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Monday Morning Update 5/7/12

May 5, 2012 News 13 Comments

From Artie: “Re: Allscripts. The big event is the end of this quarter. If the company doesn’t show large improvement, it will be all she wrote.”

5-5-2012 4-49-42 PM

From The PACS Designer: “Re: better heart health. TPD is all for improving one’s heart health, and a tool that can help others do so is THUMPr. It’s an interactive tool to help you learn how to take better care of your heart by using Aspirin, Blood pressure control, Cholesterol management, and Smoking cessation (ABCS).”

Listening: Hospitality, happy, jangling, female-led 60s-feeling pop from Brooklyn. Their first video stars the actress who played Maeby Fünke in Arrested Development.

5-5-2012 5-13-53 PM

Respondents to my last poll chose CERN for their imaginary $100K investment even after the recent inadvertent discounting of Allscripts shares. New poll to your right, as requested by a reader: which political party’s beliefs most closely match your own? (“most closely” being the key word since it’s not much of a poll if everybody writes a lengthy position statement).

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Epic EVP Carl Dvorak send me a nice e-mail asking if I could figure out why HIStalk wasn’t accessible from Epic’s campus. Lots of employees were asking, apparently. It wasn’t Epic’s fault: last Friday’s Allscripts news and my mention of two Epic wins in the UK caused a flood of Epic readers to visit HIStalk. So many, in fact, that my hosting company’s firewall suspected a denial-of-service attack and blocking incoming traffic from Epic’s IP addresses. That’s been fixed. Now I’m wondering if the report that Allscripts had blocked HIStalk access from the Raleigh office was the same issue, since certainly their employees would have been equally curious about that day’s news.

The bond rating agency of Dartmouth-Hitchcock (NH), noting the health system’s weak operating performance, blames two factors: reduced state funding and the cost of implementing Epic.

HIMSS Analytics names 17 of the 23 hospitals owned by Banner Health (AZ) as EMRAM Stage 7. They use Cerner, I believe.

 5-5-2012 7-26-15 PM

Long-time HIStalk reader Tim Dodson, senior analyst with Children’s Medical Center (TX), died last week.

The Nashville Medical Trade Center names six new tenants, including software vendors Informatics Corporation of America and The SSI Group. They’ll be next door to big tenant HIMSS on the top floor.

Vince’s HIS-tory this week deals with  big drops in a company’s stock price..

Document management system vendor BlueWare will move its corporate headquarters and 190 jobs from Cadillac, MI to Melbourne, FL.

Imprivata is assigned a patent for a rules-based method of authenticating a computer via biometrics without using the security functions of the underlying operating system.

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Currently there are "13 comments" on this Article:

  1. Why isn’t NEITHER an option on your political poll?

    [From Mr. H] It says which party’s beliefs “most closely match your own,” so even if it’s 1% vs. 0%, “neither” still is not a logical answer.

  2. Ask and you shall receive is harder than I imagined. Usually being out front of the cutting edge and don’t play well with other, if I were to choose one side or the other I had to weight the differences between the two parties and select the attributes that best describe my work efforts since childhood. This question reminds me of the metaphor, “Are you pregnant, yes or no?

    As our family friend stated it best, “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise!” That you Uncle T for reminding me. By the way, Socialists don’t advertise because you need a system in place based on best efforts. It must be my old age because I never really gave a shi*t about the political system working all three shifts and I didn’t have a union behind me.

    Thank you Mr. H for your bravery in bringing this to a vote. Hope not to offend anyone of my comrades because the last time I looked it was a “free” country.

  3. Wow, Good Morning View Nam! Let me say that if I had been successful in my healthcare career to attain the 1% status, then I would have elevated as many of my family as possible out of the 99% so that we could all play together.

    Which answer best affords me the opportunity to attain the mystical-magical 1% status, is it behind door number 1 or door number 2. M-m-m-m-m-m-m?

    I hope the readers of HIStalk realize that I am usually being facetious, sarcastic as hell yes, but trying to imitate Father John Dago Red, “jocularity.” If you remember, Father John found jocularity most unseemly in times of great peril.

  4. Tim Dodson’s death is tragic on many levels. He will be missed by his beautiful family, community and those who ever had the opportunity to work with him. Tim was a reverse mentor of mine and I learned so much from him.

    One quick fun memory to share. Tim revered Epic and especially CEO Judy. The bulk of Tim’s career was working for health systems that used Epic and he had just about every Epic certification known to man. One day Judy was in our HQ to meet with our C-Suite and was making her way up to our Board Room. I called Tim to our Board Room and the timing worked out that we were in our foyer as Judy walked in. So Tim was able to meet one of the people he most admired in life. He was beside himself and ironically had worn an Epic polo shirt that day. Judy was gracious with her time and completely engaged. I will never forget the glow on his face. The only times I saw Tim with a brighter glow was when he was with his family. Tim, you are missed already. You will not be forgotten.

  5. I disagree w VC”s premise that the stock price has no impact on a vendor.
    Here’s why:
    The higher the stock price the easier it is to raise capital. You need capital to maintain strong product development, particularly when govt regs keep changing (a la MU) and your competition moves ahead.

    The only other place you can get capital is from customers, and if the company is in a tailspin.. bye-bye customers.

    I do agree that history has shown that good products will get picked up (acquired) by other players, but usually those acquisitions lead to more HBOCs! And we know what happened there. So if I were a CIO/CFO I’d be more than concerned.

  6. Ironic that Dartmouth, the source of much of the literature behind new health reform models, has a suspect credit rating. Not surprising that a major contributor to that problem is the Epic EMR. When it’s all said and done, Epic will be the source of financial ruin for a number of hospitals and health systems around the country.

  7. Here’s the real problem (hint – it isn’t really an Epic thing) …

    You might want to factor this in as you vote in Mr. H’s new poll.

    How well would your organization deal with a new tax like this?

    From: http://cancer.dartmouth.edu/about_us/newsdetail/59987/

    Under the current state budget, which went into effect July 1, hospitals are assessed a 5.5 percent tax on net patient service revenues. Over the course of the two-year budget, the state’s hospitals would be taxed more than $250 million. Dartmouth-Hitchcock is subject to a $40 million assessment under the tax this year alone, and it now faces the prospect of paying more to the state of New Hampshire than it receives in Medicaid reimbursements for caring for patients.

  8. I am at Epic headquarters this week (for training) and HIStalk works fine… Oops, guess I should be paying attention to the Instructor!

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