/family engagement to visit with us to provide you the second opinion that you seek. Inga, Dr. Jayne, Dr. Travis – would love your expert input as well. Thanks again for the wholly unexpected but greatly appreciated mention.

  6. Mr H: Thanks for the shoutout about Imprivata Cortext. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to show you Cortext yesterday. We’ve been swamped all HIMSS. If you are still here, come by and ask for Justyna and we’ll make sure you get a proper demo, otherwise you can always get it for free at http://www.cortext.com.

  7. OK, I was really surprised when the person titled “Account Manager” at the OnBase booth told me that “vendors are not welcome” in their booth – that only “clients and partners” were invited to come in. That’s an interesting way to promote their image.

    [From Mr H] I noticed this morning they have a “no vendors” sign on the door.

  8. I find it rather interesting, a month or so after I asked about GE/IDX circling the drain, that they have sold “GE Strategic Sourcing” to a private equity firm.

    Does this mean that they are selling off the hosting for those institutions that use GE/IDX products remotely, previously paying GE for this?

    Or does this sale affect their healthcare software business for EMRs & billing & such?

  9. You gave away your $5 Starbucks card because you don’t drink coffee!?!?! $5 will get you a couple of grande teas, or a salad, or a couple of Odwallas, or 3 bottles of water. And the key code to the restroom!

    [From Mr H] Good idea! I didn’t give it away yet, so I’ll take it home for non-coffee goodies. I don’t know that I’ve actually been in a Starbucks since I locked in on Panera when only they had free WiFi.

  10. @Amish,
    Strategic Sourcing is a billing service for practices that don’t have their own billing department. Your angst over the software products and remote hosting services remains unaffected, I think.

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